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Kabbalah means RECEIVED SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. It is broad, large, and deep within the mind, thoughts and soul. It is an ancient mystical set of spiritual practices that came to be before science, before we knew how electricity, science, and physics worked. Before all the advances we now take for granted. As we exist today we are a culmination of all that's past. Each one of you knows more than your parents or grandparents, great grandparents, etc…Each one of you knows more than most individuals living 2000 years ago. The knowledge you have now could have been considered sorcery that many years ago.

The word Kabbalah means to receive. If you desire to turn on your lights, and have your home lit, you have to make sure you have power. To receive an influx of energy, light, or knowledge to turn on your souls power you also have to plug in. Light and energy might be considered alike. To in a sense, get a little closer to the almighty who is concealed from us, by veils. Kabbalah begins by removing the layers of veils that on one hand protect us when we are young or naive spiritually , yet when we are ready, are the veils are walls that we must surmount to get closer to our souls ultimate desire, God.

 Kabbalah - Receiving Spiritual Knowledge

In order to receive this new energy you have to be first, open to it. Secondly, there has to be a place for it. So you can't be overly filled with yourself or egotistical. If you are like that there's only enough space for you! You have to constantly strive for emptiness, in order to get filled with a new more dynamic energy. Each one of you has your own road to Kabbalah; unique to each individual. No two roads are the same. There are many people who tell you can't learn about this knowledge because you are not Jewish, or you are not a rabbi, that you have to be male or that it's even dangerous. These are all untrue statements. Kabbalah goes all the way back in time to Pythagoreans time period. It transcended the Judaic culture. Kabbalah should be studied by each individual on their own road to enlightenment. We live in an age and time when all the knowledge that is out there is coming out and more or less becoming readily available. Kabbalah is for everyone!

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Terry Nazon, AFA, AAN, SFAA, a professional celebrity astrologer, and psychic to the stars, has been practicing astrology and consulting clients professionally for well over 16 years, since 1990. Voted one of the top 10 astrologer,by Time Warner's Books Top Best Astrologer's in America. Developer Owner of several Psychic Hotlines, she has also published Vision Quest a printed astrological newsletter and online horoscope column since 1997. Her Horoscopes and columns are seen all over the world and have been published in many magazines, and used for hundreds of web sites worldwide providing online content. Join the many thousands of people including celebrities and Hollywood stars who have used her services to gain a better understanding of their lives, direction and where they are going. Terry has an accuracy rate of 99% and a repeat clientele of 100%. Over the years she has read hundreds of thousands of people who feel uplifted, satisfied, and confident because of her unique insight. Like so many of her clients you too can walk hand in hand with Terry during your life's journey and never feel alone again, or be misguided again! Many of Terry's articles, Horoscope Columns, and Predictions have been published in the following National and International Magazines .Terry's top trademarked logos have become household words has become so popular that other's commonly use it. Sexstrology (TM) Prediction Addiction(TM), and "Get Names, Dates, Times, & Places!" (TM) "She is the standard today that everyone wishes to copy ". Says Tom Bushnell, Editor. Her Horoscope columns are seen regularly in many magazines throughout the USA and the World. She can be reached at terry@terrynazon.com or use the "Contact Form". For personal consultations


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