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The Fixed Air sign - Aquarius


Aquarius Sun Sign

20th January - 21st February

Aquarius: In 2016, your ruling planet Uranus is half way through his transit of the sign of Aries.  No doubt you have learned the virtues of not saying anything that comes to your mind and of not saying everything you’re thinking.  As an air sign you want to communicate but Uranus typically thinks and says things that others may not want to hear.  But by now you probably know all that.   Mars the ruler of the sign of Aries your solar sector of communications uses what you’ve learned and what Saturn has taught you about your public life, what authority figures can do to you and for you.  in 2016, you take the lessons further because you need higher ups to help you. You’re still working on some very lofty goals this year and by the Fall you can reach them.  In love open yourself up to someone new, something new.  Your fixed nature is fine but know when to give up on a lost cause. Who knows once you let someone go, they may just come back.

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These are the Fixed Stars Influence on you...

  • 0°.....Homicide (0° - 5°).
  • 0°9' 48°59'N (3) Albirco, Beta Cygni. (Venus Mercury) Beauty; a lovable disposition; resigned to Fate.
  • 0°39' 29°18'N (1) Altair, Alpha Aquilae. (Mars Jupiter - Uranus Mercury sextile Sun) Bold, confident, unyielding, liberal, valiant; sudden, but ephemeral wealth; a position of command; danger from reptiles.
  • 2°42' 6°58'N (4) Giedi, Alpha Capricorni; a multiple star, yellow, ash, lilac. (Venus Mars - Venus sextile Uranus - Venus Mercury) Beneficences; sacrifices; brings strange events into one's life.
  • 2°56' 4°36'N (3) Dabih, Beta Capricorni. (Saturn Venus - Saturn Uranus Gemini Mercury) Suspicion and mistrust; success, but retirement under a cloud.
  • 3°36' 0°54'N (5) Oculus, Pi Capricorni. (Saturn Venus) If conj. Mercury: a clever and penetrating mind.
  • 4°3' 1°12'N (5) Bos, Rho Capricorni. (Saturn Venus) Similar to Oculus.
  • 5°.....Solar Eclipse: January 26, 1944.
  • 8°.....Cusp of Twenty-fifth Lunar Mansion.
  • 9°.....Executive; presidential.
  • 10°....The principle of things.
  • 11°10'.Neptune South Node.
  • 11°37' 2°59'S (5) Armus, Eta Capricorni. (Mars Mercury) Contemptible, nagging, contentious, unstable.
  • 12°....If Mars afflicted here: assassination.
  • 12°43' 0°36'S (5) Dorsum, Theta Capricorni. (Saturn Jupiter) Bites from venomous creatures.
  • 13°....Degree of beauty; literature.
  • 15°0'..The Center of Humanity, the angel point. Solar eclipse, February 5, 1943.
  • 17°....State of air and gases.
  • 18°....Explosiveness.
  • 19°....The back.
  • 19°5' 4°58'S (5) Castra, Epsilon Capricorni. (Saturn Jupiter) Bad reputation; uncontrollable temper.
  • 20°....Cusp of Twenty-Sixth Lunar Mansion; a degree of Faith.
  • 20°40' 2°33'S (4) Nashira, Gamma Capricorni. (Saturn Jupiter) Danger from beasts; conflict with evil, but ultimate success.
  • 22°....Astrological area (22°-28°).
  • 22°17' 8°37'N (3) Sadalsund, Beta Aquarii. (Saturn Mercury - Sun sextile Uranus)Trouble, disgrace.
  • 22°25' 2°35'S (3) Deneb Algedi, Delta Capricorni. (Saturn Jupiter) Sorrow and joy, life and death, always hanging in the balance.
  • 23°....Benevolence.
  • 25°....Alcoholism.

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Terry Nazon

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