May's Planets & You

As we begin the month of May the new Moon is in the sign of Taurus on May 8 th , and the Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius on May 23 rd . As the planet Mars transits the sign of Pisces it will conjoin the planet Uranus also transiting the sign of Pisces, on May 15 th . In and of itself it speaks about alcohol, drugs and accidents…do not drink and drive that weekend. Be more alert to weird people who could turn explosive. Avoid extreme behavior and extremists! As Venus the plante of Love enters the sign of Gemini attraction on all levels gets a boast! Flirtations and infatuations develop quickly and you could find yourself in love with love! Towards the end of May though, Venus and Mars form a Mutable T-square with Pluto through June 3 rd . Our light mood changes to suspiciousness. This is also another potentially explosive planetary combination in which we may find ourselves locked into a power struggle with someone with no way out. Avoid this no win situation and prepare yourself that week (May 29-June 3) to just keep out of the mix with volatile types….especially in the workplace with female coworkers. Keep to yourself and do not gossip! To find out if there's love in your future

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Changing your Life! Part 3


With Saturn now fully direct and inching through the sign of Cancer…we are all still struggling with ending situations in our life that are both emotionally and spiritually draining. Saturn in the sign of Cancer (which is the natural 4 th house of the zodiac) is the house of beginnings and endings in all matters, for everyone. No one is exempt. No one gets left out of this transit! It represents the starting and ending of important life cycles, which we will all experience for good or bad. For this reason many of you will experience huge changes in your life that ultimately lead to a new cycle in your life. It's important then to surround yourself with only caring, warm, loving and nurturing souls, and instead of those who are somehow overwhelming and draining to you. How do you know when a person is draining your energy? Any encounter with a person that leaves you feeling sad, down, or not good about yourself is a draining encounter, especially if it happens continually with the same person. If on the other hand you feel happy and good about yourself it's a good encounter.

That way you ensure that as Saturn finishes its transit through the sign of Cancer you begin a new cycle of fresh pure energy, and along with that the people and circumstances necessary for your soul's development and for your happiness will follow. If you do not take the initiative to positively change your life, under Saturn's transit you could suffer emotionally. It will be harder for you to begin a new cycle if you cling to people and things you know aren't good for you. In some instances Saturn's transit can end an undesirable circumstance for you. If you find yourself in a situation that is not going anywhere chances are that it will end by the end of Saturn's transit. Long term it will turn out to be the right thing.





May's Horoscopes!



Aries (March 21-April 20): be wary of get rich quick schemes. Someone may see you as an easy target for money. No matter how good a deal sounds or how wonderful something seems do your homework. Do not make snap decisions. Neither a borrower nor lender be this month. The new Moon in your solar 2 nd house of money, suggests that early in the month a friend or lover could ask you for a loan. The upside of this month's planet for you is that many of you could find yourselves madly in love. Caution is advised and you should concentrate on slowing the pace!


Taurus ( April 21-May 21): The New Moon in your sign this month suggests the focus is on you and new beginnings. Start a new job, new career, a new relationship or move! This New Moon gives you the ability to dream big. Think positively, be positive because the potentially negative side of the new Moon is that you could be too gullible and get taken advantage of, or too negative and not be taken seriously by anyone! Avoid gossip as it could get back to someone and cause an embarrassment for you! Do not rely on friends this month as their focus is elsewhere!


Gemini (May 22-June 21): Relax, and use this month's energy to focus on finishing projects, and jobs you may have already started. This month may not lend itself so easily to new beginnings and starting fresh. Don't let things just hang, get in there and finish what you start! May's New Moon energy is great for being by yourself to re-charge your batteries and doing all the activities you would do alone. Meditate, pray, plan for your future, read a book, sit on a beach or just in a park. Just avoid getting overwhelmed by others pulling at you and making unwanted demands on your time. Many of you will need a vacation to get excited about life again!


Cancer ( June 22-July 22): As hard as it may be for you to admit it, some of your friends, family, or coworkers are not really there for you when you need help. With Saturn in your solar 1 st house for the past 2 years, you may have begun to realize how much of a nurturer and a giver you are. People who have grown to be dependent on you will just have to get along on their own. It's time to begin to cut the cords and bonds with freeloaders! Not to fear though, by letting go of negative people, they will be replaced with warm loving devoted people…where one door closes another opens.


