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Happy St Patrick's Day! The New Moon on March 10 th in the sign of Pisces th suggests committing yourself to seeing things through to the end, not bailing out, nor being superficially involved in whatever dilemma is in front of you. During the full Moon kindness and compassion will go a long way. However, know the difference between good deeds and being used…just because you are willing to give an inch don't let others take a mile! The full moon on March 25 th in the sign of Libra may put you at the right place at the right time for whatever you need in your life, a new job, a new love, or a new direction.

The planet Mercury goes retrograde this month on March 20 th . It will mess up our communications; involve us in traffic jams and make us think slower so that we are not always charging forward. Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to slow down and think more cautiously and deliberately. Remember it can have the same effect on others too. So, we may find that through other's deliberate or slow actions we become frustrated. This is as it should be though! Typically meeting someone new on Mercury retrograde does not pan out to be a long term relationship. So, carefully approach matters of the heart through March 20-April 12, 2005.

The big news this month is the planet Saturn, father karma, going direct at 20 degrees Cancer. Enough reviewing of old karmic patterns, hopefully, we are ready to move forward! Remember we always get three chances at karmic lessons so whatever we don't learn during the retrograde we repeat during the direct motion of the planet. So use the first 20 days of March to rid yourself of negative traits, hangers on, users, and unnecessary drama.

As the planet Saturn continues through the sign of Cancer, we have a unique opportunity to change our lives, individually and collectively. Saturn in Cancer reflects back to our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the nuclear bomb. Collectively we are on the brink of rectifying that deed. Be aware that this time right now and through May reflects that awful time…and the karma must be balanced. How will that happen? There will be another huge event that rocks our country, and hopefully also ends this period of terrorism and uncertainty that we have faced. We will desire peace with an urgency…Our goal will be to stop the craziness and live in peace with our neighbors of the world. Prepare yourselves, but, don't live in fear!

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Changing your Life


Saturn retrograde repeats its path for the 2 nd time through its transit in the sign of Cancer between the degrees of 20-27. Back and forth the movement goes. Bringing with it difficult lessons, karmic conditions, hardships, heartache, emotional pain, suffering and on and on and on. Saturn in Cancer is talking about past emotional pain and ending cycles, (Cancer rules the 4 th house of endings). How do we stop this terminal cycle of pain that is wearing us out? How can we change this and be happy? Listen carefully…

There is an outer shell we wear. It's not really us. It's who people think we are and who we sometimes want people to believe we are. It's who we were conditioned to be by well intentioned parents. It's what cause grief in our lives! We create this outer shell, by our appearance, attitude or conditioning over a lifetime. Maybe we want others to believe we are attractive beyond compare so we wear revealing clothes and lots of make up. That says little about your true inner self, your soul. Other times we appear to others to be cold, aloof, argumentative and otherwise nasty. Sending others the message don't approach I'll hurt you. This too is the outer shell or husk that surrounds us and keeps our true potential and real self from shining through. Breaking through and changing your life starts here removing the 1 st layer of this outer shell and being the real you. People who shouldn't be in your life attach themselves to this outer layer or shell you are wearing. If it's a sexually revealing shell…then you will have individuals around you attracted to that outer shell using you for that purpose. If it's your angry shell you will attract others with anger issues and who in turn make you angry. If it's your “I'm wealthy” shell and some part of your self wants to be esteemed as wealthy, you will attract those who desire you for only that purpose. All of this leaves you feeling empty and used and lonelier than ever, because no one knows the real you, or loves you for who you are. The first step in re-releasing a karmic condition in your life is releasing difficult situations and people. As Saturn goes direct in the coming months we have a unique opportunity to change our lives for the better. To lead happier more fulfilling lives. You won't be lonely, where one door closes another opens! Walk away from situations and ex's, family and friends that use you and otherwise attach to your energy! Be bold and be brave! Where is Saturn retrograde in your chart? Call to find out and release in that very area of your personal life that is causing problems for you!



March's Horoscopes!



Aries (March 21-April 19): The New Moon in your solar 12 th house indicates travel to a warm exotic beach, or in the very least day dreams about the warm exotic beach! The 12 th house is a house where we harbor fears, and bad habits, with both the New Moon, and Venus the month of March gently eases our transition into wholeness. It could be a love interest that has become an obsession, it could be an addiction that needs to go, it could even be a good relationship gone bad…they all need to change or go now!


Taurus (April 20-May 20): Past lovers contact you in a hope that you will make them feel good when they don't. Demand more form others; it can't just be a one way street! You just might find yourself being overly indulgent this month! The New Moon in Pisces your solar 11 th house of hopes and dreams for the future along with Venus, Mars in Capricorn trining your Sun can indicate a bit of laziness on your part! Of Course you should relax, but, these easy aspects also require the least little effort for success…work on!


Gemini (May 21-June 20): Unwanted mean spiritedness could come your way if you are at all self righteous. You might end up feeling like you are under a microscope with those around you judging you too severely. Your world could get shaken up quite a bit this month; the personal planets are lined up in the sign of Pisces your solar 10 th house of career, business, status and reputation. To avoid others harsh criticism, arrows or put downs begin the month more humble. Avoid critical people, and keep out of their way! With love and romance you may feel like beginning again with a clear slate!


