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Date of Birth 8/16/1958

As a Leo, Madonna is an original entertainer and loves to create a larger than life persona for the public and the media. She is probably a different person altogether in her personal life. Someone who started out allot more shyer than the great entertainer we see now.  She has a gift for mimicking others, and impersonating others which would have helped her overcome inhibitions and reserve earlier in life. She has a great talent for dance and singing, never satisfied with herself and always seeking perfection. Madonna could be in the he process of another re-invention this time to reflect the influences and changes in her life, like motherhood and getting older and wiser.  A change of residence will be in order this year as well as the possibility of a Big Worldwide Tour. Her work is an important part of her starting over process.  She more than likely will once more dazzle us with a whole new appearance and persona, which the public and the press loves.  Will it be as controversial as some of her other major re-inventions, perhaps so! Some other new projects could include another movie. A secret romance become public in 2009 dispute her best efforts to keep it private. Could there be another adoption in Madonna's future? A girl perhaps? No doubt Madonna will take be very viable in 2009 and in the public's eye!

Guy Ritchie


Date of Birth 9/10/1968

Virgo,Guy Ritchie is much more intense than his public persona leads us to believe. He is very fussy and picky as many Virgo's are. There's a willingness to work hard for long periods of time without giving up. This probably aids him in his career as a director.  He has a great ability to create serious works that will be remembered for a long time. His best works are most likely in the future. He is extremely detailed oriented, and hates to be criticized, ignored or rejected. He is competitive and doesn't find it easy to express his emotions.  He has a slow burn and frustrated emotions that can turn angry.  He is attracted to and more comfortable with older women, but can be very cold and detached. Guy Ritchie is not the type of man who likes or can tolerate being alone for long so I he will be out and about with other women now that he and Madonna have separated. Will he find love?  There's going to be allot of jealousy between Madonna and Guy as they begin to date, with each one thinking it's so easy to walk away or replace the other.  This is going to hurt both of them, no matter how hard they try to immerse themselves in their work. A tug of war over their son could ensue, with each one try to one up the other, this is just a cover up for the feelings that are just beneath the surface.  Guy could try to drown his sorrows by becoming quite rebellious and acting out in public.  If he's not careful he will be accident prone in 2009.


Madonna and Guy Ritchie

The Break up , What really happened?

Was the decision to divorce made in haste? Or was it a mutual decision to part way? Will both or either one regret their actions?  He saw in her his perfect woman, and she saw in him what she was looking for in a man. They were attracted in a very dynamic way to each other.  The marriage however, demanded both of them live up to their obligations and responsibilities towards one another. Soul mates? Perhaps so! There are allot of dynamic connections between these two that will be hard to walk away from for long.  The interference of other people and perhaps Guy Ritchie's mid life crisis were the overwhelming cause for the spilt.  He pushed Madonna into action.  His behavior probably got to difficult for her to bear and the decision to divorce was made quickly. There is a chance that when the dust settles the two can have a decent relationship. Madonna will be called upon to lift Guy Ritchie up and help him when he realizes what happened late 2009.Until then, both will be tied to other people in 2009, none seriously.  

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