April's Planets & You

Happy Spring Equinox! The New Moon on April 8 th is a solar eclipse occurring at 19 degrees Aries. If you are familiar with your chart you will want to check and see if you have any planets, or house cusps at or about 19-20 degrees. This new Moon indicates new beginnings that we are trying to get off the ground. However, with Mercury retrograde (until April 12 th ) the North Node and Venus all in the sign of Aries also, we are slowed down a bit. Expect that your new plans will get off the ground (be they business, or personal), but, with a large dose of hesitation. I say hesitation because Mercury retrograde forces each one of us to think through our plans more carefully and not rush in to a new situations without full knowledge of what we might be getting into or taking on! It's a bit different than let's say, Saturn energy that causes blatant delays or an over analyzing Virgo energy! In April retrograde Mercury affects our thought process, we are thinking more thoroughly than Mercury in Aries usually allows for! Once Mercury goes direct on April 20, 2005 we are free to zoom into uncharted territories with vigor!

The Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio (4 degrees Scorpio) on April 24 th forces us to look at the blockages in our life. Here is where the emotionally fragile people are separated from the emotionally strong. If you are emotionally weak you definitely will have a hard time with this full moon. If you are emotionally strong you will zone in on what is getting in your way and begin to chip away at blockages that prevent you from getting what you desire. The Sun in Taurus, Full moon in Scorpio is referring to our desires and what is keeping us from attaining our desires. We are reminded how short life is, and how useless it is to live life unhappily. Be they out worn and ideas that shelter our lives from growth and our true potentials! What would really make you happy? Need more insight into these potentially life changing eclipses? Call 954-473-0720 to find out!

Changing your Life! Part2

This is part two to my first article on changing your life. With Saturn's transit in the sign of Cancer (the 4 th house of endings and new beginnings) we all have the unique opportunity of walking away from things that are not working out for us currently and manifesting new realities, and getting back on our pre-destined paths. Saturn has gone direct by now and before he leaves Cancer, change something in your life! Each one of us right now has some part of our lives that we are not happy with, or some emotional pattern that we are repeating. Stop; reflect for a moment…on your current life. Are you continuously chasing the same type of romantic partner? Are you continuously working the same type of job and getting fired for no reason? Do you feel there's something better out there for you? You might not realize it but, when you were born, it was already “a given” who your soulmate was, where you would live and what your profession would be… what happened? You got planted here on earth, and immediately parents influenced you for good or bad, circumstances and choices entered your life for good and bad, and some of you got off your paths, or lost your destinies! It happens! Do you ever wake up and think this doesn't feel like my life? Maybe you are living your boyfriend's life, your mother's life, your friend's life…but not yours. You have a unique opportunity to get everything back and stop the draining or stealing of your good life force energy!

Here's the formula…When God create the earth…”he said let there be light…and there was light” the key here is that he spoke. He actually said something with his voice. If you go further on he actually said after creating Adam and Eve…”ok you and I will create together”. With your own words you create each and every day. Pay attention to what you are saying. Take that concept a bit further and out loud say your desires…”I want to be happy”. I need and want a good job and career, the job and career I was destined to have”. “I nullify and void, cancel out and make non existent poverty in my life”. “I nullify and void anyone who has evil intentions against me, and is causing me blockages”.

Create a new path for yourself by positively saying what you want and what you don't. Writing it down is not always enough. Though your voice for good or bad you create your circumstances!

March's Horoscopes!

Aries (March 21-April 20): The New Moon eclipse in your sign is getting you ready for the potential life changing circumstances about to come your way. But wait, mercury retrograde also in your sign suggests you need to make a few minor personality changes, the world is not yet ready for your individuality. Mercury retrograde suggests you tone it down a bit! If you don't universe will slow you down with some bad health, a cold, the flu etc…Watch yourself, your mannerisms, get rid of that twitch…it will hinder you, don't speak when others are speaking….mind your manners. Got it? Attend to those few minor details before you are let yourself loose on the world! Avoid taking risks for the time being!

Taurus (April 21-May 21): Love and romantic encounters are highlighted this month for you. There could be something standing in the way of you getting this person however. The two of you could come from different backgrounds, cultures, or you could be separated by distance. Self sacrifice is not enough though, a change is needed. Put aside dead ideas outworn modes of living, in a very structured world that keeps you unfulfilled. Don't pine away in seclusion, hiding your deep sadness from others. Make a change, take a bold step forward. Let someone know how you feel! If you don't you may lose this person!

