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As we begin the month of July, the new Moon on the 6 th in the sign of Cancer suggests that we are cautiously entering new surroundings! The full moon on the 21 st suggests a hanging on to the past! Why so much hesitancy this month as suggested by the moon cycles? All the personal planets Mercury and Venus in Leo and Mars strong in its own sign Aries, summon us to do things differently, act differently, be who we really are inside with no inhibitions! They are urging us to live life fully that things are changing but, some of us may be a little hesitant still! The big change …Saturn finally ends its 2 year transit through the sign of emotionally frazzled and overly cautious Cancer. This will be a relief for many as the emotionally draining effects of that transit wear off and we get to focus on a much more important subject, ourselves and what we do best! Each one of us is uniquely different. Each individual potentially has unique talents and channels of creativity to offer the world, and their surroundings. What makes you stand out, why are you important to your family, and friends, and does that special something make you valuable to others? Saturn transiting the sign of Leo will touch each of us in an important way. It will bring luck, winnings and happiness to our lives again. The creative forces deep within you will have to find their expression under this transit. Not in a flamboyant way, no in a controlled developed way; a decisive, methodical way that enables you to capitalize on your uniqueness, and talents. Prepare yourself for the new energy because, Saturn in Leo suggests that happiness leads to Prosperity! Saturn in the sign of Leo suggests you will find out what makes you unique. The challenge will be to stay true to your uniqueness and not to be told by others what your talents are and how to use them. Saturn is in an inconjunct aspect to its rulership position Capricorn. Capricorn is traditional and represents father, Leo is the sign of the child or the child within us, so the transit will have the effect of bursting with enthusiasm but, controlled bursting! Saturn represents lessons and karma in our lives also. It's restriction in the sign of Leo (ego) suggests that if we are too egotistical this transit will be hard. The lesson will be to control the child within us, keep our feet on the ground and not get swept away by others adulation and attention. As we have learned previously the attention we get from new loves, new friends, and children is fleeting. New loves become old loves, new friends become old friends, and children leave! If we expect idolization from family members, friends, and lovers because coworkers and the community think we are great, we may be disappointed. So, enjoy the new found happiness that comes in discovering that you are special and special to others. Avoid the big head that goes along with the new found popularity!

Mercury in Leo retrogrades on the 23 rd at 3:01a.m., at approximately 20 degrees Leo . Ideas and creativity that begins this month could get sidetracked or put on the burner for a while…hold on to those ideas and see if they stand the test of time. How will the energy of Saturn in Leo affect you? Where is Leo in your chart? Call to find out!

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It's not easy to define exactly what Kabbalah is. It is broad, large, and deep. It is an ancient mystical set of practices that came to be before science, before we knew how electricity, science, and physics worked. Before all the advances we now take for granted. As we exist today we are a culmination of all that's past. Each one of you knows more than your parents or grandparents, great grandparents, etc…Each one of you knows more than most individuals living 2000 years ago. The knowledge you have now could have been considered sorcery that many years ago.

The word Kabbalah means to receive. If you desire to turn on your lights, and have your home lit, you have to make sure you have power. To receive an influx of energy, light, or knowledge to turn on your souls power you also have to plug in. Light and energy might be considered alike. To in a sense, get a little closer to the almighty who is concealed from us, by veils. Kabbalah begins by removing the layers of veils that on one hand protect us when we are young or naïve spiritually , yet when we are ready, are the veils are walls that we must surmount to get closer to our souls ultimate desire, God. In order to receive this new energy you have to be first, open to it. Secondly, there has to be a place for it. So you can't be overly filled with yourself or egotistical. If you are like that there's only enough space for you! You have to constantly strive for emptiness, in order to get filled with a new more dynamic energy. Each one of you has your own road to Kabbalah; unique to each individual. No two roads are the same. There are many people who tell you can't learn about this knowledge because you are not Jewish, or you are not a rabbi, that you have to be male or that it's even dangerous. These are all untrue statements. Kabbalah goes all the way back in time to Pythagoreans time period. It transcended the Judaic culture. Kabbalah should be studied by each individual on their own road to enlightenment. We live in an age and time when all the knowledge that is out there is coming out and more or less becoming readily available. Kabbalah is for everyone!




