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 The Fixed Fire Sun Sign - Leo

 Leo Sun Sign

22nd July - 23rd August

Leo: Now that Saturn has entered Sagittarius Leo wants to have some fun.  Serious considerations, emotional and financial bonds or handcuffs have kept you tied to the past.  What you didn’t quite release in 2015, well let’s just say Mars is here now. A long cycle of change is getting completed in 2015 and Saturn is bringing in backups.  A new love interest pries you out of your shell, and although you try to resist the temptation in time it will overwhelm you.  A spell is cast over your heart and Leo has a need to express their emotions, to sing, dance and let the world know, that You are here!  Pluto keeps you focused and accounts for every moment of the day, so you can fit in all of your various interests and activities.  The planet of luck Jupiter and by the way the ruling planet over your solar sector of romance and talents nurses your self-esteem and self-confidence in 2016, and them enters your solar sector of communications and after a long time coming you will be ready to fly high or fly the coop.What degree is your Sun Sign?  Find the degree of your Sun Sign and Moon Sign on your Free Natal Birth Chart

These are the Fixed Stars Influence on you...

  • 0°.....Homicide.
  • 3°.....Biliousness.
  • 5°.....Homicide, aviation accidents.
  • 6°.....Sight.
  • 6°7' 1°33' N (cl) Presaepe, 44m Cancri. The manger of the Aselli: a nebulous cluster. (Mars Moon) Adventure, wantonness, brutality; at other times fortunate, though liable to loss through others; industry, order and fecundity; large business. Rising, or conjunction an afflicted Moon: blindness, especially of left eye; ophthalmia; facial injuries; fevers, wounds. If Sun oppose Mars or Asc.: violent death. If culminating: disgrace, ruin, violent death.
  • 6°25' 3°11'N (5) North Asellus, Gamma Cancri. Identified with Balaam's ass. The Aselli represent the asses ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan in the war between the Gods and the Titans. (Mars Sun - Sun sextile Mars) Patience, beneficence, courage; sometimes marital preferment; heroic and defiant leaders.
  • 7°36' 0°4'N (4) South Asellus, Delta Cancri. (Mars Sun - Sun > Mars) Fevers, quarrels, slander.
  • 8°.....Cusp of Eleventh Lunar Mansion; a critical degree; Anaemia; hearing.
  • 9°.....Bladder afflictions; alcoholism; Army and Navy.
  • 9°31'..Mars-Pluto conj.: May 12, 1946.
  • 11°10'.Neptune North Node.
  • 12°....A degree of beauty.
  • 12°31' 5°5'S (4) Acubens, Alpha Cancri. (Saturn Mercury) Activity, malevolence, prevarication.
  • 13°....Degree of literature.
  • 15°....First point of Affection: The Lion point.
  • 17°....Degree of aviation; of air and gas.
  • 18°....Medical ability (18°-22°).
  • 19°....The back.
  • 19°35' 9°43'N (3) Algenubi, Epsilon Leonis. (Saturn Mars) Cold, heartless, bombastic, destructive; but with artistic perceptions and facility of expression.
  • 20°....Cusp of Twelfth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree. A degree of Faith.
  • 20º-24ºDegrees of homicide.
  • 21°....Comedy.
  • 22°....Appendicitis.
  • 23°....The stage.
  • 25°....Alcoholic (25°-26°); astrology (25°-29°).
  • 26°....Mars-Jupiter conj.: July 5, 1944.
  • 26°10' 22°23'S (2) Alphard, Alpha Hydrae; often called the Heart of the Hydra. (Saturn Venus - Sun sextile Jupiter) Wisdom, artistic appreciation; knowledge of human nature; yet immoral, uncontrolled, and subject to tragedy.
  • 26°27' 11°52' N (3) Adhafera, Zeta Leonis. (Saturn Mercury) Associated with criminal tendencies, poisons, suicide. If rising: military preferment and riches.
  • 26°47' 4°52' N (3) Al Jabhah, Eta Leonis. Violent and intemperate nature; a military officer in danger of mutiny.
  • 28°43' 0°28'N (i) Regulus, Alpha Leonis. A triple star; called the Lion's Heart; one of the Royal stars of the Persians, as Watcher of the North, marking the Summer solstice about 3000 B.C. (Mars Jupiter - Mars - Sun trine Uranus) Destructiveness; military honors, with ultimate failure; magnanimity, liberality, generosity; independent and high-spirited. If rising: honor and wealth, but subject to ill health. If culminating: high office under government; military success. If conj. Sun, Moon or Jupiter: honors and ample fortune.


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Terry Nazon

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