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The Water Sign - Cancer

21st June - 22nd July

The Watery Cancer Character

Cancer THE CRAB is the sign of the protector, the parent. Emotions are a very important part in the life of a Cancerian. Although naturally defensive and very afraid of being hurt, they put their hearts and soul in to relationships and are faithful, loving and loyal partners.
At best Cancerians are kind and sympathetic, with an urge to nurture and protect. Cancer has a deep inferiority complex, due the influence of the moon on this very sensitive sun sign.

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The Positive Points

At best Cancerians are sensitive, kind and sympathetic, with an absolute urge to nurture and protect people around them. This is most apparent with home and family. So lies the soft side of Cancer, but there is a hard side too, they can be very enterprising, shrewd, and self-assured.
When all is in tune Cancerians are intuitive, imaginative and resourceful, knowing instinctively when to reach others and when to withdraw into their protective shell.
Kind, sensitive, sympathetic, imaginative, maternal/paternal, solicitous, protective, cautious, patriotic, tenacious, shrewd, thrifty, resourceful, a good homemaker.

The Negative Points

Cancer has a deep inferiority complex, any hurt (both real and imagined), is brooded upon at length. Cancerians tend to look back at, and hold on to things from the past, they can be very possessive. They are inherently conservative in their outlook, but this does not get in the way of initiating change where they deem necessary. Over emotional, hypersensitive, moody, devious, changeable, self-pitying, unforgiving, unstable, gullible, untidy.

Your Profession

As a water sign you will need to be working in a situation which is constantly changing and moving, which keeps you deeply involved in your thoughts . Your occupation whether it be as a teacher or a career in the arts , you will need plenty of space for yourself to entertain your own imagination and thoughts . And you love to keep all your plans secret until you are 100% ready to make your move on the stage of life .


Gastric disorders, heartburn, indigestion, obesity, ulcers.

Beneficial foods

You are most compatible with:-

And absolutely no chance with:-

Watercress and Milk.
Cancer - a dreamy affair.
Taurus - a cosy atmosphere.
Virgo - stimulating company.
Scorpio - paradise with sparks!
Pisces - highly charged.
Sagittarius - troublesome.
Scorpio - sparks!
Libra - heavy going.
Gemini - at odds.
Aries - a poor match.

Cancer, the fourth Sign of the Zodiac, is all about the home. Those born under this Sign like to stick to their roots, they take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. Cancers are maternal, domestic, and love to nurture others. More than likely, their family will be large. Cancerians are at their best when their home life is serene and harmonious. Traditions are upheld with great enthusiasm in a Cancerian's household, since these people prize family history and love communal activities. They also tend to be patriotic, waving the flag, whenever possible. A Cancerian's good memory is the basis for stories told around the dinner table - and don't be surprised if these people get emotional about things. Those born under this Sign wear their hearts on their sleeves.
The mascot of Cancer is the Crab and, much like this shelled little creature, Cancerians are quick to retreat into their shells, if it suits their mood. Little wonder they are called crabby! For Cancerians, it's no big deal, though, since they consider this 'shell' a second home (don't they just love home!). The flip side of this hiding temperament is that these shell-bound Crabs are often quite moody. What's more, in keeping with their difficulty in sharing their innermost feelings, it can be quite a Herculean task trying to pry the Crab out of its secret hiding place. What to do? Give the Crab time; eventually, these folks will come out to play again.When they they are ready, they'll be the first to say so, in keeping with the Cardinal Quality attached to this Sign.
It's said that Crabs are first to laugh and first to cry, so you can bet they'll finally fill you in on how they are feeling. That shell, by the way, isn't the only tough thing about Crabs. These folks are tenacious and strong-willed and like to get their way. If their well-documented kindness and gentleness doesn't do the trick, they are not above using emotional manipulation to make things happen. If that still doesn't work, they'll just go back to their shell and sulk, or find a way to get back at the source of their pain, since Crabs can be rather vindictive. That said, any self-respecting Crab would tell you that they are ultimately motivated by protecting their home and loved ones, a most noble goal.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, or the Great Mother of the heavens, as it was called in ancient times. Here on Earth, this is manifested in the Crab's maternal instincts and desire to protect the home. This may appear smothering at times, but that's the Crab for you. The Moon is associated with fertility too, a quality that is most pleasing to Cancer.
The Moon is also the ruler of moods, and Cancerians have plenty of those. These people can cry you a river, if they are so inclined, and they usually are. They can be overly sensitive, easily hurt and prone to brooding. Even so, Crabs find it easy to be sympathetic to others and are quick to show their affection. Their intuition is also a great help to them, especially in times of stress.
The Element associated with Cancer is Water. Like the waves of the sea, the Crab's emotions can make a quite a splash. Cancerians have a tendency to dwell on, and emphasize the smallest matter. When it comes to relationships, this characteristic can result in sentimentality or possessiveness. Crabs need to resist the temptation to become selfish or to feel sorry for themselves, since this behaviour can exaggerate those emotions.
On the bright side, Cancerians are good with money (although some consider them too thrifty), probably because they value a sense of security. Crabs are also quick to help others and tend to avoid confrontation. In keeping with their nurturing bent, those born under this Sign enjoy their food. A hearty picnic in the park is heaven on earth to most Crabs.
Cancerians often find that a robust workout session is just the tonic for their touchy feelings. Team sports are always effective, since they offer a sense of community; water polo would be perfect for aquatic Crabs. What are their team colours? The Moon is silver and white.
However, since Cancerians have a tendency to be lazy, they may need someone to push them out the door. But when it comes to the game of love, eager Crabs are devoted, romantic and able to get things going on their own. Crabs are wise to listen to their gut instinct, since this Sign rules the stomach.
The great strength of the Cancer-born is the tenacity with which they protect their loved ones. Cancerians don't ask for much either, a comfortable home and sense of peace is what is most important. It's that nurturing instinct which makes Cancerians a pleasure to be with.




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