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Economics 2017 

The loose cardinal T-square with the planet Jupiter in Libra, squaring Pluto on March 30th and August 4th and Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus Sept. 28th, is very competitive to say the least.  In 2017 if you’re not jumping right in move aside, because you’re behind.  You’ll need your thick skin too, because this cardinal T-square reminds us all about the Uranus-Pluto squares of the last few years.  There’s tenseness but we can cope.  It puts stress on the housing markets, the banks and interest rates.  

The planets Uranus in Aries - Neptune in Pisces are semi-square on and off all year which may influence technology, diseases, and bugs, yes bugs.  Computer hacking pushes forward more innovations as countries and governments strive to catch up with the hacker’s skills and knowledge. Perhaps new innovations have to be put in place and new computer techniques will be forced upon us.  Maybe Russia has set themselves up as the new global place for technology.  There’s always this strange place where science and new technologies actually have their birth or growth from the “bad” people, mad scientists, or hackers who in their own way let us know where the holes are and what needs to be fixed.  It’s a weird symbiotic relationship that forces growth through coping with a problem.  This semi-square all between Uranus and Pisces just starts to make us feel vaguely uncomfortable like a mosquito bite.  And, like mosquitos, this aspect is also the morphing of cells, infectious diseases, bugs and new levels of resistances.  This aspect also has an influence on the price of oil and emerging technologies like, solar or wind power.   There can be a resistance to these emerging technologies over the next 4 years, if fortunes are being made off of the publics consumption of crude.

There’s always a money crunch when Venus retrogrades as it does in 2017.  From March 4, 2017 until 4/15/2017 Venus retrogrades in Aries at 13° and goes direct in Pisces at 26° where the planet Saturn transits too.  So, we could see dollar values fluctuate.

The good news if you’re looking to invest might be the Stock market and in foreign companies, as the planet Saturn trines the planet Uranus on and off all year.  The Lunar North Node enters 29° Leo ruler of the stock markets, and gold and the Lunar South Node enters 29° Aquarius ruler of sudden big wins.  They say you need a fluctuating market to make money.  Well, in 2017 you got just that!


  The Mayan Prophecy of 2012
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2015) 

Chitzen Itza by Terry Nazon (C) 2008

"We found a large number of books in these hieroglyphs and as they contained nothing in which there were not to be seen superstition, and lies of the devil, we burned them all, which they regretted to an amazing degree, and which caused them much affliction."

Diego de Landa, the first Bishop of the Yucatan shortly after the spanish Conquest

"There used to exist some books of leaves, bound or folded after a fashion, in which the learned indians kept the distribution of their times and the knowledge of plants, animals, and other things of nature and ancient customs, in a way of great neatness and carefulness. It appeared to a teacher of doctrine that all this must be to make witchcraft and magic art, he contended that they should be burned and those books were burned and afterwards not only the indians but many eager spaniards who desired to know the secrets of that land felt badly."

Juan de Acosta, Chronicler 1590

The ancient Maya were obsessed with watching the stars and making astrological predictions. Each night the astrologers would go on the roofs at midnight, and through 2 crossed sticks X make their calculations. This symbol "X " is found on many ancient Mayan buildings still, denoting places where the astrologers would go to watch the stars at night or early morning. The Mayan astrologers predicted the end to civilization as we know it in 2012, and their calendar actually ends on Dec. 21, 2012! According to others it's Dec. 8, 2012. Unfortunately there is very little that has survived to tell us what this means. We know it has happened before in their Calendar long count on Aug. 12, 3114 B.C. Astronomers found no momentous celestial event that occurred then, except the Sun passing the zenith in the Mayan area. There is little to go on and it is simply that the Mayan Calandar ends. What does that mean to us? With global warming we can already see and feel changes in weather and seasons. The alignments of the planets culminating in 2012, may simply mean the calendar as we know it, ends. The seasons may change, the length of months may change, years may change, and certain planetary cycles like Venus may change. Something new will have to replace the old calefndar.

The Mayans also correctly predicted the end of their own civilization. It ended when the Spanish Conquistadors invaded Mexico and South America, then fought bloody wars, killed or enslaved all the indigenous people. A clash of cultures ensued, and as the story goes the Mayans just disappeared. The Mayans were initially a very spiritual people, whose cities were settled and infiltrated by more warlike peoples. Eventually they gained power and created a warlike state. Through their spiritual rituals they got the spiritual message "sacrifice your Heart and your life" and well, they took it literally. In their use of ritualistic human sacrifice, they became entrenched in self mutilation, worshiping the dead, and all forms of ritualistic sacrifice. The Cenote at Chitzen Itza is full of bodies and gold to prove it! Even hardened 15th century spanish conquistadors who had probably seen alot in their time, were quick to condemn Mayan ritual practices. The battle that brought down Chitzen Itza was started because a spanish conquistor soldier, stopped Mayan priests from brutally ripping the heart from the chest of a child. It is written, "they would grab their victim like jaguars and ripe the heart out of thier chest in a crude and vicious manner." It was probably horrifying to see and watch.

The Mayan civilization gave to the world a sophisticated calendar and astrological system based on a 260 day cycle, a 365 day cycle, and a long count. The 260 day cycle was based on the Cycle of the planet Venus which coincides with the gestation period of a human, which coincides with the days or nights that Venus is visible in the skies. It was also based on the length of time the Sun took to reach it's Zenith in the Southern hemisphere. The 365 day cycle is similar to the gregorian calander, and the long count, based on the beginning of the Mayan civilization. The Mayans considered the 260 day Venus cycle, when Venus was Visible during the day and then during the night to be as important as the 365 cycle. In fact, the day of conception was considered important and note worthy to the Mayans. The three cycles were used together like three wheels and the clogs of the wheels came together during important times and cycles. The Mayan calendar 260 day count called a Tzolkin or "Sacred Calendar". This calendar was intertwined with a 365 day calendar called the "Vague Year". These two cycles where like two cogs until the day they matched up. This day was called "the Great Cycle", a 52 year cycle. By this method they were able to calculate the past cycles and events and future cycles and events.

Looking at the planets in 2012 there is a very special alignment that occurs only every 26,000 years, and the outer planets and Venus will be making transits that in the past have lead to civil unrest. Remember 2012 is a US election year ! Take a look...

