August's Planets & You

As we begin the month of August, the new Moon on August 5 th which lays the foundation for the entire month and for what we can expect is in the sign of Leo . Mercury is retrograde in Leo until August 16 th . It's important to note that Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing. It's gotten a bad rap by astrologers or people who really do not realize that if the planets just went direct our lives would go so fast that we wouldn't have a chance to catch up, to think things through thoroughly or even get a second chance to redo a mistake that otherwise could be costly, or very serious. In astrology there are no bad placements, or bad aspects. It really is all good! This Mercury retrograde began on July 23 rd at 20 degrees Leo and ends on August 16 th approximately 3:00 a.m. at 8 degrees Leo . In any retrograde it's the retrograde points that are most important. 8 degrees Leo occurred on July 4 th . That date becomes important because something you did, someone you met, or something you said will be repeated or you will have to deal with many of the same energies or situations that happened then. The Mercury retrograde degree of 20 degrees Leo will be important on the date of August 13 th as that will be when the Sun is at 20 degrees Leo . This suggests that from July 23 rd through August 13th to be careful with whatever matters come up and deal with them directly, with focused energy and persistence and not to take anything during this period and sweep it under the carpet, or it could potentially turn into a larger problem down the line.

Mars in Taurus for the next 6 ½ months will make aspects to Jupiter in Scorpio (from October on) and Saturn in Leo . You cannot interpret on with out the other. For a deeper meaning we look to the natural zodiac. Taurus is the solar 2 nd house and Leo is the Solar 5 th house. Most People just think the sign of Taurus is money, materialism, luxury items etc…In part that's true the other part is spiritual. Taurus forces one to examine their spiritual needs and their material needs. How we fail in the 2 nd house if we don't have a balance of focus too sharply on either material needs or too much on spiritual involvement. There has to be balance. Taurus teaches us how to balance material growth with spiritual growth. Our thoughts will be on pleasure and enjoyment, finding the money to do the things we enjoy, fulfilling ourselves spiritually, yet, keeping our feet on the ground. This is a powerful combination and in these fixed signs suggests great potential of energy and success…as anything great is always accomplished through the fixed squares! They provide a stick to it ness that an attitude of not giving up that is necessary to great success stories. You all have your own great success story that is waiting to be written over the next year!

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All love comes from God. No matter of the external or earthly shell that we experience it in. All love energy comes from God. So you should never feel guilty for loving anyone. It may be sometimes that the love we give or feel for someone is not returned, or reciprocated or even reflected back to us in the same way. It may be that it is easier for us to love one-sidedly or love everyone or a whole group of people rather than to find one person and experience love with just one person. How many of us shy away from or turn away from love with just a single person. Sure you may experience an intoxicating love with a significant other, and somewhere down the line tell yourself you belong to a greater group and it's your destiny to love thousands rather than love just one. So what really is love?

The closer your connection with Universal Love energy the better chance you have of finding love on Earth.

“Love is the energy, and the power by which the entire universe and life was created.

“Love” doesn't ask for sacrifices, it only asks that you share of yourself; your thoughts, and your inner being with another.

"Love" is the most amazing inexplicable feeling and emotion that we can ever sense with our physical body. "Love" energy brings life vitality, strength, courage and a desire to want to live life to the fullest potential.

"Love" is the collective and common energy that connects each person to each other in the whole world. It connects our physical body with the spiritual soul, to the Spirit world and to GOD.

"Love" is the emotion that is sensed through the senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. The highest form of "Love" is sensed directly within our soul from other souls and from spirit world.

“Love" is an energy that can only be fully felt when it is shared with other people. It is impossible to contain "Love" energy selfishly for oneself, (that is why selfish people cannot find true love), the only way to feel "love" energy in ones life is when one connects with other people, with spirit world and with GOD, with love.

"Love" gives life and is the "meaning of life". When one has "LOVE"- one has everything, without LOVE one has nothing. Pure "Love" is a spiritual energy and therefore is always completely FREE , no one can buy "true love", and only synthetic and superficial love always costs money!

Leo's year Ahead

Happy Birthday Leo ! As your Birthday year begins the planet of karma Saturn has just entered your sign where he will stay for the next 2 ½ years until September 2007! The sign of Leo rules the 5 th house of love and romance, children, hobbies, games of chance, twists of fate and also sudden good fortune! Which makes a lot of sense since many Leo 's like casino's, gambling. Lottery and many have won in such games. People born under the sign of Leo are known for their big egos, big hair, self confidence and their ability to make their presence known. Leo 's can be very playful, normally like children, or can act like children, get excited easily, and believe in themselves. Under the glare or seen through the planet Saturn a slightly more serious side to your personality may emerge. You may start to feel the pressure of time which Saturn rules. You may feel older or feel the pressure of age and your inner voice will suggest that it is time to get serious about things. You may desire to have children, to settle down, to stop wasting your time, to grow up, and to be an adult. So it's good to start planning how you are going to do this so that Saturn doesn't do it for you. As Saturn transit our Sun sign it examines every aspect of what is good and useful to us and what is not. Depending on the house and the aspects to your Sun sign that will determine how the transit will affect you. Those old enough should look back to September 1975 through July 1978. Those born during September 1975 through July 1978 will be experiencing their 1 st Saturn returns, a maturing cycle.

The planet of action, Mars transits through the sign of Taurus until February 18 th 2006 which with its retrograde period is a very long transit. The sign of Taurus is your signs solar 10 th house of career, reputation, and status. This can give the determination, and perseverance to achieve your goals, fight for what you believe in and climb the ladder of success.

During your birthday cycle it looks like you will have to settle down and be determined enough to reach your goals whatever they may be and you will. The planets are aligned with a special energy available to you that will make you more serious to enable you to a better person and receive the recognition and status you deserve.