Cancer's year Ahead

As your Birthday year begins a momentous occasion coincides, Saturn changing signs. Saturn who has been gracing your sign with his presence over the past two years has brought serious cautiousness to your sign not otherwise there. It has also brought a willingness to stand up to fears, face your shyness, or hesitancy with other people, and not sidestep uncomfortable situations in typical cancer the crab fashion. Before the transit of Saturn through your sign you might well have worn your emotions on your sleeve, you might well have avoided, or walked away from any situation that provoked your fears, or sense of insecurity, or made you feel uncomfortable. Now that's changed. You are no longer intimidated by others, you might have even reached out to people you normally would have avoided or stayed away from and formed some lasting relationships! Many Cancer's are stronger for the transit of Saturn through your sign has made you face your fears and walking away hasn't always been the right option! Hopefully you have learnt that lesson fully and for those of you who haven't well…it's on to the next chapter anyways! Saturn the ruler of your 7 th house of permanent relationships now moves into your solar 2 nd house of values. In the sign of Leo this manifests as a love of the finer things in life. Luxury items, self indulgences, jewelry, since Leo or the 5 th house rules gold, any sort of ornate decorations or clothing, your hairstyle, since Leo the lion has a big mane you might be inclined to value your hairstyle or somehow your hair style becomes your signature like Donald trump. The art of love, popularity and your own special marketable talents will all be a focus over the next two years. Partnerships and joint ventures with a talented partner could be in your future. The traps of Saturn in Leo and your solar 2 nd house are going to be stubbornness, a desire to get your own way, an inability to share, a full blown Diva complex, and having your talents being exploited, or exploiting the talents of another.

Some of you could experience money problems, due to over indulgence or a naïve, childlike, or gullible attitude about personal finances. With Neptune in the opposing sign of Aquarius any over spending, financial risks, or even being conned out of your money won't become evident until 2006. With Saturn in your solar 2 nd house a more cautious, careful and prudent approach to your own personal money is suggested! Be careful of any get rich quick schemes and remember if it sounds to good to be true, it is. Of course this will be personal and different to each one of you in your own uniqueness.

Foe more information on your year ahead and the importance of Saturn in Leo call 954-473-0720!








July's Horoscopes!



Aries (March 21-April 20): the new Moon in your solar 4 th house suggests moving in a new direction and maybe a new city too! Residential changes that are created by family troubles or career moves are likely this month. Avoid petty arguments that really aren't that important! Saturn enters your solar 5 th house of love and romance. Seek the limelight and soak up the attention as your popularity increases and prospects for new love relationships soars! Mars in your sign renews the energy that Saturn in Cancer may have drained. Look for a big turn around this month if you started to get a little down thinking things would never change!


Taurus ( April 21-May 21): Mars transiting your solar 12 th house which could make you feel a bit under the weather. Think back to December 2003 2,1/2 years ago what was happening? Mars transit through ones 12 th house can dredge up forgotten phobias, fears, irrational behaviors that are better kept secret and subdued. Venus and Mercury transiting the sign of Leo your solar 4 th house of unexpected endings means either you or someone close wants out of a friendship or relationship immediately! This could lead to some heated scenes! So, remind yourself to keep your behavior very conservative and chose your words carefully. For the normally placid Taurus this could mean some pretty explosive temper tantrums.


Gemini (May 22-June 21): With friendly Jupiter trining your Sun Sign you are probably not scathed by much this month. Your mood is upbeat and the world is going along just fine! The personal planets mercury, Venus and Mars wedge your Sun Sign with happy sextiles that provide many opportunities for you to pick from. Enjoy these pleasant aspects this month as a reprieve or break from the outer planets Uranus and Pluto which have a tendency to stress you out with thoughts and desires of rebellion or breaking free of your current situation, job, or relationship.


Cancer ( June 22-July 22): Well finally the wait is over and it's time for Saturn to move on! Things will definitely change when Saturn moves into Leo your solar 2 nd house. With the personal planets Mercury, and Venus in Leo you will feel like splurging more and having the funds to do so will really help. With the New moon in your sign and the Sun your life is lighter, your mood is lighter and lunar madness will once again take over and you will laugh until you drop. Happiness and merriment are on their way. You will feel lighter and less oppressed!