  1. On December 21, 2012 The Winter Solstice, the Earth and the Galactic Center align. The Galactic Center is also called the Milky Way. The Mayans called the Milky Way, The Sacred Tree, or the Great Mother. This alignment of the Earth and the Galactic Center only happens once every 26,000 years! The Galactic Center is at approximately 26°-27° Sagittarius.
  2. Uranus squares Pluto at 7° - 8° of cardinal signs. This is the waxing square of the cycle that started in the mid 1960s, with the conjunction of these two planets in mid Virgo. December 21st, 2012 A.D., represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree, or the Great Mother. This is an event that has been coming to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution at exactly 11:11 am GMT.
  3. March 16th 2012, A lunar occultation of Pluto occurs today. This is the first anywhere on Earth since January 19th 1935. They will occur every month now from today upto August 17th 2013.
  4. May 11th 2012 Saturn conjunct Spica (2nd time)
  5. May 20th 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Gemini. Central eclipse 23:53 GMT. Eclipse visible from southern USA, central America, central equatorial south America and Africa.
  6. June 4th 2012 Partial lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Sagittarius. Central eclipse 12:03 GMT
  7. June 6th 2012 Transit of Venus across the disc of the Sun.
  8. June 11th 2012 Jupiter enters Gemini.
  9. July 15th 2012 Lunar grazing occultation of Jupiter (visible from the UK with a clear horizon ) 02-00 GMT.
  10. Aug 14th 2012 Mars and Saturn conjunct Spica
  11. August 22nd 2012 The Moon, Mars, and Saturn are conjunct Spica.
  12. October 5th 2012 Saturn enters Scorpio.
  13. November 13th 2012 Total Solar Eclipse at 22 degrees Scorpio 22-12 GMT visible from north-eastern Australia.
  14. November 14th 2012 The Moon occults Mercury (daylight occultation visible from the UK with a telescope) .
  15. November 28th 2012 Penumbral lunar eclipse 7 degrees Gemini. Central eclipse 15:33 GMT
  16. Uranus will enter Aries in 2011. The last time Uranus transited Aries was in 1927-1935 which we all know as The Great Depression.
  17. Neptune will enter Pisces its own sign in 2011. The last time this occured was 1847-1862 where it last transited during the time of the French Revolution.
  18. Pluto has entered Capricorn, well, the last time Pluto entered Capricorn was 1762-1777 the American Colonial Revolution.
  19. Venus will make a rare planetary loop above the Orion star system, a rare planetary passage over the disk of the Sun on June 6,2012.
  20. We will be in an 11 year Sun Spot Cycle that is known to make us less compliant and more reactive over the slightest provocation.

We traditionally associate the planet Venus with love, marriage, harmony, beauty and luxury. As the closest planet to earth, Venus has a unique astronomical relationship with our planet. It might be seen as an extraordinary piece of cosmic synchronicity, that every eight years Venus returns to an almost exact position in the sky that it was eight years previously, having performed the pattern of a 5-petalled rose, in its apparent orbit when viewed from the geocentric position. Venus traces a pentagon shape in the sky over ten meetings with the Sun. Five of those conjunctions occur at Venus's nearest approach to the Earth, when the Earth and Venus 'kiss' to form another petal of the rose. Venus is the only planet that rotates on its axis, but each time this 'kiss' happens, Venus presents the same face or the same side of the planet, to the Earth. What is created is a beautiful Mandela, a protective pentagon. The Mayans were well aware of the orbit of Venus and incorporated it into their astrological system.

All these are guideposts to what's ahead. It's an increasing of awareness as to what's going on, who has power over us and what are they doing with that power. It's a revolt against the misuse and abuse of control, corruption and power across the board.
It's time to start thinking ahead as 2012 is only 3-4 years away! You were born for this moment in time!

The Question still remains what does it mean? There are many theories from the devastation of the Earth in a massive Magnetic reversal, making the North Pole the South Pole and killing every living thing on planet Earth. To a joyous reconnection or ecstasy to our higher selves. Where our true natures as divine beings are revealed. Having given over so much our divine power over to government and authority figures for so long, we will reclaim our intrinsic divinity and have no need for authority or government. With very few books surviving the we have only a few books from the Yucatan Pennisula called the Chilam Balam, and they contain only a vague reference to 2012. In this book it says that there will be successive periods each measuring 7,200 days (less than 20 years) leading up to 2012. It says; "#4 Ahaw K'atun is the 11th K'atun according to the count, and Chitzen Itza is the seating of the count. The settlement of the Itzas comes." Itza, in the Mayan language translates to itz, meaning "magic," and (h)á, meaning "water. Itzá in Spanish is often translated as "Brujas del Agua, or Witches of Water" but a more precise translation would be Magicians of Water. the former name of Chitzen Itza was "Seven Bushes," "Seven Great Houses," or "Seven Lines of Abnal." On my tour of Chitzen Itza, I was told that the name meant " Dwelling of the Wizards by the water". The Book Chilam Balam goes on to say, "The Quetzal comes, the green bird comes. He of the yellow tree comes. Blood vomit comes. Inscriptions suggest that the Sacred Tree, or the Great Mother Comes. The transforming, regenerative, feathered Serpent, K'uh'ulkan shall come". The 4th K'atun vaguely resembles the time when the conquistadors came to the Yucatan and brought their many diseases. War leading to a renewal will come. Only very small references to 2012, are actually written down as so much of their written books were destroyed in an effort to purge the Mayans of their religious practices.

We have lived through similar harmonic convergences. In August 16 -17 1987, the last Harmonic Convergence ushered in the New Age movement as we know it today. Similarly we saw the financial markets fall in what is now referred to as Black Monday. Once again we find that the economic factors are similar and many financial professionals as well as Astrologers and futurist can easily see world financial markets plummeting once again. This cycle though has already begun. 2012 is just the culmination of a great cycle that we are approaching very quickly. It gets another boost August 16, 2008 with the Full Moon Eclipse in August. When Mars in Virgo will make aspects to retrograde Uranus and retrograde Pluto.

Since the Mayans were very spiritual and were keenly aware of altered states of conciousness, the 2012 prophecy could suggest that we will be open to inspiration, dreams and listening to our higher selves. When I went to Chitzen Itza, I wanted to know what the prophecy meant, and I found myself in a difficult situation that many before me have found themselves, I was detained, not arrested, detained for money. However, it was a sureal dream like expereince. I was always tuned into another source of power and sustanance. The messages were clear and the people around me were calm and protective of me. Everything was taken care of. It didn't amtter that there were bad people around me, who did threaten me, there were more good people around me, so the ultimate message is don't panic. Rely on a higher enrrgy and listen to the messages that come and know that you and I will be taken care of. Be open to submitting your will, and being taken care of by a higher power. More importantly relax and know that it will be a good expereince.

The Galactic Center at 27* Sagittarius The Center of our Milky Way

The Galactice Center

Let me introduce you to the Galactic Center of our universe, the Milky Way 27° Sagittarius. This is where all the creative energy of universe comes from. A Massive black hole, many times larger than our own Sun. Looking at your Natal Birth Chart What Planets do you have in your chart at 27° ? If you have planets at 27° , you could be an important player in the next phase of human evolution. Are you ready? Look at your chart, the time is now!

Now the concept of infinity and time has intrigued mathematicians, scientists, physicists and philosophers for eons. It was profound and very spiritual. On the number line with the center being zero, zero is never reached. To think that you can go infinitely in one direction and infinitely in another is not only profound but, it's the truth. If that's the case then, when we die or end, and when we are born and begin, is infinity. It's a continuum of time. Since there is no end on the other side of zero... it is where everything happens, but didn't.
Our Galactic center at 27* Sagittarius is a black Hole...Is this where we find infinity?

