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The Cardinal Water Sign - Cancer


Cancer Sun Sign

21st June - 22nd July

Cancer: In 2016 much self-help and deep analysis has brought you to certain realizations about others, your significant other, partner’s and your views on marriage.  Jupiter and Pluto bless you with a practicality that few have regarding relationships, it’s called wisdom.  That’s until Jupiter enters Libra in the Fall and changes your life.  A big move to another locale brought on by a career or professional offer could be in your future.  Saturn the taskmaster of the zodiac makes hard work pleasurable and when combined with Uranus in Aries you are an original, there is no one like you and it becomes painfully clear to others, co-workers and the competition.  Mars finishes off what Saturn started when lovers and children need Cancers iron hand.  Mars gives you a sexy and mysterious glow to the opposite sex, ruled by Pluto Cancer plays for keeps or not at all.  Your whole being is gear to climbing higher this year. Unless a partner wants to hold your ladder, they should just move aside.

What degree is your Sun Sign?  Find the degree of your Sun Sign and Moon Sign on your Free Natal Birth Chart

These are the Fixed Stars Influence on you...

  • 0°.....Cusp of Eighth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree;
  • (1°-3°)Fortunate degrees;
  • (1°-2°)Degrees of sight.
  • 2°19' O° 54'S (3) Tejat, Eta Geminorum. A binary and variable star. (Mercury Venus) Pride, overconfidence, shamelessness, and violence.
  • 4°.....A medical degree.
  • 4°11' 0° 50'S (3) Dirah, Mu Geminorum. A yellow and blue double star. (Mercury Venus) Energy, power, protection.
  • 5°.....Degree of sleep and trance (5°- 6°)
  • 7°59' 6° 45'S (2) Alhena, Gamma Geminorum. A brilliant white star; called the wound in the Achilles' heel. (Mercury Venus - Moon Venus) Eminence in art; accidents to the feet.
  • 9°54'..Jupiter North Node.
  • 10°....Historical degree.
  • 11°....Degree of retentive memory; of cancer and alcoholism.
  • 12°....Cusp of Ninth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree.
  • 12°59' 39° 39'S (1) Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris. A yellow star; known as Orion's big dog - the dog star. (Jupiter Mars - Moon Jupiter Mars) Honor, renown; custodians, guardians, curators; high offices in the government. When rising, said to confer great dignity; often associated with dog bites.
  • 13°....Degree of business; also 12°, 14°, 15°, 16°.
  • 14°....A fortunate degree.
  • 15°....Exaltation of Jupiter. A suicide degree.
  • 16°....Degree of duty.
  • 16°57'.Solar Eclipse: July 10, 1945.
  • 17°57'.Mars-Saturn conj.: March 20, 1946.
  • 17°24' 0° 11'S (3) Wasat, Delta Geminorum. A pale white and purple double star in the right arm of the Northern Twin. (Saturn) Malevolence, violence and destructiveness; associated with poisons and gases.
  • 17°50° 5° 45'N (4) Propus, Tau Geminorum. (Mercury Venus) Eminence, strength, success.
  • 19°8' 10° 5'N  (2) Castor, Alpha Geminorum. The mortal one of the heavenly twins; associated with Apollo. (Mercury - Mars Venus Saturn - Moon Mars Uranus) Violence; sudden fame; honors, followed by disgrace or imprisonment. Rising: weakness, sometimes blindness; injuries to face.
  • 19°34'.Pluto North Node.
  • 20°....Degree of limitation and hindrance.
  • 20°46'.Mars-Saturn conj.: January 20, 1946.
  • 22°7'..16° 0'S (1) Pollux, Beta Geminorum. The immortal one of the twins, son of Jupiter and Leda; associated with Hercules. (Mars - Moon Mars Uranus) Connected with poisons; the art of self-defense; subtle, crafty, rash, cruel. If rising, eye weakness, sometimes blindness; injuries to face; wounds, imprisonment. If culminating, honor, preferment, followed by disgrace.
  • 23°....Degree of forethought.
  • 23°11'.Saturn North Node.
  • 24°....Degree of music.
  • 24°41' 16° 0'S (1) Procyon, Alpha Canis Minoris. (Mercury Mars -- Moon Jupiter Uranus) Sudden preferment, the result of individual exertion; yet eventually the activity it promotes brings sudden misfortune. Afflictions threaten trouble with and danger through liquids, water, gas, poisons, or dog bites. When rising, said to inspire admiration for the canine species.
  • 24°47'.Mars-Saturn conj.: October 20, 1945.
  • 25°....Cusp of Tenth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.
  • 27°....Degree of farming.
  • 28°....Fall of Mars. Has to do with the hair.
  • 29°....Degree of the avid collector.

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Terry Nazon

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