June's Planets & You

As we begin the month of June , the new Moon is in the sign of Chatty Gemini. The new Moon favors flirting with the opposite sex, talking nonsense, burning up the phone lines, short trips, driving around listening to the radio in your car, and just listening to what others are actually saying to you! If there's anyone around you who's just not letting you be yourself, the New Moon in Gemini suggest a cycle of rebellion or midlife crisis for some of you. The Full Moon on June 22 nd, in the sign of Capricorn favors maturity, and doing things responsibly. Quite a contrast to that carefree new Moon! Maybe some of you will have regrets by the end of June for what you think is frivolous behavior in the beginning of the month. Not really, mid life crisis don't just happen, they ease into your life…they prod you into a little change, a little bit at a time!

Saturn is finishing its transit through the sign of Cancer. An important transit because it's in the sign of Cancer, Saturn's opposite sign. A tug or war with others is always at play. In November Saturn retrograded at 26 degrees Cancer, and this month Saturn revisits its retrograde point…how nice! Venus conjoins Saturn on the 26 th and someone explains themselves. This is a real opportunity to mend some fences! We all still must have our guards up against negative, destructive people who want to hold our souls prisoner or steal our good positive energy! The war against good and bad people is still on. Be closed, stand up for yourselves and don't allow anyone to dump their “stuff” on you!

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Changing your Life! Finding Love Part 4


Are you ready to love? Saturn our karmic teacher here on earth will move into the sign of Leo in July. Leo is the 5 th house of Love and romance, children, sharing, speculation, risk taking, and good karma! Children and immature adults love from a one sided stand point. It's all about them. I want this, or that, when am I going to get what I want? When you are ready for your soulmate, either at 17 or 57 you will be at a point where it's not all about having your needs met by another. It will be at a time in your spiritual evolution when you are ready to give of yourself to another human being, and to share what you have with another. That takes a lot of trust nowadays. To love is to really desire the best for another person, while not expecting much back. Love is to share what you have with another. Not give it all to them. Love is to also receive something from another!

Love is its own magic. Love is mysterious. Love is as mysterious as God. And, all love comes from God when we are ready to receive it. Love has many nuances and shades. Love is different for every human being on earth. For some people it happens earlier, for others later. There is no timetable. Your birth chart is a predictive table of your psychological makeup here on earth that in some way has an impact on your reactions to events in this world. Change your psychological profile, grow a little spiritually and the chart gets elevated upwards. Love will find you no matter where you are. Love, be kind, and all sorts of benefits follow. Most importantly grow up. You can't find your soulmate if you yourself are still a child. You have to be an adult. You have to be ready to give and love unconditionally. If you want to be part of a soulmate relationship that means you are part of the other person. Not your mommy or daddy.

Squares will no longer represent blockages they will represent challenges that you enjoy overcoming. Squares in your chart represent potentially great accomplishments. So while your chart could contain a square to your Venus that normally represents a hurdle to overcome, or a blockage with love, marriage. It also represents someone who psychologically feels they have to give more to receive love and maybe, has a hard time letting someone give to them, or vice versa. It also represents a major act of selfless devotion to another. It can even represent a truly great love story!


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June 's Horoscopes!



Aries (March 21-April 20): With the Sun, and new moon in your solar 3 rd house you will be more outgoing and talkative than usual. A spontaneous trip or invitation could come your way before the 15 th . As happy and bliss as you may find yourself this month someone will try to burst your bubble around the 22 nd . Something you say without thinking or without meaning any harm, could come back to haunt you! So, avoid gossiping with others and simply stay out of controversy! Keep others out of your love life.


Taurus ( April 21-May 21): You are a survivor, and as such will always take care of your own needs first. Be careful of situations around you right now. Be morally and ethically correct, not selfish, take a chance, stand up and do the right thing! Don't get involved in things you don't really know about. The New Moon in your solar 2 nd house of values suggests everything is not right in how you get or make your money. The end of the month gives you an opportunity to reunite with a love interest. Love is going to be challenging for Taurus in the coming years, make conscientious choices!


Gemini (May 22-June 21): The Sun and new Moon in your sign give you strength and you may find yourself taking more risks than usual. Aspects from both Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius suggest that it is becoming impossible for to keep to the same routine and go along with the status quo. This month you are both rebellious, and adventurous! Still, you must take baby steps with your urge for love and freedom. Saturn still in the sign of Cancer suggests powerful forces working against your urge for freedom. Avoid trying to remake, or psychologically convince or change those around you.