During the Solstices the Galactic Center bathes us in energy. Real particle energy! Protons and Neutrons the DNA material that sustains life on Earth.

Cartography  2012 Winter Solsice 2012Chart 2012

Does this mean the end of the world? Probably not. The world will change and this will be the beginning of a new consciousness on the Earth! The Mayans were'nt sea farers, they didn't know much about the world as we know it today. They very accurately predicted the end to their own civilization. So were they actually predicting the end to the world or just another end to civilization as we know it. They saw the sweeping changes that were to come. The Mayans kept many written records, and they were burned by the spanish conquistadors during the mighty battles that raged between them. There remains only one book on astrology by the Mayans, and one inscription that says during this Galactic Alignment of 2012, A God of War or a God of Creativity descends to the Earth. What we do know is that during every one of these transits sweeping social changes and social unrest has occured. Human beings have survived through slavery, conquistadors, pirates, holy roman wars, plagues, and we will survive this too!

Before planning a trip to Mexico please check your country's travel advisories...click here for the US State Dept. Travel Advisory to Mexico

My Chitzen Itza Experience Summer Solstice June 2008

Summer Solstice at the Mayan Ruins is supposed to be quite the spiritual experience, in fact it's supposed to bring a spiritual initiation, going from one realm or level of existence to another. This was the time I chose to go to Chitzen Itza.
The ancient Maya were obsessed with watching the stars and making astrological predictions. I share that obsession with them and perhaps that’s what drew me to visit Chitzen Itza. On the other hand it was time for me to go there. I knew I wouldn't understand the 2012 prophecy if I didn't stand where the Mayans stood and feel their skies above me and their earth beneath me. A few miles away from Chitzen Itza, lay the city of Valladolid, Mexico which was the ancient Mayan city of Zaci, where I was detained after having a minor car accident, after finding out that the car rental agency hadn't paid their insurance premiums for 6 months. I then became the insurance policy. The accident happened near the ancient Mayan Cenote there. The whole city was a Mayan stronghold against the invading Spaniards, who finally defeated the Mayans living there, after many bloody battles. They were defeated in 1590 and the center of the city of Valladolid was built on top of their ancient temples. The stones of their ancient Mayan Temples were used to build their cathedral. The one you see in this picture was built on top of the temple grounds using temple stones. Additionally the spanish homes, and buildings were built with ancient mayan stones some from temples thousands of years old.
It is written in the ancient book Chilam Balam that the Mayan men of Valladolid would take young maidens to the sacred cenote at Chitzen Itza and throw them in; if they surfaced they gave prophecies and were considered prophets. If not the Mayans didn’t think they died. The Cenote at Chitzen Itza was considered so sacred that people from all over the region came there to offer sacrifices. As I walked down the long road to the sacred cenote it was a sad walk, like the walk of death. There was little laughter, even from all the vendors lining the road to the Cenote. Yet there was no indication that we were on sacred ground either. It is marked by a simple wooden sign that simply says cenote and an arrow. Here for hundreds of years, the Mayans made sacrifices of gold, precious stones, and humans, to the Gods that ruled the planets, because they felt their influence over every area of their life. They felt they could appease the planets, not unlike the Hindu view of astrology, with their planetary appropriations. To them the stars were alive and full of energy that was alive and interactive with life on Earth.

I knew the area was full of lower elementals like forest gnomes, because the man in the room next to me kept losing everything. He kept asking me for my business card perhaps for me to prove who I was, or find out who I was, I didn’t have any on me and then he told his wife to give me her business card and as the gnomes would have it, she couldn’t find any! Our guide showed me where the astrologers lived and how each building was for a specific purpose. The Mayans had people to call the winds with a whistle, others to call the rains, healers and of course their astrologers.

Later as I sat by the sacred cenote, it was very peaceful and I felt a presence behind me, I thought maybe a person, no, a huge iguana, walking down the tree, a foot away from me, staring at me, I thought surely he would stop walking, he wouldn’t, I got up! Overall, there was sadness to the land, still embroiled in disputes and lawsuits, with the family that the Mexican government took it from. The saddness was overcoming me so I decided to drive to Ek Balam a newly discovered site that has only been excavated in the last 7 years. The temple there supposedly is much bigger than the one at Chitzen Itza and they think that it’s going to be bigger than Chitzen Itza.
I was asked many times by the people I met, my guards and there were about 40-50 there, if I would ever come back, and sad as it was for all of us, I had to say at that time “No, I wouldn’t”. I know that this ancient land and these people don’t want to be forgotten. They want a voice. They don't want to feel the rest of the world comes and then just leaves. In some ways they are still trapped by their history, and repeat that history all the time. A history of being persecuted on a land that was taken from them enslaved by strangers and held ransom for the gold and treasures the land contained. Both the Mayan blood and the Spanish blood run through their veins. Which makes me ask...” did the Spanish ever apologize to these indigenous people for what they did?” The United States has tried to make amends to our indigenous people and made an attempt to apologize for slavery. The Germans apologized for the Holocaust, as much as they could. Have the Spanish people ever apologized for their atrocities to the Mayans and native South Americans?
After being released on the drive back to Cancun I was struck by the closeness and brightness of the stars and how the cluster of stars known as the Pleiades followed so closely. Being so close to the equator in the southern hemisphere made the stars come alive. I knew that’s what the Mayans saw as they looked up every evening at midnight and made their calculations. The closeness of the stars was magical.

Sun Sign Gift Giving Ideas!

Why should you choose a gift according to someone's Sun Sign? Well, the ruler of the 5th house of real happiness just happens to be the Sun. What really tickles another's heart and makes them really appreciate you is found in their inner most being, their Sun Sign! It's getting closer to Christmas and Hanukah and if you still haven't found the perfect gifts for the special people in your life here's some little suggestions, why not buy a gift according to their zodiac sign? Each zodiac sign has particular interests and inclinations that just might make your gift giving decisions a little easier this holiday season! So if you are puzzled, perplexed and just plain stuck, follow my suggestions and make the special people in your life a little happier this holiday season, by touching their inner selves and their inner most beings, choose your holiday gifts according to their Sun Signs !  

Aries: The favorite color of the Ram is red! Clothing in red or with red details should be simple and quick and easy to put on and take off, no fancy strings and buttons needed here! They also like short cuts and doing things quickly, very quickly. Originally Aries were the warriors of the zodiac and many of them still have a penchant for sharp sword like objects. For the Aries cook I recommend a set of stainless steel knives. For the Aries collector, a collectible sword might be cherished for years to come. Not only does Aries adore sharp objects they like shiny metallic objects. Gifts with mirror décor, or shiny finishes will suit your Aries just fine!

