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The Cardinal Fire Sign - Aries


Aries Sun Sign

21st March-20th April

Aries, In 2016 a shift in your energies is underway with Uranus half way through his transit through your Sun sign, it’s not just about what you want anymore.  The Lunar North Node may have already introduced important others or a significant other into your life in 2015.  If you didn’t get a chance to partner up in 2015 don’t fret this August Jupiter shifts the energy again and single Aries meets a lot of new people when his or her popularity soars even more.  Until more relationships options appear take care of the relationships that surround you now.  Jupiter and a few potent eclipses in 2016 raise your ability work hard if you want to, but maybe you don’t want to work so hard, maybe you want to coast a little bit.   There will be times when you get very distracted by dreams, and what could happen, that you forget to go to work.  This year you’ve got your work and career demands down to a safe routine.  Safe routine? Aries?  Usually when Aries gets things down to a routine no matter how demanding career and ambitions are, it’s time to shake things up a bit, but not this year.  Aries is too easily distracted by another or others and could find that precious time is taken up, wasted and lost by giving too much to others or a significant other.  Then again, Uranus in your Sun sign has breezed you through to a level of success that would have taken years at any other time to accomplish so go ahead take a break, heal and help others.

What degree is your Sun Sign?  Find the degree of your Sun Sign and Moon Sign on your Free Natal Birth Chart  

These are the Fixed Stars Influence on you...

  • 0°   A positive nature that creates its own destiny. Cusp of First Lunar Mansion, a so-called Critical Degree.
  • 1   Degree of the Surgeon; an organizer.
  • 1 Influencing you are Saturn - Mercury Mars. Sickness, misfortune, compulsory changes, self-destruction by brute force.  48'S (Southern Latitude) Diphda, Beta Ceti. A yellow star in the Whale's Tail1° 50'.Mars-Jupiter conj.: January 6, 1940.
  • 2°     Degree of abscesses; literary and poetic.
  • 3°     Birds and aviators; collisions; goitre.
  • 4°.....Cruelty.
  • 5°.....Unsatisfied ambitions.
  • 6°.....Jaundice.
  • 7°.....Degree of life and death
  • 7°51', 12° 36'N (3) Algenib. Gamma Pegasi. A white star at the top of the wing of Pegasus. (Mars Mercury)Notoriety, violence, the pro- fessional beggar.
  • 8°.....Degree of courage; immorality.
  • 9°.....Triumph; great generals
  • 10°....Spiritual triumph; scientific interests; a degree of electricity.
  • 11°....Spiritual intuitions.
  • 12°....Cusp of Second Lunar Mansion.
  • 13°....Degree of the Physician; of food and drink.
  • 13°24'  (Jupiter Venus - Mars) Indicates Riches, honors, independence and a keen intellect.  25° 41'N (2) Alpheratz, alpha Andromedae. A double star, purple-hued white, in the hair of Andromeda; often called Andromeda's head. Its name, from Al Surrat al Faras, or The Horse's Navel, indicates it was formerly listed in the constellation Pegasus (Northern Latitudes)
  • 14°....Degree of apoplexy or suicide.
  • 15°....Persuasive oratory; public life.
  • 16°....Children.
  • 17°....Oratory.
  • 18°....Mental fertility and physical passionateness.
  • 19°....Exaltation of Sun: Fall of Saturn; a Fortunate Degree.
  • 20°....Abscesses; accidents; electricity.
  • 20°50' 20° 20'S (3 1/2) Baten Kaitos, Zeta Ceti, the Whale's Belly. A topaz-yellow star. (Saturn) Enforced migration, accidents; shipwreck, with rescue.
  • 21°....Hope; artistic.
  • 22°....Music.
  • 23°....Philosophy.
  • 24°....Literature; travel.
  • 25°....Cusp of Third Lunar Mansion; exploration and discovery.
  • 25°42' 5° 22' N (4) Al Pharg, Eta Piscium, associated with the Greck Head of Typhon. A double star near the tail of the Northern Fish. (Saturn Jupiter) Determination, preparedness, and eventual success.
  • 26°....Degree of tuberculosis of the lungs; of opposition and strife; militant leaders. Great soldiers are found on this Aries- Libra axis.
  • 26°15'.Mars-Saturn conj.: February 11, 1940.
  • 26°43' (33° 21'N Northern Latitudes) (Mars, Moon influences ) Eye weakness or blindness, violent death   Andromeda, the great nebula N. of Andromeda's head.
  • 27° Tenacity of purpose; hair; Mars in this degree indicates red hair.
  • 28°  Power to realize a lofty ideal.
  • 29°  a prophet of a new order.
  • 29°17'  (25° 56'N  Northern Latitudes)  (2) (Venus - Mars, Moon) Beauty, love of home, brilliant mind, fortunate marriage, renowned for benevolence 

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Terry Nazon

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