Leo (July 23-August 22): You must begin to question if you have trusted in or confided in the wrong person, or people. Saturn transiting your solar 12 th house of karma, suffering and self undoing has made you pay dearly for your own faults and mistakes. In the past you could have been lead astray by others, gotten into debt trying to impress others or taken bad advice from others. As Saturn begins its transit through your sign in July it's a good time to take stock of your past mistakes, grow, and learn from them in order not to make the same mistakes over and over. A new cycle is on the horizon, and it's really important that you start with a clean slate! Rely on your own intuition not on what anyone else thinks you should do.


Virgo (August 23-Sept 23): long standing or long term situations and circumstances are under going slow but, dramatic changes in your life. Whatever is good and meaningful will stay, whatever you have out grown will leave. Be careful of a situation at work where you think you are doing the right thing and someone tries to make you into a villain for doing what is morally right. You may be inclined to stick up for the underdog, not participating in character assassination of another individual, or even show compassion to someone others at work hate. A conflict of good character values at work dominates this month. A 9-5 work relationship becomes more than business as usual, love at work perhaps?


Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23): If you and your lover, husband, or significant other have become distant in recent months, a wake up call is in the works. Do not take your significant other for granted or you will be in for quite a surprise. Work harder to keep the flames of the relationship glowing or his/her attention could drift to another more attentive lover! If on the other hand, you are left alone too often while your significant other makes their way in the world…love will come knocking unexpectedly at your door too. Use your influence and social power at work or within the family positively. Avoid making anyone an outcast!


Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22): Your influence is spreading far and wide. So much so that many of you could publish a book or teach. It may be surprising to you that so many people want to hear what you have to say, even be lead or taught by you. As your own horizons are expanding, you may find yourself especially intrigued with another culture, religion, or distant place. Some of you could even think or fantasize about moving to another country. It's an exciting time for and fame and fortune could be on the road ahead of you!


Sagittarius (Nov 23- Dec 21): be careful making deals and entering into any implied agreements personal or business. If a pattern of giving too much has been established you may begin to feel used and your expectations will not be met. This could lead you to withdraw your affections, from a relationship, or your support from co-workers and family members not giving anything back. If in your mind you have been deliberately giving in order to receive something back…you may be sorely disappointed. It will be come very clear to you this month that everything has a price, emotions, sex, and sometimes love!


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20): Saturn your ruling planet is now moving forward in your opposing sign of Cancer your solar 7 th house of relationships. This could mean that someone from your past… a lover, a friend, an estranged family member, even an enemy is wishing to speak to you and rekindle ties.. This opportunity to revisit a past relationship that ended badly is probably not a good idea. It is probably better to let it go and not rekindle past struggles and open yourself to someone who has hurt you in the past. This month could be a turning point in your love life, infatuations, flirtations, and love affairs flourish! You may finally meet someone you'll fall in love with.


Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19): Guard your heart and your emotions, as the next few months could be different than any months of the entire year! For single water bearers a very intense love relationship could begin. Take care to slow the potential relationship down as the attraction level could be off the Richter ! If the relationship goes too fast too soon…it won't have a good chance in the long run. If you cherish and let it develop slowly it will have a better chance of turning onto something long lasting! For those of you already in a relationship, give your mate or partner more attention, or he/she will get it from somewhere else!


Pisces: (Feb 20-Mar 20): Be especially cautious with your words this month. Do not to gossip about others, and be wary of gossip that comes to you. Someone may try to get you to say something in an effort to stir up trouble. If you keep your eyes and ears open you will be privy to some information that will help you in the future. Secrets will be revealed this month, so watch those close to you that you don't trust! Watch the road when traveling as your attention may suffer if you feel overwhelmed. Find a creative element in which to express you.


Taurus Year Ahead

Happy Birthday Taurus! As your birthday year begins Jupiter your co-ruling planet is in the sign of Libra making your job and work environment happy and balanced. This could also be why many of you could find love at or around your job. A coworker, a client, or just someone working in the same building, are all potential candidates for love relationships this year. If you are looking for a new job, or a 2 nd job it shouldn't be difficult to find. You'll have lots of responsibility on your shoulders this year; some could find themselves in a managerial position or position of authority. With Jupiter transiting your solar 6 th house you will get credit where credits due and for a job well done. Work experience and what you have learned on the job will definitely aid you in a new job, a promotion, and or raise. It will be hard to get anyone not to like you at work this year. If you are in a bad work situation wait a little bit and over the summer the situation should improve!

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