Taurus: This is the sensual sign of the zodiac. Everything with your Taurus in mind should have a fine feel to it. After this rough year Taurus needs to be indulged and pampered. Taurus likes to feel objects with their hands. A massage to soothe the tenseness, or a spa certificate would go over well here.  All clothing choices should be soft and sumptuous like the Microsoft materials, and fleece blankets that are cozy and comfortable. Expensive clothing made of fine silk, or soft and luxurious fabrics will please a Taurus every time. Can't afford silk? That's ok; Taurus also likes old worn out and soft finery. Scarves and shirts made of fleece, or flannel will be just as pleasing. Remember it has to be nice to feel, soft to the touch, calming and pleasing to the fingertips. 

Gemini: Anything that keeps Gemini on the cutting edge of communication will be the perfect gift. Gemini loves not just to learn and know things, Gemini wants to know things first. Having information available and at a Gemini's fingertips will make this sun sign feel more in control. A PDA to store all their important contacts and information will be a great boon for this sign. A subscription to a magazine, newspaper, satellite news station, even satellite radio, just anything that gets information to your Gemini first will be coveted forever! Not looking to spend that much, turn them on to the latest on the internet, a great blog find where they can voice their views teach and learn will get their attention! Gemini's have fast fingers and can do 2 things at one time a computer is a fantastic idea, if they don't have one already! 

Cancer: Those born under the sign of the crab are not only shy and retiring; they're off the Richter Scale with sentimentality! Home holds a special place in their heart. Mom, babies, and family are imprinted on the hearts and souls of all Cancers. A family photo, even a pet photo, as any Cancer will think of their pet as their child. A frame for their photo collection of photos would be appreciated and used! Anything that makes their house a home would be a treasured gift. Cancers have a reputation for not letting go of things. Pac rat's yes, but they prefer to think of themselves as collectors. Find out what your Cancer collects and add to it. They all have collections! Or a set of storage boxes always is a welcome gift item here!

Leo: Leo is the flamboyant sign of the zodiac. It's got to be flashy, Like Boas, rhinestone studded or gold metallic shirts and clothing. This sign probably likes to play dress up and are usually over or under dressed for any occasion, since they like to stand out in a crowd. Leo's have had a pretty rough year, help them to remember their flashier days. Gaudy or items that stand out even items that dress up their fabulous mane of hair will be appreciated by this Sun Sign. Even at home you might find your Leo all decked out! Lingerie will make their bedtime wear as fancy as their daytime time wear. Leo's love fancy hats, hair pieces, hair ornaments. Such as head bands, and barrettes with lots of sequin like jewels. Any headwear reminds them of their prior lifetimes in the royal courts!

Virgo: Many of you already know Virgo's that take to housework like ducks to water, ok once they get started! No other sign in the zodiac has the potential for a cleaner house than Virgo! Anything that makes their house working and cleaning go a little smoother or does the cleaning job a little better, they will love. Like a robotic vacuum cleaner. Fancy brooms, and antimicrobial sponges, even fancy kitchen towels. They hate germs, so cutting edge products and gadgets that kill germs are loved by this Sun Sign. Virgo's are also very hip to personal cleanliness. However, organics is the key word they love, so anything pure and organic will peak their interest. Each and every Virgo is addicted to reading. A book is always a welcome gift item here! Need I say it? Ok, they al think they're sick, a gift basket of pharmaceuticals wouldn't be out of the question.

Libra: Libra is actually a military sign not like Aries though, which is the warrior sign but, the higher echelon of generals and officers. There's always an air of superiority about them. Any type of clothing that looks like a military uniform with crests and badges or pins will certainly please this sign. Can't find military looking clothing? Then, choose something in the color palette of royal to navy blue. The regal allure of those colors please the sensibilities of each Libran. Most individuals born under the sign of Libra have difficult times making decisions, any gadget that they can spin, or turn on and that gives a yes or no answer will be highly treasured, like a lucky 8 ball! Remember though, it must be wrapped and given with an eye towards tastefulness and good manners. Your gift must look good and be pleasing to the eye. They are simple disgusted by anything less than nicely done, not presentable or ugly!

Scorpio: because Scorpio is such a hidden sign, the color most appropriate for them is really black. Scorpio really likes items that look like one thing but, do another. Exercise shirts that actually block out the Sun's harmful rays, or soak up more perspiration than a sponge. Simple black shirts that have become very vogue are well suited for this sun sign. Like their opposing sign Taurus they too enjoy soft textured clothing items, well worn out and supple. Complex directions don't phase this sign and they are well suited to gifts that need assembly, or are difficult to operate. Because Scorpio rules the 8th house some born under this sign would appreciate magic kits, science kits and even card tricks that require slights of hand, or books about the subjects. Anything that is too complex for the rest of us to learn, Scorpio will love!

Sagittarius: if price is no object then take your Sagittarius on a trip. Maybe you could chip in with others and send them on a trip to a far off place! Sagittarius is the sign of the wanderer and being pinned to one place is real torture. Travel books, and DVD's that tour the world are also good replacements for the real thing. Because their ruling planet is Jupiter they are generous and also appreciate generosity in others. An item that they could share or re-gift would by a Sagittarian delight! A donation to a University or religious institution in their name would be welcome too. Big boxes will pique the interest of this sign so whatever you get them put it in a huge box. Large pets like their glyph, the horse would go over well. Can't do a horse this year, then, anything with a horse theme or animal theme would be well liked by this Sun Sign. 

Capricorn: This is the elegant sign of the zodiac understated and modest they are probably prone to liking the color gray in their clothing and outer wear. Because the sign rules the winter months outer wear is very appreciated, scarves, hats and gloves coats, mittens, and booties! Capricorn is the sea goat ever climbing higher, that makes it another sign that likes to get the edge over the competition. A printer or item for their business or gift certificate to an office store would be appreciated here! Understated, and conservative items when they are young, Flamboyant, overstated, and loud colors as they age. This Sun Sign has this reverse aging thing going on. When they are young their tastes are older, more conservative, and understated. As they get older they become young again, and they want to stand out, be looked at and be cool and young again! 

Aquarius: This sun sign gravitates to the color electric blue! Now that manufactures are making everything in colors, make sure that whatever you chose for Aquarius that it's in a color, preferably electric blue! Small electrical items like iPods, telephones, and blackberries that their friends will like too go over well with this group. If you are thinking about shirts, make them long sleeve for Aquarius, and as they are still on the conservative side. Many born under this sign are still conservative dressers, a fall back from when the sign was ruled by Saturn. More than any other sign, this sun sign is not selfish. Gifts that they can share or do with their friends will go over big! Games, Video games with more than 2 handsets, restaurant gift certificates for at least 4 people as they don't like to do anything by themselves! 

 Pisces: This sun sign has a penchant for the color purple. Not a loud purple, just the color of Amethyst which is their favorite stone and because it is so available, might make a nice gift for them. This is a dreamy sign that loves fantasy. A fancy get away to a spa, a pampering message to salon or resort will be a thrilling gift for this sign. This sun sign sometimes feels victimized by life. Encouraging posters, Motivational tapes, books, sayings, pictures, and cards always deeply touches and helps them. This is another sign that loves large animals like horses. If you can't afford one, a gift certificate to the zoo, circus, or just photos of horses will do. 


