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Happy New Year! As 2005 begins Mercury, Venus, and Pluto sextile Jupiter drawing down lots of positive energy and optimism for a great year! The transiting North and South Nodes change signs. The North Node (forward moving destiny) is in the sign of independent Aries. The South Node (past life karma) is in the sign of Libra (relationships). Along with Jupiter's transit through Libra, and Saturn's hard aspect in Cancer, the trend in 2005 is for relationships (possibly soulmates) that still have some karma to overcome. You may find your soulmate and he/she may still be in their prior relationship. Mars and Uranus aspect each other adversely suggesting you shouldn't over indulge in drinking and partying too much. Mars Square Uranus is indicative of accidents. The new Moon on January 10 th in the sign of Capricorn aspects Jupiter, then Saturn; this suggests that the new moon on the 10 th ushers in a quicker paced time where we are bombarded by decisions constantly and pressured by others to perform efficiently and effectively. People are not in the mood to wait for us. The full Moon on January 25 in the sign of Leo aspects the planet Uranus in a configuration called a quincunx. Whatever you do or say will not be good enough. Avoid getting yourself in a pickle with others by just keeping to yourself that day. Find out what's in store for you in 2005.

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January's Horoscopes!




Aries (March 21-April 19): The transiting North Node enters your sign; the focus will be on your significant other or finding that person. With both Jupiter and the transiting South Node transiting your solar 7 th house of relationships you will find love. The challenge will be balancing your independent streak with the needs and desires of a new love. He or she could out shine you somehow and that's not easy to deal with especially for Aries. Learn to share the spotlight more and there will be peace in your personal relationships…it's a challenge!


Taurus (April 20-May 20): Many of you will be facing job, and career changes, or starting over. You are seen as a step ahead of everyone because of your education, contacts, or prior experiences. However, others still see you as a person who still needs to learn or be taught. It is a tough balancing act so; don't rock the boat with an arrogant or headstrong attitude. Work to fit in. Be especially cautious with temperamental individuals this month, including love interests!


Gemini (May 21-June 20): Jupiter and Neptune transit your solar 5 th and 9 th houses these are considered good karma houses in Hindu astrology. You may reap some good luck from the spiritual realms, as your prayers and thoughts have wings now. With Saturn retrograde in your solar 2 nd house of money it's very important that you slow down your spending and concentrate on bringing in more money. Easier said than done but, Saturn opens those doors too. With the full Moon on the 25 th you will regret picking up the telephone…so screen your calls.


Cancer (June 21-July 22): Retrograde Saturn transits your solar 1 st house, and brings with it a lot of criticism from other people. Don't go into your shell, as most Cancers are apt to do. Stand up to your critics and point out their imperfections too. The Moon rules Cancer; so you may experience emotional fluctuations (ups and downs). However avoid being too dramatic and use this intense energy to get ahead with your job and career. Your decision-making skills are at their peak right now!


Leo (July 23-August 22): Your mood will seem so uplifting to others that with retrograde Saturn transiting your solar 12 th house of secret fears no one will know what's going on, inside. Jupiter transiting your solar 3rd house of communications makes everyone pay attention to every word that comes out of your mouth. The Full Moon in your sign on the 25 th could be the only time you let someone see the real you. You have learned not to share your feelings so much.


Virgo (August 23-Sept 22): The new moon in your 5 th house of love and romance suggests you may find your perfect love. Everyone has an idea of what and who he or she are looking for but rarely find. Not so this month, your “idea” love could possibly come into your life. Be on the look out January 10 th (give or take a day). A touchy situation could develop though when a past love resurfaces! Chose wisely as you could definitely have your cake and eat it too!



Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22): Watch your weight as Jupiter in the first expands your horizons in more than one direction. Those around you sing your praises. You may have a hard time deciphering their motives, and true feelings though. Surround yourself with honest, caring, and real people who will keep you grounded. Retrograde Saturn in your 10 th house of career and reputation suggests you take care to avoid potentially embarrassing situations and people who like to embarrass or degrade, in front of others or in public. It's all about whom you surround yourself with.


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): With the planet Pluto transiting your solar 2 nd house of money, January has you focused on money plain and simple. No one is better than you in getting the most out of a situation and conserving your resources. Saturn retrograde in your solar 9 th house of religion, higher education, and the exotic, suggests that your desire for change is hemmed in by what others think, and what's expected of you. Plans could be made for an exotic trip and as the North Node dips into your solar 6 th house of work, a new job situation opens up!


Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21): The personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars transit your sign this month bringing the focus directly on you and your desires. Along with the planet Pluto you will again be tested. Avoid manipulating, playing head games or being mean and cruel to others, just because you can. You may not feel the effects now but later on you will. Keep yourself above reproach. The North Node transits your solar 5 th house of love and romance indicating a new type of love on the horizon. Perhaps a child is in the future for some of you!


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21): Your ruling planet Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Cancer your solar 7 th house of relationships, business, best friends, and open enemies. Your best friend could now appear to be heavier, depressed, and more clingy than usual. Your 7 th house of relationships is Cancer. Cancer can be clingy…Saturn won't tolerate this kind of behavior. So, those close to you may feel you are more distant than usual. Balance what they want with what you want…compromise.


Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Neptune transiting your Sun is a liberating experience. You are no longer shackled to what's expected and each Aquarian will break free under this transit…just, have a plan. It can be exhilarating but if you don't have a plan you'll fall apart. Keep your mood up this month, as Neptune's illusions can turn into disillusions as well. People from the past contact you or you may take a trip and reunite with old friends and loved ones!


Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 21): Uranus transiting your sign indicates a quickening of karma. For example whatever wasn't right in your life up till now will be made right…rather quickly. The North Node has entered your 2 nd house of money heralding a new money phase that liberates you and secures your future. As the personal planets transit your solar 10 th house a lot of attention could be bestowed on you. A lucky break with your career is on the way in the form of a raise or promotion.



Capricorn Year Ahead

Happy Birthday Capricorn! As your birthday year begins your ruling planet Saturn transit Cancer your solar 7 th house of relationships till July. Typically this transit is not an easy transit and indicates a variety of karmic conditions at play. The first being your relationship with your significant other could become stale, you might develop a distaste for him/her or your could develop affections for yet another unattainable person. In this case Saturn being your solar ruler the transit of the 7 th house angle should not be that difficult, as most Capricorns don't expect a lot anyways! Your energies are better focused less on personal and more of practical. The relationship difficulties will work themselves out by July when Saturn moves into the sign of Leo your solar 8 th house of joint resources, credit, inheritances and sharing. Leo rules children so these issues could also affect your children, or lover.

There is a cardinal Grand square developing this year with Saturn in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, the North and South Nodes and your Capricorn Sun. This planetary configuration will bring a lot of dynamic energy for your use. Squares have gotten a lot of bad press, but nothing great is ever accomplished without them. They are not “bad” they just force us into fast paced decision making energy. Those not up to it will feel a little stressed. Most you though will take the opportunity and run with it.

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