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The Mutable Fire Sun Sign- Sagittarius


Sagittarius Sun Sign

The Firey Sagittarius Character

21st December - 20th January

Sagittarius: In 2016 Mars the planet of action, anger and aggression continues what Saturn started two years ago, transiting through your solar sector of completions, karma, debt, self-doubt and feeling sequestered.  Saturn continues blazing new paths for you and new directions and sometimes you have to blaze those trails and paths yourself.  It’s a new 28-year cycle but the good news is you know you can…you know you can.  Mars through your solar weakest sector makes sure you cleaned up the past, paid the debts and bills and get it right.  Then and only then will Mars finally give you the green light and you can stand up tall, independent and free of the past.  Neptune the planet of illusion confuses you sometimes about what bill was paid and what wasn’t.  This makes Mars and Saturn’s job harder of course since your ruler Jupiter is transiting Virgo your solar sector of career, profession and public mistakes.  All the more reason for Sagittarius to be on top of things.  The good news in 2016 and there is plenty, the planet Uranus brings uncanny good fortune when your ruler Jupiter is bean counting and can’t be counted on for his usual good luck.  Remember, take charge, be a leader not a follower.

What degree is your Sun Sign?  Find the degree of your Sun Sign and Moon Sign on your Free Natal Birth Chart

These are the Fixed Stars Influence on you...

  • 0°.....Degrees of draughtsmanship (0°-3°).
  • 1°11' 17°15'N (3) Yed Prior, Delta Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus) Shameless immorality; revolutionary.
  • 1°27' 1°58'S (2) Isidis, Delta Scorpii (Mars Saturn - Venus Gemini Moon) Sudden assaults; malevolence; immorality.
  • 2°4' 1°1'N (3) Graffias, Beta Scorpii. (Mars Saturn - Venus Gemini Moon Saturn) Malicious, merciless; susceptible to contagious diseases.
  • 3°.....Exaltation of Moon's South Node: Fall of Moon's North Node. Cusp of Twentieth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.
  • 4º.....Aviation.
  • 6°.....Degree of expression in language.
  • 7°.....Degree of the heart.
  • 8°7' 11°4'N (3) Han, Zeta Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus) Harbinger of trouble.
  • 8°39' 4° 34S (1) Antares, Alpha Scorpii; Mars' deputy; the Scorpion's heart. The Watcher of the West. It shows a fluted spectrum in which the reds predominate. (Mars Jupiter) Malevolent, destructive; generous; subject to presentiments of impending tragedy; rash impulses; headstrong obstinacy, chiefly injuring themself. If rising or culminating: honor, preferment, good fortune.
  • 9°.....Homicide.
  • 10°50' 75°17'N (3) Rastaban, Beta Draconis. (Mars Saturn) Criminal tendencies; property losses; accidents.
  • 12°....Accidents to wheeled vehicles.
  • 13°....Degree of acting.
  • 13°43'.Uranus South Node.
  • 14°....Degree of dumbness; indecision.
  • 16°....Cusp of Twenty-First Lunar Mansion: a critical degree. 16°11'.Venus North Node.
  • 16°51' 7°11'N (2) Sabik, Eta Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus - Jupiter Venus) Wasteful, inefficient; bad morals, but successful evildoer.
  • 17°....Degree of matter in transition - heat, flame; homicidal. 18°....Royalty.
  • 20°....Faith (20°-23°).
  • 21°....Growth.
  • 21°20' 35°51'N (2) Rasalhague, Alpha Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus - Jupiter Mercury sextile Mars) Perverted and depraved tastes; misfortunes through women.
  • 22°....A military degree.
  • 22°54' 14°0'S (3) Lesath, Gamma Scorpii. (Mercury Mars) Associated with acids; danger, desperation; immorality.
  • 23°....Faith.
  • 24°39' 8°50'C (cl) Aculeus, 6m Scorpii. (conjunct Moon) If conj. or opposition an afflicted luminary, or its afflicting planet: impaired eyesight, perhaps blindness.
  • 25°....Neuresthania.
  • 27°35' 11°22'S (cl) Acumen, 7m Scorpii. (conjunct Moon) Companion to Aculeus, and of same nature and influence.
  • 28°....Consumption.
  • 28°38' 13°41'N (3) Sinistra, Gamma Ophiuchi. (Saturn Venus) Slovenly, immoral.
  • 29°....Imitation; acting.
  • 29°32' 0°1'N (CNC) Spiculum, 8, 20, 21m Sagittarii. (Mars Moon) Mentioned by Ptolemy in connection with blindness.

Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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