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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

 Gemini June 4, 1975

Gemini Angelina Jolie is intelligent, witty and a quick thinker.  She loves a fast paced life and hates boredom as any Gemini does. Since her Gemini Sun falls in the 11th house she’ll have a great rapport with her children and interact with them as her best friends. She loves the hustle and bustle that the patter of little feet has brought to her life, and her children are a welcome addition to her life! She is a good caring mother who encourages independence in her children and fosters their learning through doing and experiencing.  Traveling will be apart of their lives for a long time to come, as she considers herself a citizen of the world!
Balancing her acting career with raising and adopting children, along with her philanthropic works, is just the kind of life this actress loves.  She loves to be busy doing many things at once and having her irons in lots of fires.  She acts on instinct and does what her heart tells her to do.  She and Brad Pitt could ultimately adopt at a total of 6 children.  The next child she adopts could be handicapped or have an infirmity that makes him/her unadoptable to others.  She’s a hands on Mom and like all mothers probably doesn’t think anyone can do a better job than her with her children.  What’s on the horizon for her in 2009?  She could slow down her movie career to pursue other interests in 2009 and be a mom again! Additionally there could be a lucrative business venture!  Perhaps she’All start a business in the style of Newman’s Own, with the proceeds going to good causes. Could she set up a business empire to employ her many children? 

Brad Pitt
Sagittarius Dec. 18, 1963

Now that he has proposed and she has accepted will his happiness be complete? They will definitely get married and enjoy years of wedded and family bliss together. Marriage to Angelina Jolie will make Brad Pitt feel even more settled and contented than he already does, and he feels really contented! He brings a lot to his children’s life and will be the parent that emphasizes education and makes sure that they all have good careers and college educations. He is more the disciplinarian in the family. He is very patient with the children and is very slow to anger. So in his own way he's the disciplinarian in this family unit. Yet this Mr. Mom has his own unique way of handling the raising of his children.  He can play both the role of mother and father when Angelina is filming or busy! There’s’ no doubt about it he’s an involved parent! In 2015 or even late 2009 marriage with Angelina Jolie will make him even happier! Everyone has their on preconceived notions about marriage, even Brad Pitt.  After marriage he may be a bit more demanding on Angelina, which could cause trouble in the future! Though not too much trouble! These two have just the right amount of sugar and spice together.  


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

This relationship works because they work together.  They have mutual goals and are supportive of each other. The philanthropic causes and work they do off the movie screen, further binds them.  This is what Brad Pitt’s chart suggests he was looking for in a wife.  Someone who shared the same high values and aspirations and someone he could work together with.  She was tired of being alone.  Theirs is an all or nothing relationship and immediately upon meeting each other they would have felt the intense karmic pull to be together. He pushes her to do things beyond what she normally would do. They both bring out mutual responsibilities in each other.  They keep each other busy! They need to be careful in the future not to get too over extended and to remember to work together not apart from each other. If they marry in late 2009 it should last a very long time!

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