Astrology According to the Sefer Yetzirah According to the Sefer Yetzirah you exist in a cube. East-West, North-South, and Upper-Lower, here as you see, forming the cube. You are inside the cube, this is your inner life, and outside the cube is your soul, or your higher self that is seeking to connect to you.

Facing East the planet Mars is before you, it's the Future. Mars represents the energy that keeps you desiring something, it keeps you moving and growing. It is the future. The future is a place we can never reach and never get to, or arrive at! It's not an energy that keeps you desiring what someone else has. No, it's the energy that keeps you desiring to accomplish, create and do. It's your future, your very own future.

Behind you and in the West is the life giving Sun, because we cannot look directly at the Sun, it hurts us, it can burn us and because it is made of fire, it can destroy us and fire makes things disappear. Yet it gives us life. The only way to really view the Sun is when it's setting in the West, behind us. The Sun represents the past, it is death, so looking a back to the past is a death like energy that will never allow a new future. We have to remember to align ourselves with the East and to moving in a forward direction of desire and the future. That doesn't suggest that we obliterate our past. We have to incorporate the past into our future without projecting the past onto our future. That doesn't mean we obliterate memories, or people, we just don't live in the past, we don't project the past onto the future and no matter what we keeping looking to the future. Living in the past allows for arrogance of mind, big egos, domination of others and leads to poverty.

The Planet Venus is to our Left or us, or North and the planet Mercury is to the right of us, or South. The energy flows through Venus or the left hand to Mercury or the right hand. The energy flows from Mars in front of us to the Sun behind us. Above us is Saturn and Jupiter is beneath us. The energy flows from Saturn to Jupiter. Energy is flowing through and all around this cube that you exist in on Earth.

We live in a continuum or space and time. In space and time for example during the day we offer a resistance to the energies that should normally flow through us. While we sleep, meditate or zone out though, the continuum of space and time is gone, the resistance to the energies non existent.

The beauty of being a human being is that we can always turn ourselves around. At this pivotal time the planets are aligned for you to stop looking at the past, and to start looking at the future.

This knowledge doesn't belong in the hands of religious fanatics...this knowledge is for astrologers. This knowledge belongs to Astrologers, Astronomers and Physicists., this knowledge belongs to you. We just need to look at the vast amount of knowledge that has been lost on our planet because of misuse when religious fanatics took over, for example the Mayan Culture.

Imagine yourself in this cube. The planet Saturn is above you, the planet Jupiter beneath you, the planet Mars is in front of you, the hot Sun behind you, the planet Venus to your left and the planet Mercury to your right. .Illuminate your cube. Like a Menorah....Above, Below, in front of you, behind you, to the right of you and to the left of you.
By collapsing the Cube in the right direction you can send those influences out like a trajectory you can influence the elements of nature, if you understand how to do it......next Astrology according to the Angel Raziel and all it's secrets revealed!

Ascendant or rising Signs

By Terry Nazon

Each rising sign because of it's position in the zodiac wheel has in it intrinsic value and detriments. Some good point, lucky points and unlucky points

An easy way but, not a precise way, to determine a rising sign or the Ascendant, is to begin at the time of Sunrise. let's say 6:00 am but, given daylight savings considerations it could be 7:00 or 7:30 am. Sometimes depending on where you are located. The Sun rises in a particular Sun Sign. If the Sun is in Scorpio, the Sun rises in Scorpio. At 6:00 am or 7:30 am depending on daylight savings time or your location, the 1st sing rising will be whatever The Sun sign of the month is. Let's say you were born at noon, and the Sun is in Scorpio you count counterclockwise through the signs of the zodiac. Scorpio, Libra at 8:00am, Virgo 10:00am and Leo at 12:00PM. Your rising sign would be approximately Leo.


 Simple Techniques to Alleviating Planetary Afflictions

By Terry Nazon

Planetary propriations is the art of counteracting the affects of bad transits and afflicted planets. It’s well known in all forms of astrology that we are able to counteract, or counterbalance the effects of hard transits that cause problems in our lives. Going through a rough Saturn transit, are you a woman having relationship troubles due to an afflicted Mars. Is your Venus causing financial woes? There are many options available through different methods of astrology for alleviating karmic imbalances or lessons. Some of them are more complicated than others. However, some techniques are easy to do and give the immediate results you need to help you through difficult transits and times. Planetary Gems are very powerful and should only be worn with the advise of a qualified astrologer knowledgeable in this area. There are gems that you should wear your entire life and there are gems or stone you in fact should avoid. Gems will strengthen a weak planet in your chart, and planetary weakness can only be determined by a qualified astrologer.

According to Eastern or Vedic astrology we can counterbalance the effects of the transits or the badly aspected planets in our birth charts. This is also found in Western astrology, Judaic astrology even Chinese astrology too, although not everyone can understand it fully or the methods are too difficult or complicated to implement. For overall general happiness and well being and to keep peace between spouses the Sun should be strengthened with a Ruby. It's no surprise that Diamonds are a girls best friend and strengthen the planet of Love, Venus.

If you are a woman having difficulty the man in your life, finding a mate, with a difficult Mars transit

or Mars is not well aspected in your natal chart it may cause you to have difficulties in relationships and delay marriage for you. It can also cause anger problems, making you touchy and difficult for others to deal with. By wearing a Blood Red Coral, feeding the birds on Tuesday, mediating and praying for 10 minutes daily and being kind to your coworkers, siblings, or underlings you may just do the necessary action that counteracts the negative affects of a poorly aspected Mars.

Saturn in Leo is causing a lot of trouble for people also. By wearing a Blue Sapphire, helping the poor, and offering the birds salty foods, the effects of Saturn are muted.

An Afflicted Venus, in your charts will cause financial troubles. To alleviate financial troubles through Venus, wear Diamonds, zircon, or white topaz, feed the birds white sweets, and help women who have problems.

For increasing business and communications and keeping your mind strong and alert the planet Mercury will be strengthened by wearing an Emerald or Green Tourmaline.

For increasing your luck, prosperity and generosity the planet Jupiter would be strengthened by wearing Yellow Topaz

Before deciding which Gemstone is right for your chart, and planetary afflictions you should consult with a professional astrologer who is knowledgeable in such things. ( See Shopping Cart)
More on Precious Stones

Agate is a form of chalcedony quartz colored primarily by bands or wispy inclusions. These patterns may be straight, concentric, or shaped in landscape-like patterns. In ancient times, agate was highly valued as a talisman or an amulet, said to miraculously quench the thirst of its owner and to protect him from fever. Agate was also said to cure insomnia, facilitate greater discretion, and bring its wearer strength and victory in battle. Agate bowls have been popular since the reign of the Byzantines, and collecting agate items became a pastime among European royalty during the Renaissance.

