Jupiter in Scorpio

Oct. 26,2005-November 24, 2006

Jupiter in Scorpio

The great benefic planet of the zodiac, Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, and is considered to be a co-ruler of the sign of Pisces. It rules luck and good fortune. It's nature is expansive, generous and jovial. Religion, higher education, dreams about the future, and opportunities are all ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter transiting the sign of Scorpio will bring all of those qualities of the planet Jupiter to the sign of Scorpio. Normally jupiter is dogmatic in it's oulooks on education, religion, politics and philosophies. In the sign of tantalizing Scorpio however, we may find excesses in every facet of what the sign of Scirpio embodies. Jupiter is fascinated with the impenetrable sign of Scorpio. The qualities of the planet Jupiter, luck, optimism, happiness, expansiveness, religion, dogmatic views, learning, understanding, government will now be seen through the filter of the sign of Scorpio. This is a very important transit of the planet Jupiter because it represents it's last and final transit around the zodiac before it enters it's own sign of Sagittarius on November 24, 2006. Jupiter takes 12 years to traverse the entire zodiac. Scorpio is the 12th house to the natural placement of Jupiter, Sagittarius. Scorpio is the natural 8th house of the zodiac and rules such things as jealousy, joint finances, banks, credit, manipulation, retaliation, sex, intensity, and fixed determination. Light hearted, jovial, happy go lucky Jupiter may be a little uneasy in this sign. Jupiter may even be inhibited in the sign of Scorpio. The negative traits and yes there are negative traits to Jupiter as well, will be that there will be excessive over the top behavior where matters of the sign of Scorpio are concerned. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign, so in Scorpio a water sign the natural buoyancy and expansive behavior of Jupiter is squelched. The fire is put out. Jupiter is Fire, Scorpio is water when the expansive planet of Jupiter meets water we get all kinds of natural occurances with water, flooding, excessive rains, drownings. Fire meeting water can produce steam.

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Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio was a very important transit of the planet Jupiter because it represents it's last and final transit around the zodiac before it enters it's own sign of Sagittarius on November 24, 2006. Jupiter takes 12 years to traverse the entire zodiac. The negative traits and yes there are negative traits to Jupiter as well, will be that there will be excessive over the top behavior where matters of the sign of Sagittarius are concerned. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, a fire sign, the natural buoyancy and expansive behavior of Jupiter is enhanced and there are those who will definitely go too far too soon, and bite off too much.

How will this transit, Jupiter in Sagittarius affect your Sun Sign?

by Terry Nazon


Aries: In your solar 9th house many Aries will have luck and unique opportunities to further their training , and education. Expect studies to be a breeze and test passing to go smoothly. Some of you may have a unique interest in other cultures and even travel to far off places.

Taurus:In your solar 8th house a lucky break with money, inheritances, and joint assets should be a boon for you. Everything your thought was a lost cause in 2006 comes back strongly in 2007. Strong transformation and change are indicated. The ability to remake and remold your life is strong.

Gemini: In your solar 7th house of marriage it's your partner who shows you over and over how special you are. You gain from partnerships and marriages. Single Gemini should have a problem finding a good match!

Cancer: Finally you may be able to focus and concentrate all your efforts on work, and job related issues. Your health should return for the better and all exercise routines and diets receive help from this strong placement.

Leo: Happiness returns as the great benefic planet Jupiter transits your solar 5th house which of course is the house of where Leo shines brightest. Expect twists and turns of fate to bestow luck upon you and what you thought was lost forever to return. Popularity should soar under this aspect.

Virgo: In your solar 4th house property matters are lucky for you. Your alliance with family or clan should also benefit you. Virgo's looking to move even purchase property should be able to do so. You shouldn't have any problems covering your monthly expenses!

Libra:Your sign will be very influential to others. You'll be able to talk your way in and around anyone and anything. Your memory and mind will be so sharp you'll be accused of thinking beyond your time. You may just be able to see into the future!

Scorpio:In your 2nd house of money your lucky and ability to increase your assets should increase. Self esteem should return and you will feel full of confidence as everything your touch turns to gold!

