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Now What's ahead for Donald Rumsfeld?

by Terry Nazon, Astrologer

If ever there was a person who really took the fall for everything that went wrong in Iraq, it's Donald Rumsfeld. His chart is clearly at odds with President Bush's and I don't think either in is happy with his resignation. With his popularity severely damaged what could possibly be in his future? He is still very optimistic that he is going to find success in the business world, yet, he could feel that he took the blame for the war in Iraq for the Bush administration and was used as a sort of scape goat. Donald Rumsfeld will most likely lay low during throughout the next 8 months. Working as a private consultant, and using his business connections. The real news is that when all is said and done he is an ambitious and proud man who will not settle being the scape goat for everyone. I think we can expect a tell all book about President Bush, and the president's antics. He is probably secretly negotiating the deal right now!



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