Aquarius Year Ahead


AquariusYear Ahead 2006 Horoscope

By Terry Nazon

As Saturn & Uranus transit the heavenly skies in an inconjunct aspect, they continue the cosmic squeeze through the 1 st half of 2006. The inconjunct aspect is related to the sign of Virgo, a slave, master aspect, if you will. At times, you will have to just accept circumstances as they are, giving little resistance. It will pass! The aspect will provide ample opportunities for everyone to show off their strengths and real abilities when others can't or won't. Jupiter provides an element of luck to those not easily shaken, who stick in there when the going gets a little rough. Be strong and this could be your year! A great motto for this year is “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” 2006 will be a year when personal strength, persistence and ingenuity prevail, and are rewarded!


Sun Sign Year Ahead Forecast 2006

Aries: (Mar. 20-Apr.19) 2006 dangles the ultimate golden ring in front of you. Faced with the possibility of really making it big, people close to you will fear your ruthless ambitions. A white knight in shining armor pursues you, and a pot of gold awaits you. Some people close to you will suggest you are ruthless in your attempts to succeed…both in love and money!

Taurus: (Apr. 19-May 20) it won't be easy to blend the old with the new! As your life takes a new direction, new relationships and chosen creative endeavors have the “old school” wondering what you are up to! Last years attempt at a moderate rebellion was just a teaser. 2006 is your year to assert yourself with new eccentric friendships and off beat love interests that you may hesitate to bring home to meet the family, and take to church on Sunday!.

Gemini: (May 20-Jun. 21) in 2006 your timing and delivery of words is impeccable, and you will have the gift of gab and influence many. Keep focused, and choose your topic of discussion. You'll be like a preacher at the podium. Take more time for your personal life or your ultimate challenge will be convincing the object of your desires that you are destined soulmates. To everyone else though, you will say and do the right thing at exactly the right time.

Cancer: (Jun. 21-Jul. 22) 2006 is your year for 2 nd chances. Whatever you hastily walked away from in 2005 it could be yours again if you want it. The challenge for you is to move on. Cancer is a sign never likes to let go of people, and objects. After a little reminiscing you'll be tempted to live your past life, but, the future is very enticing and, it looks like you will move on to new experiences and new people!

Leo: (Jul. 22-Aug. 23) in 2006 it's all about getting ahead! Leo will do and say whatever it takes to succeed this year. Determined not to be overlooked, or passed up again you will do what it takes to get that new job, promotion, or pay raise. You will be determined that no one gets in your way. Be prepared to take a leadership role this year, and the responsibilities that go along with it! It could be lonely at the top!

Virgo: (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) 2006 finds you deeply entrenched in a real life complicated relationship. Virgo is actually a very romantic sign and this year your dreams of that special romantic encounter are fulfilled! All relationships have that “fated” feel to them this year. You may fall into the role of savior to your significant other, and lose yourself completely! Careful though there could be strings attached!

Libra: (Sep.22-Oct. 23) for gentle Libra, 2006 has you more determined than ever to get your fair share and what you feel is rightfully yours. Libran diplomacy won't work this year. You are on a mission and your refusal to be passed up when the dollars are handed out will win you respect from those in high positions. With Jupiter on your side this year you succeed in acquiring money, and possibly acquiring someone with money!

Scorpio: (Oct. 23-Nov.22) 2006 is your year for romance. Your charisma and sex appeal will be at an all time high! As you enjoy all the attention you are getting from the opposite sex it could be easy to forget your responsibilities and make a serious error in judgment with your career and your reputation. Keep your feet on the ground, and avoid a tempting encounter that if made public would cause embarrassment.

Sagittarius: (Nov.22-Dec. 21) While everyone else battles it out around you, you may choose to tune out! Sagittarius may decide to head for quieter grounds. You will be determined to have a great time in the midst of others mayhem, and enjoy the fruits of your labors in 2006. You may find yourself off on a fabulous foreign adventure, or relaxing on a remote beach! Go ahead and be daring, your ruling planet Jupiter guards over you and your bungee cord!

Capricorn: Dec. 21-Jan. 20) Dream Big in 2006! With a little help from influential people, and partners who want to help you succeed, and a little refining of your plans your dreams can come true. A twist of fate in your favor has a far fetched plan becoming reality. Don't listen to those who suggest your dreams can't come true. You are the mythical water goat, who makes things materialize!

Aquarius: (Jan 20-Feb. 18) in 2006 you have real star quality. As you attract new relationships and interesting friendships that reflect your new found interests, you have little time or patience for anyone who wants to dominate your time and who is an ego maniac. Your friendships and relationships have that fated quality about them this year!

Pisces: (Feb. 18-Mar.20) 2006 a Lucky Year! You are definitely due for a change in luck. Jupiter shines down cosmically on your sign and bails you out of any sticky situations. Be careful with friendships and take care to sort out any bad vibes that develop. The friends you have and make now could be around for years!

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