Cancer (June 21-July 22): The big news for Cancer is that the planet Saturn who has been transiting your solar 1 st house is going direct! If you have felt tired, burdened by others, alone, and even criticized too harshly, now's the time to claim your power back again! You should find after the 20 th that energy returns, people listen to you more, follow your directions, and respect your views. You've been quiet, now's the time to speak up! A power shift in personal relationships will now take place, and you're in control!


Leo (July 23-August 22): I can never figure you why so many Leos are attracted to Pisces and vice versa! It happens more than you know! This month is no exception a new love possibly karmic, the unfinished business type of karma, not the soulmate kind has you giddy! You might find yourself throwing “The Rules” out the window and just going for love! You might even ignore all the red flags…so what, he's married, so what, he lives at home still, so what, he has no job…etc! This month for Leo, its true…love is blind!


Virgo (August 23-Sept 22): The New Moon in Pisces your solar 7 th house of Marriage indicates that for single Virgo's a new serious relationship is at hand!

It might just begin innocently enough with some sparks flying, then some flirting, and before you know it loves knocking at your door! It could only pose a problem if you are already involved! Don't miss the opportunity for real love and happiness; seriously consider this new love interest! The letters J and P are important!


Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22): Your ruling planet Venus the planet of Love, happiness, art, and refinement is transiting the sign of Pisces your solar 8 th house of passion, joint monies, banking, credit, jealousy, revenge and pay back. Hopefully no one has a grudge against you and will want t take every opportunity to get you back! If so make peace with them! So, on the brighter side this could be a great transit for getting your financial affairs in order. It can be equally as good for starting a hot relationship! And, you could win money under this transit or inherit money under this transit!


Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): The Sun, New Moon, and Venus transit your solar house of love, romance, and children. Easy flirtations come your way. Adulations, compliments, and fans flock to you! It's one of those months where you are popular and adored by others. Your children make you proud and receive benefits from your transit as well…If you are single, Get out and about this is a great time to meet a significant love interest! All you have to do is stand around and look good, the opposite sex will find you!





Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21): This month you might be dreaming about your dream home or some future place and time that hasn't happened yet! Again, the call of distant places, new places, and greener pastures calls to all Sagittarians. With the planet Pluto transiting your sign over the next few years, every one of you will dramatically change your lives under Pluto's urgings. The personal planets, the Sun, new Moon, and Venus in Pisces transit your solar 4 th house of endings this month; bring a significant change to your current circumstances. A new job, a big move, new relationships, letting go of old worn out relationships and circumstances are all favored.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21): With Saturn the ruler of your sign in your solar 7 th house of relationships going direct, it's time to let go. Let go of friendships that drain your vitality, people who make demands on your time, and otherwise negative relationships. Saturn here indicates friendships and relationships that you have outgrown, people who are somehow beneath you, and situations that keep you tied to the past. Where one door closes, another opens.


Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): The New Moon in Pisces your solar 2 nd house of money

Along with the Sun and Venus indicates a windfall coming your way! Use the money wisely as the universe is demanding you pay off old debts. You can't move into the future with debts from your past haunting you! Many Aquarians will find new employment this month that requires training or travel! Love is found on vacation on or near water during pleasurable activities.


Pisces: (Feb 19-Mar 21): Get ready for some surprising events this month. With the planet in Uranus in your sign, the abrupt changes of the recent years can leave a poor Pisces feeling well…estranged from everything tried and true. Hopefully, you've done your work and eliminated the baggage from your life; if so a nice surprise awaits you when you least expect it. For some the New Moon brings a new lover. For others the New Moon brings answers to personal prayers and for yet other Pisces, a boost to your self confidence as those around you, friends and family alike support you in all ways!


Pisces Year Ahead



Happy Birthday Pisces! As your birthday year begins your ruling planet Neptune transits your 12 th house. Not a problem for your sign though, as your sign rules the 12 house; making you attuned to its subtle, sometimes fearful energy. Neptune here could refine your highly intuitive nature. Making you act more on instinct, and sometimes, giving you a great deal of protective insights. The 12 th house rules prayer, so many of you will have extraordinary powers of prayer and faith, and even experience some miracles! We also find travel to foreign countries in the 12 th house experience , so many of you may win trips, cruises and travel unexpectedly to exotic wonderful places! The 12th house is a karmic house so your life right now and for a few years to come is about past life cycles! The people, situations and circumstances of your life are all from past lives! Not always a bad thing though as our souls find a certain comfort in the familiar past. The planet Jupiter transits your solar 8 th house also, another karmic house indicating issues about joint matters, jealousy, money, credit, and banks. Avoid problems with each but remember, Jupiter's benevolent kindness makes all lessons easier and even pleasing to go through. Face your problems squarely in these matters and you will be confronted with helpful, loving souls along the way ready to understand and offer help. Saturn the karmic planet transits another water sign Cancer. This is your solar 5th house of love, romance, character, and children. Saturn is urging us to walk away from difficult, even traumatic relationships that are hindering our development. Where one door closes another will open! For Pisces this should be a year where facing our challenges is easier. There are supportive loving people all around you ready to help!

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