Moon through the Signs


The Full Moon in TaurusNov. 5 2006

Aries: the FullMoon in Libra your solar 7thHouse of marriage, significant relationships, and even business. Begin all new business projects, as your popularity increases get out and seek all new partnerships, business and personal.

Taurus: the Full Moon in Libra, your solar 6thHouse of work, employment, employees and health, indicates this is a good time to start a new job, take on a maid, clean the house and eat better!

Gemini: The New Moon In Libra, your solar 5thHouse of love and romance, creativity and luck. This is a great time to get your children involved in new activities and sports, start a hobbies, or creative project, at least you'll be assured of finishing it, and date someone new and charming!

Cancer:The New Moon In Libra, your solar 4thHouse of home, family, and self support. This is a great time for Cancer to make the peace with family members, start a family of their own, buy a home, move and declare their financial independence!

Leo:The New Moon In Libra, your solar 3rd house of communications indicates you are supercharged to buy a new vehicle, communicate with charm and ease, have fun talking on the phone, or meet a new love interest via the phone, or internet!

Virgo:The New Moon In Libra, your solar 2ndHouse of money indicates that the energy is available to you to purchase something you've wanted for a while, indulge yourself, receive gifts for admirers, and profit from your significant other!

Libra:The New Moon In Libra, your solar 1st house of personality, self assertion and physical appearance could increase your beauty, and charm and make you very attractive to the opposite sex. It's a good time to make get your hair styled, be charming and buy new clothes.

Scorpio:The New Moon In Libra, your solar 12thHouse of secrets, endings, past life karma, self analysis, and faith. You get a little glimpse into what motivates your fears. This is an excellent cycle for you to meditate, and gleam a little insight into your deeper or higher self. Need an answer to your prayers, well, this is a great time to get a miracle!

Sagittarius:The New Moon In Libra, your solar 11thHouse of of friends , mentors, consultants, and hopes and fears for the future. make a one year plan of action and write down everything you would like to accomplish, you just might do it all!

Capricorn: The New Moon In Libra, your solar 10thHouse of career, reputation, fame and fortune and prestige, suggests you make every effort to "sell yourself". Don't hide your light under a bush, this is the time of the year when everyone has to know how great you are. Be bold, and unabashedly proud!

Aquarius:The New Moon In Libra, in your solar 9thHouse of higher education, testing, licensing and religion suggests you put forth effort in going back to school, taking a hard exam for licensing or to get into a new school, learn about another religion or culture and become more aware of cultural and ethnic differences.

Pisces The New Moon In Libra, your solar 8thHouse of rejuvenation, death and rebirth , and inheritance, suggests you make peace with anyone who could look out for your well being. Libra is the sign that rules, peace making and in the 8thHouse of inheritances make peace with relatives!

The New Moon Eclipse in Virgo Sept. 22, 2006

Aries: The New Moon eclipse in your solar 6thHouse of work, responsibility and diet, foretells of a new job, raise or promotion. This is a great time to begin a diet, exercise program, or get a medical check up.

Taurus: The New Moon eclipse in Virgo in your solar 5thHouse of love and romance could be a boon for your love life. Expect to find the perfect love interest! Married couples can easily conceive under this New Moon eclipse. This New Moon eclipse will bring good times and happiness into your life.

Gemini: The New Moon eclipse occurs in your solar 4thHouse of family, subconscious motivations, and property matters. Looking for a home, planning to move, or buying new furniture? This New Moon cycle brings major home repairs, changes and renovations. If any thing needs repair around the home it is easily done now. Housework and organization will be on your agenda. Some Gemini's may be looking to work from home.

Cancer: the New Moon in Pisces your solar 3rd house of communications, contracts, thinking and short drives, could clear your thinking and all of sudden the light bulb goes off and you see things clearly. Something will sense to you that you couldn't understand before.

Leo: the New Moon eclipse in Virgo, your solar 2ndHouse of money and personal assets. This New moon eclipse will bring new streams of income to you. New resources come suddenly and unexpectedly. Your dearest hopes and dreams can now be realized.

Virgo: The New Moon eclipse in your solar 1st house of personality, self assertiveness and personal appearance could have you

Libra: The New Moon eclipse in Virgo your solar 12thHouse of secrets, sorrows, fears and endings. You'll easily recover from any bad vibes or sadness that you may be experiencing from all the changes in your life right now. Many of should find this an excellent time for rest, relaxation and vacations!

Scorpio: The New Moon eclipse in Virgo in your solar 11thHouse of hopes, dreams, friendships, group affiliations, mentors, and influential people could have you hob knobbing with all the right people. Expect to be the "it" person that everyone wants to get to know.

Sagittarius: The New Moon eclipse in Virgo your solar 10thHouse of career, power, reputation and falls from grace saves you from yet another calamity! Anything that happens to you now will turn out great. Even bad luck will be good luck for you. Expect meteoric rises to glory, fame and fortune!

The Full Moon eclipse occurs in your solar 4thHouse of family, subconscious motivations, and property matters. your reactions to little inconsequential things could be considered an over reaction. you may be reacting from a gut level. Expect mechanical break downs and delays in property matters.