Amber is fossilized tree resin, the material that flows beneath tree bark and protects the tree when its health is threatened by boring insects or heavy weather. Over several million years, the resin hardens, possibly trapping insect specimens inside, and becomes amber. Amber is typically a dark-brown to a pale-yellowish color, albeit interference of light with any bubbles trapped inside may result in green, blue, or violet overtones. Several ways of testing for genuine amber exist. First, amber will float in a saturated salt water solution, while plastic imitations will sink. Second, amber, when burned, emanates a sweet, piney smell, while plastic imitations emit a strong, penetrating, and distinctively unpleasant smell. Also, amber will not melt - it burns like incense, while plastic and poor quality amber, called copal, will melt. Finally, amber will chip and disintegrate into powder when cut, while plastic will form curled peelings or large chips. Amber has never been synthesized. Amber's clarity, however, may improve if it is boiled in rapeseed or linseed oil.

Amethyst is a fairly common purple-to-lilac-colored gemstone, ranging in translucence from the fairly opaque to the more highly valued and higher quality transparent stones. Amethyst is a purple variety of the quartz family, and the stone is generally regarded as the most valuable type of its kind. When left in the sun, amethyst tends to lose its color, which can only be restored by a fairly expensive radiation process. Heat-treated amethyst may change to other colors, such as yellow (citrine), red, brown, green, or clear, at which point it is no longer properly called amethyst. Amethyst is the state gemstone of South Carolina. It is also a symbol of sincerity, security, and peace of mind. Its name comes from the Greek word "amethysts" which means "without wine." According to legend, drinking from an amethyst chalice will prevent intoxication. Amethyst can be imitated by purple glass, albeit its low price makes imitation relatively infrequent and fairly unattractive. Amethyst is the anniversary stone for the 4th, 6th, and 17th years of marriage.

Black Onyx
An opaque, black member of the quartz family, black onyx is also known as chalcedony. Onyx tends to chip or crack rather easily. Take care to protect it from scratches and blows.

Bloodstone is actually a green jasper dotted with bright red specks of iron oxides (rust). This stone, also known as heliotrope, was treasured in ancient times. Medieval Christians often used bloodstone to carve images of the crucifixion, a common practice that lent it its eventual moniker, the "martyrs' stone." A legend states that at the Crucifixion, the blood of Christ dripped onto and then stained some green jasper, forming the first bloodstone. Fine, powdered bloodstone is used as medication and as an aphrodisiac in India today. In general, the polished surface of this type of stone will dull and later wear away upon contact with water. As with other jewelry, avoid scratches, sharp blows, and contact with harsh chemicals.

Chalcedony is a fine-grained member of the quartz family, similar in appearance to nephrite jade. It has no distinguishing characteristics, but it may be found in a wide variety of colors, among them the gemstone varieties known as jasper and agate. Two other ornamental varieties of chalcedony are carnelian, which has a deep reddish-brown color, and bloodstone, which is green with red flecks. Pale chalcedonies are often dyed, and usually appear unnatural.

A finely-grained form of quartz mineral, carnelian has a uniformly reddish-brown color that shifts to a deeper red when left in sunlight. It is a member of the chalcedony family, which derives any color from the presence of iron. Carnelian was a useful material in the making of seals, since wax would not adhere to its polished surface.

Citrine is a yellow quartz, ranging in color from a lemony-yellow to a dark, smoky brown. In natural citrine, the color is a result of the presence of iron. More often, however, citrine is heat-treated amethyst that has merely turned a golden color. Albeit darker, more orange colors of citrine, sometimes called Madeira citrine after the color of the wine, were valued in past days, in modern times people seem to prefer a lighter, more lemony color. Citrine has been called the stone of the mind. It promotes self esteem, protects from the negative energy, opens the mind to new thoughts and promotes clarity. Natural citrine is actually quite rare. Citrine is sometimes referred to as "citrine topaz" or "quartz topaz", the misleading use of terms meant to fool unsuspecting buyers into mistaking the quartz into the much more precious topaz.

Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy. Red coral is used for heating and stimulating the bloodstream. It is believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a necklace. Coral is a good aid for meditation or visualization. Red coral is linked to the Heart Chakra. One of the few precious gemstones with an organic base, coral is actually calcium carbonate exuded by huge colonies of tiny marine animals called coral polyps. Coral comes in many colors and varieties, white coral being the most common. Other colors include pink, orange, orange-pink, blue, and black. Coral formations occur in reefs throughout Earth's oceans, most typically in shallow waters. Coral of gemstone quality must be of uniform color and dense enough to be polished. While color value varies by source location, deep red and pink corals tend to be the most expensive. Supposedly, red coral changes color depending on the state of its wearer's health, and that variety is further believed to hold curative powers. The coral's magical properties are supposed to be effective as long as it has not been carved by man. Blood Red Coral is associated with the planet Mars. If you have difficulties with men, finding a mate (in the case of a woman) you wear Red Coral. Again Gems used in this manner need to be prescribed by a professional astrologer. I was told once I could wear it for a certain period of time and then not to touch it.

Fluorite is a comparably soft, banded gemstone that comes in every color of the rainbow. It is a popular stone among jewelers and collectors alike. Fluorite is often found in conjunction with calcite, which can be removed using a diluted hydrochloric acid solution.

Although garnet is actually a family of gemstones encompassing a wide range of colors, the classic jeweler's garnet, known as pyrope, generally has a deep red color. Other garnet species include the dark red Almandine, the reddish-orange Spessartine, the yellow-green Grossular, the brown-green Andradite, and the deep green Uvaroite. Recently, all five of these other garnets have found their way onto the gem market. A fairly hard mineral, Garnet is about 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is the state gemstone of Connecticut and New York. Garnet is given and received as a symbol of consistency, perseverance, and good health. It is a power stone, and, according to legend, it guides its wearer when he's traveling at night. The stone also supposedly protects its wearer from nightmares and depression. It is the anniversary stone for the 2nd and 6th years of marriage.

Green Aventurine
This is a largely green crystal that may have brown overtones due to inclusions of fuschite crystals. Aventurine may fade in the sun.
Hematite is a shiny black mineral similar in appearance to polished black steel. Its name is derived from the Greek word "hema," meaning blood, because it will leave a red streak when handled and will dye water red when powdered. Rouge, a common facial powder, is actually powdered hematite. Hematite is a form of iron oxide and is somewhat subject to rusting over time. Specular hematite is relatively brittle and less durable than the jeweler's type, but it displays a spectacular range of rainbow colors. Originally, hematite was used as "mourning jewelery." Hematite was also supposed to stop bleeding, and it was said to bring good fortune to those addressing kings, judges, and entering litigation. Additionally, hematite was once used to bring invulnerability to warriors. Hematine is the best-known hematite imitator. It is a mixture of stainless steel and sulfides of chromium and nickel. Hematine will leave a red streak as does true hematite, but it is magnetic, whereas hematite is not.

Howlite naturally occurs in a white or delicately black-veined state, often in masses weighing two kilograms or more. It is often stained blue to imitate turquoise. Howlite is usually used to fashion cabochons, carvings, and beads.