Sagittarius: In your sign it's most strongest. Your confidence should soar and should anyone doubt you or come against you in any way they will be defeated. Truth and honesty are your friends this year and you will have the energy to begin anew! new starts are indicated for your sign!

Capricorn: In your solar 12th house Jupiter acts like a special guardian angel. Your intuitive ability should be very sharp as well as the special gift of premonitions and dreams that come true.Snce the 12th house also rules vacations you probably will take a trio or two to a foreign destination for much need vacation!

Aquarius: Jupiter in Sagittarius is strong in your own 11th house of of hopes and wishes. Put your mind to whatever you want, create a year long goal and you surely will achieve it. Those of you who have been dealing with fear issues will overcome all of them. So go ahead be daring and free yourself of your fears!

Pisces:In your solar 10th house of career you develop a career and a reputation as being the best at what you do. Expect raises, promotions and expect to be in a position of power and authority!


Are you using your Jupiter Energies Properly or is your Jupiter Afflicted


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Hair start falling from the center of the head.
Starts wearing a necklace habitually. Gold gets lost, stolen, sold or
exchanged/bartered for some other material. Break in education without
any specific cause. Replacement of family priest or Guru. Rumors
spoiling reputation are spread.

If the native is getting failures and frustrations in the age span 36
to 42 years of age from all sides ; Urinary tract problems or pain or
swelling of the intestines then Jupiter is malefic and the cause of
Jupiter turning into malefic will be Saturn. Apart from this, if the
native makes his residence in a higher story of a building in this age
span i.e of 36 to 42 and immediately after occupying it heart attack
etc. accident happens to elder relatives and is himself compelled to
sell some building this again indicates a malefic Jupiter. Because while
residing in upper story; the air (significator of Jupiter) depreciates
in quality. If the native continues to reside in such a residence, then
such malefic Jupiter's effect on Saturn will be visible. And any
building built on ground will not yield good results it may be sold to
meet the expense of curing himself or any of his family members
(especially elders)'s disease related with respiratory system. North Node
will also contribute towards converting benefic tendencies of Jupiter
into malefic.

(1). Moisture creeps into walls of the house.

(2). Habit of staying away from rain.

(3). Disrespect towards holy persons.

(5). Rumors spread against him or he is instrumental in spreading rumors
against others.

(6). Habit of begging in the name of religion.

(7). Keeping many unread books at home.

(8). Habit of not sharing the books i.e. concealing them.

(9). Sycophant.

(11). Suffers from cold regularly..

(12). Placing an idol of a deity whose prana has been done
(symbolic life has been fused into it).

* A deserted religious place or a dry Peepal (Sacred Fig) tree near the house.
* Gets into the company of some one who doesn't have a child.
* Starts disbelieving in God.
* Suffering from breathing trouble, trouble of the lungs and

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 1st house turning malefic:

[ a ] might become habitual of wearing a mala of beads

[ b ] might have insulted some one elderly, grand-father , father,

priest, or a teacher

[ c ] might have done some sacrilegious act against a temple or

a peepal tree (Sacred Fig).

[ d ] might not have treated a cow, wife, ladies and maid servant

[ e ] might have accepted donation for his own self.

[ f ] might have breathing problem, asthmatic indications

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 2nd house turning malefic:

[ a ] punished by the State

[ b ] ruins his own family

[ c ] causes pain to parents

[ d ] wife generally ill

[ e ] not good relations with in-laws

[ f ] generally hates women

[ g ] entire house paved, no bare patch

[ h ] downfall after the wife's death

[ j ] living with in-laws. Or in a house

facing south

[ k ] generally insulted

[ l ] looks upon father and gold as things to

be exploited or made use of

[ m ] sister, daughter unhappy leading miserable life

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 3rd house turning malefic:

[ a ] unhappy with progeny

[ b ] insults elders

[ c ] betrays friends

[ d ] unprincipled

[ e ] quarrelsome

[ f ] after money even through immoral means

[ g ] a religious place in disuse near the house

[ h ] liar, one who boasts, coward

[ i ] miserable condition

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 4th house turning malefic:

[ a ] spoils his chances himself, self destructive

[ b ] weak eye sight

[ c ] lives like a faqeer [ beggar ] although rich.

