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The 6th House

The 6th house is a very interesting house. The 6th house is ruled by the planet Mercury and has it's influence on the sign of Virgo.  On the one hand it represents our mundane world of work, employment, sub servants people like employees, servants, health, diet, nutrition, food served, clothing, stress, coping with stress, pets, domestic pets, illness, analysis, exercise, taking responsibility for your efforts, worry , inner restlessness,general insecurity, internally generated rejection, co-workers, dependents, faithfulness, allegiances, devotion, and the healing process, are all things mirrored in the 6th house. It rules the quality of your health and your physical well being. Workaholics have heavy 6th house placements, feeling that they have to work harder to gain recognition and acceptance. hypochondriacs have heavy sixth house placements, as well as health conscious fitness freaks. The 6th house tells us all about your eating disorders and your food preferences. Organization and the ability to be organized as well as your feelings about work in general. Any planets in a house strengthen or weaken it. Making it more or less significant according to your birthday and your particular natal birth chart.

In the Natal Chart:  Food, clothing, comforts and domestic pets; mental or physical conflicts resulting from the externalization of the Ego. As such it depicts any enmity between the Ego and the physical body, out of which mental, nervous or organic disease may develop. It is an obscure arc, since the nature of service rendered or received is more or less personal, unobtrusive and routine. It has been termed the House of Service in that it portrays one's capacity to serve, as also the character and qualities of those who serve him - his employees and dependents, and his relations with them. As the Sixth House is the Third from the Fourth, it pertains to uncles and aunts on the father's side (Fourth House). Sixth House action is generally under the Native's control; while Twelfth House derivatives by way of inhibitions, repressions and frustrations, spring from causes over which the Native has no control.

In Mundane Astrology: The public health; the armed forces, civil service workers and police, as the servants of the country; and in general, the laboring class and the workers in all trades; and all involuntary services rendered by the people. In a National Figure: the Labor Party. In a Court of Law: the deliberations of the jury, and the Court records as the field of activity of the Court reporter. In an Organization: the workers or employees; their attitude, efficiency and general condition; the health condition of the personnel as affecting the organization. Strikes and labor troubles which have their inception here, will take form in the Twelfth House.

Houses, Reciprocal or Opposite

Sixth and Twelfth. Sixth House affairs, comprising the native's occupational activities, his service and devotion to others, are under the native's control. His bodily health is largely dependent upon his own acts. But Twelfth House matters are beyond his control, in that they comprise inhibitive influences, repressions, frustrations, even the complete loss of personal liberty dependent upon the way others react toward him - and are the class of things which since they cannot be cured must be endured. In a National Figure, while the Sixth House pertains to the servants of the people, apart from organizations which represent them, the Twelfth represents them in organized form - in unions, brotherhoods, lodges and unions that have to do with strikes and the use of strike-breakers

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