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2007 Predictions for president George Bush

Looking at George Bush's chart we see that his 5th house and his 11th houses are clearly afflicted in December 2006. That suggests that he is fearful (11th house) about the future and unexpected or volatile conditions. He doesn't feel secure. The 5th house his popularity is clearly under fire. His Sagittarius South Node which usually gives abundant good fortune, is afflicted by the transiting North and South Nodes, it's time to rethink how he's going to turn things around, if at all. This can also indicate accidents of children, friends or associates and unexpected deaths. Along with Saturn challenging his Venus, it's a time when he is clearly under fire and getting allot of criticism I might add that Uranus conjunct the South Node gives him the tendency to be a bit impetuous, but, trining his Moon, Jupiter in Libra is seems to work for him. The next head on the block could be Condoleza Rice.

He is a visionary who always seem to land on his feet even amidst tremendous controversy and so it is in 2007.


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