[ d ] danger from the vehicles, or troubles from vehicles

[ e ] less comfort from family , alone

[ f ] flirt

[ g ] might have broken toys in the house.

[ h ] disease of the lungs

[ i ] unusually large stomach

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 5th house turning malefic:

[ a ] issueless, might have daughters but not a son

[ b ] no comfort from children

[ c ] Struggles and obstacles in life

[ d ] untrustworthy friends

[ e ] can not sustain relationships

[ f ] lonely and isolated

[ g ] tendency to live off others

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 6th house turning malefic:

[ a ] will be short of hard cash

[ b ] doesn't get any thing for asking

[ c ] unfortunate till the age of 34

[ d ] wandering aimlessly

[ e ] inauspicious for the father

[ f ] inauspicious for the maternal family

[ g ] if the father and son separate early in life, mercury to be blamed

[ h ] sisters and daughters not happy or well off, look up mercury.

[ I ] a dilapidated temple near by

[ j ] breathing trouble, asthma, bronchitis

[ k ] tuberculosis

[ l ] disease of intestines

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 7th house turning malefic:

[ a ] Wife will dominate in family matters

[ b ] worried about the male issue

[ c ] lack of marital bliss

[ d ] flirt

[ e ] discomfort or loss through the State.

[ f ] escaping from family responsibilities.

[ g ] swelling in the region of groin, uterus

[ h ] swelling in the feet

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 8th house turning malefic:

[ a ] getting defamed / rumors specially for relations with a woman.

[ b ] starts accepting money for imparting knowledge

[ c ] loves being alone, doesn't feel like mixing with people.

[ d ] father either ill or in some trouble

[ e ] fear or apprehension of getting defamed

[ f ] trouble in betting a son

[ g ] in debt in spite of good earning

[ h ] timid

[ i ] feeling the sensation of breath being choked.

[ j ] will suffer from anemia , or blood pressure

[ k ] swelling in the area of jaw, calf muscles.

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 9th house turning malefic:

a ] disbeliever, atheist, blasphemous

[ b ] insulting father and the elderly, or quarreling with them

[ c ] selfish

[ d ] unhappiness through children

[ e ] gold either lost or sold or pawned.

[ f ] doesn't keep his words, a liar

[ g ] doesn't keep his father with him or refuses to care for him.

[ h ] trouble or swelling of the knees

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 10th house turning malefic:

[ a ] inauspicious for the father

[ b ] obstacles in life after father's death

[ c ] the person he befriends loses

[ d ] day dreamer

[ e ] will get a bad name for any help to others.

[ f ] not highly educated or obstacles in education

[ g ] sisters and daughters not happy

[ h ] rumors about his character

[ i ] may not get paternal property

[ j ] even if he gets some paternal property he may

not be able to enjoy it.

[ k ] not happy with wife or sons

[ l ] being looked down upon by every one

[ m ] a religious place, Peepal tree (Sacred Fig Tree) school in disuse in

the west of his house

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 11th house turning malefic:

[ a ] father doesn't leave any money for him

[ b ] lives away from his family

[ c ] doesn't pull on well with father.

[ d ] unhappy with progeny

[ e ] loss through the female relatives

[ f ] female relatives not well off

[ g ] lecherous

[ h ] lonely and solitary in spite of a big family.

[ i ] dishonest and doesn't keep his word

[ j ] possibility of a religious place or an educational

institution to the west of his house which has been

in disuse.

Symptoms indicating Jupiter in the 12th house turning malefic:

[ a ] unhappy on account of his progeny

[ b ] irreligious

[ c ] deceitful

[ d ] Coveting, greedy, eye on some body else's wealth

[ e ] unsavory rumors about him

[ f ] doesn't get good nights sleep

[ g ] giving false witness

[ h ] habit of eating meat, eggs and drinks

[ i ] association of a person without a progeny or one eyed

[ j ] problem of breathing specially at night

[ k ] having liver or kidney problem

[ l ] father suffering from asthma or long illness

[ m ] if losses after the birth of a daughter.

[ n ] watering nose, most of the time



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