Gemini (May 22-June 21): The new moon in Aquarius speaks of far reaching dreams and desires that you hope to make into a reality! Dare you believe that you just might catch the “golden ring' or the goose that laid the “golden egg”. Everything is possible now! The next 3 months could be filled with lots of achievements if you just believe! Don't be disappointed if your ruling planet Mercury slows the pace a bit though, as you need time to refine the “dream”, and sort out the details. Intriguing new friendships enter your life now. Find a place for the old and the new.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): The New Moon eclipse highlights your solar 10 th house of career and reputation. When an eclipse occurs in an angular house such as this a word of caution is advisable. The angular houses are where it's hard to hide or faults. They are just seen by others no matter what. In the 10 th house this could lead to a fall from grace. One day everyone respects you, the next day everyone is laughing at you. Mind yourself this month, and for heavens sake be humble and don't lord it over anyone! If you follow the rule of humbleness you will reach great heights, and great honor will be bestowed on you!

Leo (July 23-August 22): Mars in your solar 7 th house of relationships makes you more attractive to your partner and a potential mate! It's a good thing if you are single and available. Mars will definitely make you more popular. Not so good if you are married, committed and unhappy though. Mars can also aggravate and lead to arguments, fights, and breakups! The new Moon in your solar 9 th house can give you some uncanny insights into others futures, even your own. Pay attention to your intuition and dreams as some could be very prophetic!

Virgo (August 23-Sept 23): The new Moon in your solar 8 th house of rebirth, and change foretells of a desire to change your life on account of a relationship. Maybe you are thinking of moving to another state to be with someone you've met and fell in love with. Retrograde mercury your ruler puts the brakes on moving too quickly though. Take your time think through the details before jumping into anything too quickly! Your future will change if you stop living your life for others; throw off the shackles of the life everyone else wants you to live!

Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23): The New Moon eclipse occurs in your solar 7 th house of relationships, love and marriage. Even if you haven't met anyone yet this person is coming this year. Some Librans will get married others will meet their souls mates! Still others who are suffering in bad marriages will get divorced. But, where one door closes another open, and certainly Libra is one of those signs that are rarely alone! The Full Moon at the end of the month suggests that you now become even more spiritual, you are looking for a different type of sustenance! The kind that feeds the soul!

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22): It's going to be quite a month for Scorpios! Your co-ruling planet Mars transits Aquarius this month your solar 4 th house of endings and new beginnings! And the two eclipses that occur this month both have far reaching effects on you. Slow down for a moment and think about what you want. It's time for a change. It's time to stop living your life according to others expectations. Do a little soul searching and decide what you would like to be doing! New work could come as a result, and a more fulfilling job could be at your fingertips!

Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21): Watch what you say and how you say it to someone close. A negative word said in haste without thinking could cause a serious irrevocable rift between you and another! Foe single Sagittarians a new love interest could be right around the corner, and for married Sag a new addition to the family. The Full Moon eclipse in the sign of Scorpio your solar 12 th house of self-undoing brings to light some of your fears that you are subconsciously manifesting. It's ok to confront your fears…in fact that's the only way to purge them from your life!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20): The Full Moon in your solar 5 th house of love and romance suggests a flirtation and love interest that has some obstacles to overcome before it can actually begin. This might not be anything new as the nodes were recently in the sign of Scorpio last year, suggesting a carry over form last year. Scorpio deals with laying aside structure specifically out dated structure. Are you denying yourself love because it doesn't “fit into” your life style or the life style that has been prescribed to you by family, religion or culture? Love differently!

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19): Mars in your sign gives you back your energy. Along with the sextile it will receive from the New Moon Eclipse your popularity soars and everyone will want to communicate with you. Don't be surprised if your phone starts ringing off the hook! You may be chosen for some type of leadership rule with your co-workers and a promotion could be in the works. Looking for a new job…not a problem now's the time! One word of caution though slow down. Don't talk so fast, don't walk so fast either! You might be a little accident prone with all this energy at your disposal!

Pisces: (Feb 20-Mar 20): This new Moon eclipse occurs in your solar 2 nd house of money. A big plan receives a big push ahead from an influential person. Money could be coming your way this month and more importantly in the future. Expect that after a promise of money is made though a sight delay too…as retrograde Mercury also in your solar 2 nd house refines the details; the how much and when questions that need to be answered. The Full Moon eclipse also emphasizes your luck allowing you more freedom to focus on the spiritual side of life!

 Aries Year Ahead 

Happy Birthday Aries! As your birthday year begins a New Moon eclipse occurs in your sign Aries, your solar 1 st house. You feel like taking risks and throwing off the shackles. Bungee jumping, parachuting, race car driving will all seem like a lot of fun this year. Along with this Mercury retrograde in your sign too suggests a refinement may be necessary before you can proceed into your fantastic future! Although you might feel like throwing caution to the wind and taking a big risk you are held back by retrograde Mercury! Anytime any planet transits your first house, your individuality and characteristics come under scrutiny. This is where you define who you are and what part of you do other people get to see.

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