A banded, onyx-like green mineral, malachite is semi-medium hard and was once fitted in tables, columns, and vase mosaics for czarist weddings in Russia. Due to its lovely appearance as a pale and dark green material, malachite has long been used as an ornamental stone. Polished malachite produces very attractive cabochons, trays, and beads. Hand-polishing malachite may be facilitated by using a small amount of vinegar and polishing cream.

Jet is actually a highly compressed, extremely hard form of coal, which is, in turn, a form of carbon. It is actually lignite, a form of brown coal derived from buried driftwood. Albeit not very hard, jet is tough and is well polished easily. Jet has a dull luster on its broken surfaces and is typically cut into beads, crosses, bracelets, cabochons, and other various decorative objects. Jet is typically inexpensive. During the Victorian era, jet was a popular mourning gemstone, used to express grief at the death of a loved one.

Iolite is a very strongly pleochroic gemstone that ranges from blue to dark-violet depending on the angle at which it is viewed. Sometimes, the stone may even be trichroic, displaying such colors as gray, yellow, dark-blue-violet, and pale blue. Iolite's name is derived from a combination of the Greek words "ios" and "lithos" meaning "violet" and "stone", respectively. Iolite polarizes light, and it was once used by the Vikings to find the sun on a cloudy day. Iolite has also been said to improve eyesight; promote faith, charity, and helpfulness; and bring higher, purer thoughts.

Jade is a pale-green-to-orange stone once treasured in China as the imperial stone. Jade appears in two forms, jadeite and nephrite, with jadeite being the higher valued for its more vivid green colors and finer translucency than nephrite jade. Jadeite jade also comes in lavender, pink, yellow, and white. Nephrite is found in less intense dark spinach greens, white, browns, and black. Jadeite jade is often fashioned into dome-shaped cabochons and is a bit harder and more durable than nephrite jade due to its microcrystalline structure. Jade is sold by the piece rather than by the carat. The most important factor of jade is its color, though attention is also paid to its texture, translucency, and pattern. Certain patterns, like moss-in-snow, are highly valued. Jade was once thought to preserve the body after death, and for thousands of years, has prevailed as a symbol of love, purity, and status. It was also, for a time, viewed as a prevention and a cure for kidney problems.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis lazuli, also known as lazurite, is actually a mixture of several minerals, including lazurite, calcite, and sodalite, with bright deposits of pyrite. Its name comes from the Arabic word "allazward", which means "sky"or "blue." Fine lapis often has violet overtones, the most valuable having a dark-blue, uniform color with no white spots. Lapis is relatively inexpensive, and even the finer materials don't usually sell for more than about $10 per carat. Lapis was a very precious commodity in the ancient world, and in some places was even equated in value with gold. Powdered lapis was used in making the intense blue pigment known as ultramarine by artists like Michaelangelo and Leonardo. Lapis has been imitated very well in recent years. Blue-dyed chalcedony is one of the more common simulators, albeit glass and spinel are also effective. The inclusion of pyrite usually signifies genuine lapis.

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar that gives off a shimmer, known as schiller or adularescence. Moonstones come in a variety of colors, ranging from clear to gray, brown, yellow, green, or pink, and it may be translucent or transparent. The highest quality moonstones have a bluish sheen, a truly colorless body, and perfect clarity. Moonstones are usually cut in a smooth-domed cabochon shape to maximize their shimmering effect, although they are sometimes carved to show a man-in-the-moon face. Moonstone tends to chip or crack rather easily. Take care to protect it from scratches and blows.
Moss Agate
Yet another member of the vast quartz family, moss agate has a colorless or creamy white color speckled with the green, brown, or red deposits that give it its name. A gem associated with the Moon.

Natural glass, obsidian is a black-transparent-to-translucent mineral that is formed from quickly-cooling magma during volcanic eruptions. It was used by the Native Americans to shape arrow and spear-heads. Some beautiful forms of obsidian contain white inclusions that resemble snowflakes.

Not a true gemstone, the pearl is actually formed in a shellfish as a reaction to irritants, like sand or other debris. Cultured pearls may be formed by artificially placing irritants inside mussels. Pearls are usually white, brown, silver, cream, black, or pink, depending on the type of shellfish that created them and the type/quality of the water in which the shellfish lives. Their prices vary widely as a result of luster, size, nurturing method, color, and type. Natural pearls are the most expensive, followed by cultured pearls, and finally by freshwater pearls. Pearls are relatively soft, having a hardness factor of 3, and they are state gemstone of Tennessee. Pearls are said to encourage sincere intospection and boost self-confidence. A gift of pearls is said to symbolize the love of the person who presents it. Pearls are also emblems of modesty and purity, symbolizing love, success, and happiness. They are said to foster a happy marriage and are often referred to as the "Queen Gem." The freshwater pearl is the anniversary gem for the first year of marriage. Natural pearl is the anniversary gem for the 3rd, 12th and 30th years of marriage. The pearl is the gem associated with the Moon. It has a calming effect on the emotions, and if you are having financial problems can help bring money into the home.

Picture Jasper
A fairly hard member of the chalcedony/quartz family, jasper is a fairly all-inclusive term for opaque, colored chalcedonies. Jasper displays patterns as often as not, but it usually has a rich body color in shades of red, brown, green, and yellow. A very fine-grained and dense material, jasper polishes easily and brightly.
Quartz is one of the most common gemstones, and it is also one of the most variegated, often used as a surrogate for more valuable gemstones, ranging from the diamond to jade. Pure quartz is colorless, but inclusions of other minerals may provide color. Varieties of quartz include the rose quartz, a pinkish translucent quartz; smoky quartz, a brown transparent quartz; and the water-clear rock crystal used in crystal balls. Quartz is also found in forms valued for their inclusions, the rutilated and tourmalinated quartz, which contain hair-like filaments of golden rutile or tourmaline crystals.

Peridot is a lime-green-to-olive gemstone often worn in the form of necklaces and earrings. It is created from volcanic eruptions and is sometimes even found on meteors that have fallen to earth. Its color is dependent on its body size, so the smaller stones cannot produce the intense greens for which the the larger ones are especially prized. It is the state gemstone of Nevada and has a hardness rating of 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Peridot is a fairly soft gem and is susceptible to attack by acids, which can quickly remove the polish from its surface. Peridot is a symbol of fame, dignity, and protection, and it is used to transform dreams into reality. When set in gold, it also protects its wearer from terrors of the night. Legend has it that pirates favored peridot to protect them against evil. Peridot is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage. As with all gems, protect peridot from scratches, and sharp blows. Also, avoid large temperature changes (such as those that would result in leaving it near a heater vent or in a hot car). Do not clean peridot in a home ultrasonic cleaner.

Ranging in hue from gray and brown to pink and deep red, rhodochrosite is usually found within medium-temperature ore veins and is sometimes of sufficient quality to cut. Because it is usually found in nodules, rhodochrosite is normally fashioned into beads and cabochons. Very rarely, however, will it occur in crystals clean and large enough to facet.