Cancer ( June 22-July 22): Saturn and Venus in Cancer this month will make you feel like the caterpillar coming out of its cocoon and becoming a beautiful butterfly. So this may be an excellent time for a diet or exercise. You'll lots of get attention from the opposite sex and maybe even someone that you've had a crush on for a while will finally come around! Continue to be guarded with other people who are judgmental and negative. Those of you with strong Cancer placements who have not had a lot of energy lately should feel their energy returning!


Leo (July 23-August 22): Saturn in the 12 th house is not one of my favorite transits. It's just hard! Find solace in the fact that it's almost done. If you have lost love under this transit …it will return. If you have lost part of yourself under this transit you will regain your self respect! Whatever you have felt like you have lost it will come back! June is going to be an excellent month for people coming back into your life. Expect surprise phone calls and chance meetings. Expect a lover from the past to contact you!


Virgo (August 23-Sept 23): Your ruling planet Mercury is now transiting your solar 10 th house of career and reputation. Go out of your way to be pleasant and kind to others. Just take a few minutes to speak to those around you. If not, you just might be accused of being too uptight, distant, and mean! The reality is you just may be so overwhelmed and overworked because it's impossible for you to delegate work to others. . It's important that you don't have any regrets, so stay in touch with family and friends, as someone close could pass on.


Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23): Things could finally make sense to you. You'll gain some insight and understanding into what is motivating someone's negative behavior towards you. Just walking a mile in someone's shoes can bring on a new understanding as to what someone was going through. Many of you may decide to pursue a new interest by taking classes, getting a license or studying something new. Other Librans may travel to another country this month. Teaching, schools and classes will be important this month. Show more love and you'll receive more love!


Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22): Things heat up this month as Uranus the planet of sudden attractions is in your solar 5 th house of love and romances expect the unexpected! Past lovers resurface and cause mayhem, with new lovers. Instantaneous attractions and flirtations are likely under June's New Moon and planetary aspects. Looking for a lottery win or want to gamble the 5 th house also rule games of chance and the stock market. So, go ahead take your chances!


Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21): With the Sun, and Mercury transiting your solar 7 th house of marriage and partners, small annoyances could come up, which could lead to heated arguments. This suggests a need to change and shift things around a little. As a mutable sign, constant changes don't bother you but, if you are in a relationship with someone who needs a more predictable life…there could be problems. You adapt quickly and spontaneously to life, however children and partners may need you to settle down more. Not something any Sagittarius likes to do. You may find yourself longing for the good old days!


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20): Your ruling planet Saturn, the ruler of karma here on Earth, transiting your solar 7 th house of marriage, partners, and open enemies along with Venus suggest it's time to put things of the recent past to rest. Whatever you've started were unable at this time to get off the ground or to finish, will need to be left for another time, or lifetime. You've done what you could and by the end of June there'll be nothing left to do, and you'll begin a new cycle with different themes and different people!


Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19): Things could go pretty calmly this month. You'll get plenty of help when needed and overall you just might get some well needed sleep. Your ruling planet Uranus is transiting your 2 nd house of money, suggests many of you will feel pulled in two directions. There are those around you who want you to be very spiritual and there's another camp of people who are pulling you to be more materialistic. You can't please very one and you will have to find a middle ground to please both!


Pisces: (Feb 20-Mar 20): Uranus in Pisces is standing at the gates of the universe allowing your sign to pass through and scrutinizing the rest of the sun signs! You have a “get out of Jail, free” card in your hands and you probably don't even know it! Uranus in Pisces allows you to go back into the past and take what you felt you were cheated out of! Uranus brings back people, places and things from the past…so expect to hear from, see and reconnect with past events. It doesn't mean you have to keep them if you don't want!




Gemini Year Ahead

Happy Birthday Gemini! As your birthday year begins many Gemini's will be hearing the call of your future destiny. Your sun sign is wedged between transiting aspects pf Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius. Since Gemini is an air sign any attempt by circumstances or people to contain you doesn't work. Air needs to be circulated, not contained. Butterflies live happiest in the out of doors not a jar. So it is with Gemini, it is a cruel thing for anyone to try to contain or hold you captive like a slave. You'll die or feel like it! Captivity takes many forms. It's a relationship you are imprisoned in; it's a job you fear to leave; it's a family that is so critical that it's their way or no way! There is a voice that's beginning to stir inside many of you, the voice of discontent. If you have felt that there were still things you haven't done, dreams you must actualize and things you would still like to do, the time is ripe for you to realize your dreams.

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