Capricorn: the New Moon eclipse in Virgo your solar 9thHouse of high learning legalities, education, settlements suggests these matters go significantly better than expected. Expect the unexpected, news surprises and the unpredictable. It could mean the luck of the irish will be with you!

Aquarius:the New Moon eclipse in Virgo, your solar 8thHouse of joint finances could highlight some unethical or suspicious activities. Guard your identity, as identity theft is an 8thHouse matter, be on your guard for excessive illegal bulling from collection agencies or bill collector. No one will get anything past you now!

Pisces: The New Moon Eclipse in Virgo your solar 7thHouse of relationships and marriage will bring a new found bliss to your personal relationships. Expect to forge new friendships and relationships. Marriage could be in the future of many fishes!


The Moon through the Signs


The Moon changes signs approximately every 3 days. It rules our emotional make up and to some extent our very first experiences at being nurtured, and mothered. As we grow older however, the Moon begins to influence such things as our ability to handle our immediate needs and sustain ourselves. The ability to pay your rent, buy food for yourself is directly related to our very first experiences or our early experiences. As human beings though, we have the distinct ability to grow, learn and change. You are never locked into your past.

Each new Moon provides us with a unique energy to start over, renew and redirect our desires outward. Many cultures and civilizations have celebrated and continue to celebrate the New Moon with the lighting of candles,saying blessings, and reciting prayers. During the cycle of the new Moon you too can direct your prayers, thoughts and intentions towards God,and the heavens and participate in, and directly interact with the new energy that is available to you every month to console your soul and spirit with renewal.

Moon in Aries: Fiery emotional nature describes those with the Moon in Aries. Independent, strong and in some ways controversial, because of a strong emotional need to make their own way

When the Moon is in Aries this indicates a good time to strike out on your own. Beginning new ventures or activities, even moving to a new location can be started under a Moon in Aries. It is an excellent time to break down resistance and fears either with yourself or others.

Moon in Taurus: The Moon is in the place of it's exaltation here. Here the Moon is determined and will not have efforts or desires thwarted by anyone. the Nature of the Moon in Taurus is conservative, directed and resistant to outside influences for change. Tends towards and favors the acquisition of friends, possessions, property, houses, and lands. Good judgment is favored and gains through the opposite sex.

Moon in Gemini: This is a warm hearted placement for the Moon, sympathetic, humane, agreeable, and receptive. Activity is favored during these Moon periods, as well as, versatility, openness to ingenious ideas ,and creative thoughts. This Moon cycle favors responsiveness to new ideas. There is a dislike of arguing, and an avoidance of embarrassing or difficult positions.

Moon in Cancer: This is the Home placement for the Moon. Moon in Cancer is drawn to home, family and domestic environments. Although changeable, there is a kindness here, that draws upon it's surroundings almost psychically. This placement heightens the intuitive faculties.

Moon in Leo: Ambitious, confident, self reliant, loyal, stubborn yet generous in matters of finance. This Moon placement favors leadership, popularity, sincere love and places a person in many positions of trust. According to the Sefer Yetzirah or kabbalistic astrology the energy available to us helps us to rectify our soul and possible meet a soul mate.

Moon in Virgo:  great mental capacity, with a love of reading and learning. Here too we find psychic abilities as well as psychometric tendencies. More reserved than when the Moon is in other signs, still many friends and makes a good servant or worker.

Moon in Libra: This placement of the Moon favors Unions, partnerships, and marriages. pleasurable activities are favored here, and enjoying the company of young people. Affectionate, good natured, agreeable, and inclined towards an early marriage and love life. Fondness of luxury is found here.

Moon in Scorpio: Here the Moon is in it's Fall. Vigorous activity is favored here and the person tends to push themselves to the limit. Determined to succeed, and confident enough to achieve goals and desires. Has a desire to satisfy their unusual tastes, Sarcastic and caustic in nature.

Moon in Sagittarius:generosity of spirit, benevolent, humanitarian, kind and good natured. Bounces back from any adversity and can always see the good side of any matter. Quick, restless, and unsettled, this Moon sign, loves to travel and is cannot sit still. Stomps the feet like a horse does!

Moon in Capricorn: Here the Moon is in it's detriment. This Moon placement brings public notoriety and acclaim, even fame and fortune. Attracts positions of prominence. Conservative approach to the public, finances and prudence in money matters.

Moon in Aquarius:  The moon placement here gives a detachment to the emotional nature. Deep emotional connections can frighten if not scare you. The nurturing you felt as a child carries on into adulthood. Your mother could have had allot of pizzazz and star qualities which might put her in demand by others, leaving you feeling a bit neglected. As you grow into adulthood you don't cling, and expect closeness, just congenial feelings. Your friends are your family and you make a great friend.

The New Moon in Aquarius coincides with many cultural holidays. The Chinese New Year, and the jewish holiday of the planting of the trees. The sign of Aquarius brings about new beginnings, and dynamically so. The New Moon in Aquarius is great time to initiate dramatic changes, sudden moves, and a time to finally resolve long standing problems and situations. Spend time with friends, join group activities, and re-initiate broken love affairs and stalled friendships. It's a time of getting together as much as a time of separation!

Moon in Pisces: Shy and retiring, with a fondness for luxury beauty and change. There can be misfortunes when the Moon is in Pisces, which can make one feel very disillusioned and self indulgent.



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