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The 3rd House

The 3rd house is ruled by Mercury and the sign of Gemini.  The 3rd house rules communications, short trips, driving, and siblings. Looking at the 3rd house on a more deeper level, the 3rd house rules cleverness, playing the angles, getting the edge over others, and talking others into things.  It rules the mind and the mind has no limits. The 3rd house suggests to us that there are no limits for us, the 3rd house is where you go beyond your own limitations and surprise yourself. . Your early education is rules by the 3rd house, and how you can twist and turn things to your advantage. Communications, learning to communicate, mental agility, twists of fate, transportation, and weather are ruled by the 3rd house. Your relationship with your brothers, sisters, cousins, and co-workers is a 3rd house concern. Twists of fate, due to your own mental agility, and cleverness, turning things around in your favor and lying are all ruled by the 3rd house. Any planets in this house would strengthen or weaken it, depending on the aspects.  Making it more or less significant according to your exact birthday and your particular natal birth chart.

In the Natal Chart:  Repository of the native's strongest desires, it determines the quality of the life-substance used by the Ego - that which the Life is dedicated to redeem; the heredity and social background with which the native is equipped for the pursuit of his destiny, and the bodily chemistry of metabolism; secret thoughts and desires; financial standing, money, moveable property and possessions, the gain or loss and the income derived there from; earning and spending capacities, personal debts; the manner in which he meets his obligations. The synthesizing powers of the mind and its ability to form sense impressions and mold destiny within one's social environment; dexterity, cleverness, duality, restlessness; the rational mind and its adaptability to education; short journeys; brothers, sisters and near blood relationships, and their attitude toward the native; acquaintances and neighbors, their character and reputation; writings and communications, news and rumors; changes and removals; daily comings and goings; accidents; memory, perception, speech; personal advertising and publicity.

In Mundane Astrology: The nation's wealth; taxation revenue, stocks, bonds, shares, and all places and activities connected in any way with money, such as banks, stock exchanges, trade and commerce; the national exports; taxing power, as distinct from the manner in which the taxes affect the people; the purchasing power of the nation, its national expenditures and receipts, currency and its circulation and liquid assets; hence the wealth and prosperity of the people as measured by their collective earning and buying power; investors and their investments, and those who buy stocks and bonds for investment rather than for speculation.

In a National Figure: the Treasury.In an Organization: its liquid assets and voluntary expenditures; the ability of the Company to earn profits; its disposition toward investments. Inland transit, traffic and communications by land, air or water; the nature of the public demands upon and the degree of public patronage accorded to the nation's transportation and communication facilities; the postal, telegraph and telephone systems, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and ephemeral publications; the people's inclination to travel, move about, make changes and communicate with one another within the nation; the nation's intellectual activities and its relations with neighboring nations; the reading public, and its tendency to patronize the newspapers and other periodicals; indications relative to rumors, public opinion, the mental and psychological attitude of the masses; emigration as distinct from immigration; and the effects of storms, temperature changes and atmospheric conditions within the country.

In a Court of Law: the Court reporter.In an Organization: first-hand contacts of the Organization with the general public, the traffic, transit, transportation and communication departments; interoffice communications; specific information disseminated within the organization, and departments having to do with the dissemination of such information; public statements of a relatively private nature.

Houses, Reciprocal or Opposite

Third and Ninth. The Third House is productive of effects which rest on changes under the direct control of the native and which result from his own acts. These may be various, such as changes of location (travel), or changes of domicile (removal). In contrast, Ninth House operations are not under his control, but involve the wider changes wrought by an evolution that is largely the result of outside forces. Similar facilities are indicated by both Houses, but in the Third their application is confined to the dissemination of information, while in the Ninth they are utilized to educate and mold public opinion.

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