Leo (July 23-August 22): Sun in your solar 12th house has you feeling a bit nostalgic and longing for the past. It may not be that easy to go and correct past hurts, mistakes, even breakups this time although under these aspects you might try. You will have to take the initiative at this point as the other person or party may have the upper hand. Negotiating love is never easy and with Saturn entering your sign it becomes even more difficult. Solid relationships should survive though just keep your ego under control and check your diva attitude at the door…for now at least!


Virgo (August 23-Sept 23): A long over due vacation is really what the doctor orders for this sun sign! As Saturn enters your solar 12 th house of Leo , you will be asked to leave your childish fears or fears rooted in your childhood behind. Fears anxieties, phobias, you will be asked to face them all squarely! It won't be easy that's why Saturn gives you 21/2 years to work on it! Leo rules love and romance, happiness, good fortune the stock market, interest rates and gold! You will be asking yourself over and over “am I happy?” ‘Where's the love?” “What makes me happy?” Some people don't even know what makes them truly happy so this transit will help you figure that out! Children can leave home during this transit which can be a good thing but, a sad thing too, as we worry about them.


Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23): Jupiter in your sign aspecting the red planet Mars can have you feeling like you've lost your social graces, or in the very least you will be easily misinterpreted by those closest to you! Normally, you are quite the social butterfly; now need to be very careful of putting your foot in your mouth and saying the wrong thing! Needless to say you need to be careful with your significant other and meeting anyone for the first time! It's just going to be funny to watch this aspect in action so you might as well laugh about it and not take yourself so seriously! With Mercury and your ruling planet in the sign of Leo your solar 11 th house it's a great time to seek or give advice, go out in groups, and spend time with your friends. Small intimate groups and one on one setting will be too intense for you, and may make you feel a little uncomfortable.


Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22): Jupiter in Libra transiting your 12 th house has a little bit of a twist. On the one hand Jupiter is known as a benefice, bestowing luck, happiness, and a host of other goodies on us, right? So why don't you feel so good? With a 12 th house Libra Scorpio's are in the unique position of having relationship karma, good or bad. Many of you are being taken down the path with Jupiter holding your hand helping you face your relationship mistakes, foibles, karma and fears. It's not easy but, it could be worse. Having Jupiter there softens the lessons and gets you through your stuff in one piece! So expect this month to be full of relationship ups and downs!


Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21): Let's make a deal! The Sun is transiting your solar 8 th house of joint ventures, sex and jealousy. Mars is transiting your solar 5 th house of love and romance. This means that there will be some serious fireworks in your backyard this month! Just be ready and willing to enter into an agreement prior to the fun and games. As you have learned from past experiences, it's important to set some ground rules first. To negotiate what's expected so no one feels used or disappointed. If someone does feel used or disappointed expect the injured party to strike back, so be fair, and play fair!


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20): With your ruler Saturn finally leaving your opposing sign Cancer (your solar 7 th house of relationships) a big sigh of relief is heard across the universe! As Saturn enters the sign of Leo your solar 8 th house of joint ventures don't be surprised if the deal of a lifetime falls in your lap! As Leo rules the 5 th house of love and romance, having it filtered through the 8 th house can spell trouble if you are inclined towards jealousy or attract too many suitors and they are inclined towards jealousy! Expect a bout or two with the green eyed monster.


Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19): expect some changes or surprises with your significant other. Mercury and Venus in your solar 7 th house of marriage will oppose your sun sign and Neptune who has been poised in your sign for quite some time. Secrets revealed to you mid month are true, so don't second guess yourself. Follow your intuition as it will lead you straight to what you are looking for mid month. Your attraction level will be super charged this month so, if you are interested in someone now's the time to let that person know!


Pisces: (Feb 20-Mar 20): Uranus the ruler of Aquarius your solar 12 th house is transiting your 1 st house. This transit will affect every Pisces at one time or another over the coming few years. The positive side of the transit is that you will face your fears. If you are at all shy and had a hard time interacting with others this transit will force you to overcome any intimidation you had felt in the past. It will change you for the better and you will become the person you were always meant to be. As the personal planets Mercury and Venus transit Leo your solar 6 th house of work you can expect a lucky break where work is concerned. A promotion for some and new job for others!






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