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August's Horoscopes!

Aries (March 21-April 20): The New Moon in your solar 5 th house of love, and romance suggests that this month could be a very important for the sign of Aries. A beautiful combining of Jupiter in Libra and the South Node, will slow things down enough so that if you are in a difficult or unfulfilling relationship a window of opportunity presents itself. Expect changes to your love life as universe puts you on your predestined path. Now is not the time to stay in a relationship out of obligation. Soul connections are about to be put in your path. This could mean a child and impending birth, a new love interest or definitely a soulmate. By the end of August it should be clear!

Taurus ( April 21-May 21): Mars in Taurus is the big news for your sign. Mars will go retrograde and then direct through your Sun Sign for the next 6 ½ months. That's a long time! It will make you begin focusing on really connecting to something spiritual without neglecting your financial needs as well. If there is an imbalance a circumstance could present itself to help you get back your balance. Reevaluating your goals creating a nice balance between what makes you happy and comfortable yet fulfills you wholeheartedly.

Gemini (May 22-June 21: Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Leo your solar 3 rd house. The 3 rd house Leo suggests a sign that loves to communicate, argue its point and persuade others. A good sales person! As Mercury retrogrades here it suggests a poignant message of rethinking recent persuasions. Anywhere you could have persuaded someone, or used your powerful communication skills to influence another…will now come under intense scrutiny, with real life consequences. You may think things through now from a different perspective, and see things from another's point of view. Mars in Taurus your solar 12 th house suggests any attempt to be evasive, run away or to escape your obligations to another will not work out.

Cancer ( June 22-July 22): Interesting 2 nd house theme here with the New Moon and Saturn in Leo . A growing discontent with the status quo and a strong desire for change that now motivates you to make amazing changes. A new long term investment opportunity or commitment may suddenly appear and shape your future differently than you expect. Mars transiting your solar 11 th house for the next 6 months can bring past love and past relationships back into your life again. It can bring up issues if anyone close to you friends, family, in-laws, is not or will not be supportive of the new direction your life will take.

Leo (July 23-August 22): as Saturn has entered your Sun Sign and is joined by the New Moon this month, no doubt a new energy is rushing towards you. Saturn through the zodiac checks on the moral, ethical, and karmic condition of any planet he comes into contact with. If you have learned your lessons, and been morally and ethically conscientious Saturn's energy allows you to be more productive than ever, and the gifts and benefits of Saturn are greater thank any other planet! If on the other hand you have fallen at all into the negative aspects of Leo by being too egotistical, domineering, selfish, and obstinate and misused these tendencies well, the scales will need to be balanced. So start now to work on yourself.

Virgo (August 23-Sept 23): Venus transiting your sign is in the 12 th house position from her natural place in the zodiac. There is an uncomfortable ness with Venus attributes that Virgo has and likes to channel from one extreme to another….by being either saint or sinner. You may be presented with that very challenge this month! Some may see you as a saint others as a sinner! Along with Saturn transiting the 12 th house of beginning and ending your love life could have you in an up and down emotional pattern as you try to bring balance to these energies.

Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23): Lucky you! Jupiter and the South Node (past life destiny) conjoin to bring a new love interest into your life. You could experience and uncomfortable set of circumstances before that. A mate, lover, or significant other and you could experience a temporary lapse as you are tested or he is tested in another area. Not too worry your mind will be at peace shortly thereafter. It also signifies a time of new circumstances entering your life that are beneficial to your pre-ordained destiny.

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22): Jupiter trines Neptune and brings rays of hope and an answer to an important prayer. If you were looking for a sign to an important issue in your life wait until August 15-18. Jupiter transiting your solar 12 th house of suffering can bring in and ending or difficulties to be overcome to an existing relationship. The 12 th house is a karmic house, the house of endings and new beginnings. It suggests that for good or bad depending on the situation, you will experience a karmic testing period. Not to fret though with every test there is a reward. Not everything ends badly!

Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21): many will marvel at your eloquent speech, your insightful thoughts, and your own unique way of doing things. You have learned over the past few years to be cautious and careful in your words and ability to persuade people. There's a gentler more intoned you now! Guard your health and do not take on any additional added responsibilities. Saturn in your 9 th house along with the new Moon this month cautions against entering lawsuits, and warns you to protect yourself, and keep yourself morally and ethically in the right. Many of you will be seriously pursuing higher education, licensing, classes and the need to expand your horizons increases! 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20): The New Moon in Leo aong with Saturn enters your solar 8 th house of joint finances, mutual sharing, sex, support and obligations. Work with the energy available to you as this can finally give you the depth of feeling that you have been longing for, for so long. Breaking down and reestablishing some areas of your life will be key to finding true happiness and what you really want, as opposed to what you have putting up with for so long! Jupiter and the South Node in your 10 th house of career and business could be the catalyst for a lucrative business partnership or career opportunity.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19): Neptune transiting your Sun has been making most of you walk three feet off the ground lately. Making most people around you think you are not grounded enough. With Jupiter in Libra your solar 9 th house combining with the Neptune energy a lot of people will see the method behind your madness and you may even be hailed a genius! Don't hesitate is telling others your views. Don't hesitate in going after the object of your desires this month. And, don't hesitate in taking risks! Everything you feel you can have is quite possibly yours this month!

Pisces: (Feb 20-Mar 20): Uranus in Pisces sextiles the long arduous transit of Mars in Taurus your solar 3 rd house of communications. If you ever doubted your ability to win people over or influence others, this transit should dispel those thoughts! At work you could actually be salesperson of the year! Saturn in Leo and the New Moon in Leo transit your solar 6 th house of work. This will give you a new job, position, raise or promotion with added responsibilities and more money. Venus in your solar 7 th house of Marriage makes everything rosy in your relationship.


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