A pink to rose-red mineral, often speckled or streaked by black spots or veins, rhodonite is often found in proximity to garnet and spinel. Most often, it occurs in a massive form and is used for cabochons, carvings, and beads. Rhodonite is very rarely found in pieces clean enough from which to fashion into gems. It was once used to make Russian service platters and was often given as a gift during royal czarist weddings. If found in the transparent form, rhodonite displays distinct pleochroism, meaning it appears to be of different colors when viewed from different angles.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a much rarer, considerably more expensive form of the extremely common clear quartz (or rock crystal). It has a rosy-red hue that may be fairly cloudy as a result of straking by small fissures. Rose quartz is somewhat less common than the other color varieties, and it sometimes contains rutile inclusions dense enough to form a star. Rose quartz is for love and who doesn't need more love!

Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz is a rarer, considerably more expensive form of the extremely common clear quartz (or rock crystal). It has a fairly deep brown color that has only recently become more popular among collectors and the public. The reason for its dark color is unknown, but it is believed to spring from radioactive processes. Smoky quartz is sometimes found with golden rutile inclusions.

One of the components of lapis lazuli, sodalite occurs in gray, red, yellow, green, and blue varieties, albeit only the blue stones have any ornamental uses. It is a generally inexpensive mineral often used in small carvings. Occasionally, sodalite occurs in a form of sufficient quality to be faceted, though it generally has a somewhat hazy appearance.

Tanzanite is a pleochroic stone, a transparent version of the mineral zoisite, and may range in color from blue to dark violet, albeit in recent years a transparent green tanzanite was also discovered. Tanzanite comes only from Tanzania. Tanzanite is fairly brittle and must be handled with extreme care. It is typically safer in earrings and pendants than in rings. Nearly all tanzanite is heat-treated to improve (or sometimes even create) the blue and dark violet colors and simultaneously to drive away the undesirable yellows and the browns.

An opaque form of included quartz that, when beaded and polished, is streaked by spindle-like bands of light. These bands of light are a result of the presence of compact fibers of quartz that have replaced the original asbestos. Albeit typically of a brown or brownish-yellow to a blue or blue-green hue, heated yellow-brown tigerseyes may take on a reddish color due to oxidation of iron present inside the gemstone. Tigerseye may also be bleached in hydrochloric acid and then dyed in colors such as pure red, yellow, blue, gray, or green. These colors are relatively attractive, but do not occur in nature. In vedic Astrology you are alway advised to be very careful with Tiger's Eye if you are not sure if you should be wearing it don't, ask a qualified Astrologer first!

Although the name most often conjures up images of a sun-like yellow, topaz also comes in blue, pink, brown, green, and clear varieties. "Imperial" topaz, which is a light pink-orange color, is the rarest variety, and therefore the most valuable. Clear topaz can be irradiated and heated and thus transformed into other colors like blue or yellow; or brown topaz may be by application of heat transformed into pink topaz. Natural pink topaz is relatively rare. Topaz has a hardness of 8 and is the state gemstone of Utah and Texas. The ability to artifically produce color in topaz has made the stone increasingly more common and affordable in recent years, and now blue topaz is one of the most widely sold gemstones on the jewelery market. Topaz, in ancient times, was a symbol of strength. When carved into the shape of a falcon, it was thought to be able to acquire the good will of kings and princes. Topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 4th and 19th years of marriage. Imperial topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 23rd year of marriage. Yello Topaz is favored by the Vedic Astrologer for it's lucky properties and ties to the planet Jupiter. If you need more luck you need more Yellow Topaz!


The word "tourmaline" is derived from from the Sinhalese term "turamali", which means "mixed colored stones." It has likely one of the richest and widest color ranges of all gems, and, like garnet, it is actually a group of individual gems/minerals. Tourmaline is actually the general group name of several different minerals with similar atomic structures and chemical compositions. The gemstone family has perhaps the largest band of colors, ranging from colorless to black and every color in between. Reddish-purple tourmalines are the most valuable and may have brown, pink, and orange gradations. Greener tourmaline are modified by shades of blue, yellow, and brown, with particularly rich varieties selling for more than $100 per carat. Tourmaline is piezo-electric, which means it will generate a charge if put under pressure; and it is also pyro-electric, which means it will generate a charge if heated and then cooled. Tourmaline is associated with level-headedness, meditation, and compassion. It was also believed to enable alchemists change base metals into gold. Green Tourmaline is a fine replacement for the very expensive Emerald. Green stones like Tourmaline strengthen the planet Mercury.

Turquoise is a vibrant light-blue-to-green-gemstone with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It is often fracture sealed, which means it is sealed with acrylic resin to enhance its color, texture, and hardness, not that it has fractures. Turquoise made in a laboratory has a very uniform color, and chalky varieties of turquoise are often coated with wax or oil to enhance its color. When thus treated, the color change is not permanent. Under heat (roughly about 500 degrees Celsius), blue turquoise will adopt a greenish hue. Turquoise is porous and will absorb oils (including skin oils) over time, gradually changing to a yellowish color. Turquoise supposedly prevents procrastination, and it has been thought to warn its wearer of danger or illness by changing color. Turquoise is the anniversary gemstone for the 5th year of marriage. Turquoise is somewhat soft, so avoid scratches and sharp blows. To be certain that no coatings are removed, also avoid hot water and household chemicals. Turquoise according to vedic astrology is associated with the planet Saturn and should be used only with the reccommendations of a qualified astrologer. if you are have problems avoid wearing Blue Sapphires and Turquoise since the are aligned with the planet Saturn.

The Space between the Words, Developing Intuition

By Terry Nazon Astrologer/Psychic

We all have intuitive abilities that are just waiting to be developed. Psychic abilities live in the space between the words, and between the thoughts. Quiet your mind by not speaking to achieve a greater sense of awareness. It's not what you are saying.it's not what you are thinking. Spirit speaks to us most vividly in our quiet times of reflection.in between the thoughts and words. To develop your intuition more fully completely relax in a quiet space. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye area between your eye brows. Try then to quiet the mind and shut out any thoughts. If there's a particular problem, you are having, focus solely on that problem.somehow without letting your thoughts bombard you. In that moment of quietness, the space between the words and the thoughts are all your answers to all your problems. Repeated practice of this technique should give you more clarity on whatever is troubling you or someone close.

Metaphysical Tips for Love & Marriage!

*To Capture a Soul Mates attention the irresistible scent of Patchouli oil worn directly on the skin or subtly in your bath water works amazing magic!
*Two Love Birds placed strategically in the South West corner of your residences attracts a mate for a lifetime.

*Visualizing the color yellow removes delays, and disappointments to the love life! It also tempers anger problems
*Red Fans, red night lights, and red tassels in the Northwest corner of your residence attracts love
Remember anything you do be persistent! You must do things a minimum of 45 days! (4+5 = 9 a highly spiritual number)

(See Shopping Cart List two Love birds are $20.00)

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