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The Earth sign - Capricorn

21st December - 20th January

The Earthy Capricorn Character

If Capricorns manage to conquer their natural reserve and shyness they can make terrific partners. Capricorns can be extremely rigid and pessimistic in their outlook.

Capricorn THE GOAT is the sign of the achiever

If Capricorns manage to conquer their natural reserve and shyness they can make terrific partners. Although they are cautious and introverted, they can be very faithful once in a relationship. They really need a partner who will support them emotionally, while giving them a much needed boost in confidence.

The Positive Points

One of Capricorns best assets is its sense of humour, this is often needed in their efforts to impose some kind of order on the world around them, (though not necessarily an order to everyone else's liking). Although the humour is dry, it does at least involve contact with others, something that the self contained
Capricorn does not excel at. What capricorn is very good at are those tasks that other signs, (except the other earth signs), find rather tedious. Capricorn is prudent, reliable and disciplined. Reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, prudent, disciplined, hard working, persevering.

The Negative Points

Capricorns can be extremely rigid and pessimistic in their outlook, being gloomy, depressed and depressing in their interactions with others. They can also be emotionally cold and inhibited. The prudent and cautious side of their nature can be taken to extremes resulting in the unsociable realm of the miser.
Capricorn needs to be in control to such an extent that they are often authoritarian. They distrust anything spontaneous which may deflect them from the task of changing the world to suit their own needs. Rigid, harsh, ruthless, cold, over exacting, pessimistic, way too conventional, miserly, a wet blanket to enthusiasm.

Your Profession

As an Earth sign , a profession that is solid, stable and practical, with a firm foundation is the support you need to be part of a team . You prefer to work "behind the scenes", and love to orchestrate, guiding events and people , and helping others brings most fulfillment . You can adapt to any job or profession , so long as you can see a long term future of developing and moving up the ladder in your profession / job .


Arthritis, rheumatism, skin complaints, knee injuries, bone diseases, depression, eczema.

Beneficial foods

You are most compatible with

Absolutely no chance!

Cabbage .
Cancer - a good match.
Capricorn - long lasting.
Scorpio - very strong.
Aquarius - ok if you can converse with the alien.
Libra - sorry, not a winner!
Gemini - such hard work.
Sagittarius - unsuitable.
Leo - very different.
Aries - likely to argue.

Capricorn, the tenth Sign of the Zodiac, is all about hard work. Those born under this Sign are more than happy to put in a full day at the office, realising that it takes a lot of those days to reach the top. That's no problem, since Capricorns are both ambitious and determined - they will get there. Life is one big project for these people, and they adapt to this by adopting a businesslike approach to everything they do. Capricorns are practical, taking things one-step at a time and being as realistic and pragmatic as possible. The Capricorn-born are extremely dedicated to their goals, almost to the point of stubbornness.
The Goat is the Capricorn symbol, and an apt mascot for these people. Goats love to climb to the top of the mountain, where the air is clear and fresh. In much the same way, Capricorns want to get to the top of their chosen field so that they can reap the benefits of success; namely fame, prestige and money. Getting to the top is not always easy, however, so it's likely that Goats will ruffle a few feathers along the way. Capricorns can indeed be domineering, even egotistical, on their route to the top. They'll tell you it's part of being a leader with bright new ideas (in keeping with the Cardinal Quality attached to this Sign).
Capricorns are industrious, efficient, organised and won't make a lot of waves. They are scrupulous with details and adopt a rather conventional posture in business and in life. These people prefer to play it safe, since this is the least risky route to the top, even if it takes a while.
Thankfully, Capricorns are also patient, and are happy to wait for their ship to come in. The flip side to this staid behaviour is that Goats can become quite unforgiving of those who aren't as diligent or ambitious as themselves. Capricorns need to remember that they do need allies along the way, ambitious or otherwise. In any case, once Capricorns receive the recognition and social status they so fervently crave, it's likely that all will be forgiven.
Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn. In ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many of the gods. Consider him top dog, if you will, and then you'll see that authoritarian parallel to Capricorns. Those born under this Sign also want to be the top dog, and they are smart enough to know that the title won't be simply handed to them. Caps are happy to work for it, and luckily they possess enough discipline and the strong sense of responsibility needed to get them there.
Capricorns tend to be mature and are amply blessed with common sense, two qualities that help them become successful. A combination of luck and hard work results in Capricorns finding themselves on the top rung of whatever ladder they decide to climb. They should always remember, however, those who have helped them on their quest.
They are traditional (but not quite the conservatives some would suggest) and somewhat inhibited, prompting others to wonder if they can ever enjoy the success they strive for. Rest assured, these people will be smiling inside.
The Element associated with Capricorn is Earth. No big surprise there. Caps are down-to-earth, in the sense that they're not interested in wild ideas or round-the-world dreams. They would much rather stay put and get to work. Remember, these are the business people of the Zodiac, so in their sensible and economical way, they'll get up every morning and see to it that their job is done well. While Caps can occasionally get a bit materialistic and greedy (they just want the rewards for all their hard work), they are far too dignified and practical to get carried away. Plus, they love tradition and reserve and want to appear polite and friendly.
Capricorn at rest (yes, there is such a thing) enjoys leisurely sports, like golf or croquet - as long as they still have a chance to win. Playing with a crew is also nice, since it brings to mind their beloved workplace. Team colours for a Capricorn are likely to be earthy brown and khaki, much like the classic, relaxed slacks they like to wear. Athletic Caps also need to watch their teeth and knees, and they shouldn't be too daring, lest they break some bones. When it comes to love, Capricorns are ever devoted and never emotive.
The great strengths of the Capricorn-born are their willingness to work hard and their determination to succeed. Their ambition is boundless, yet they are cautious, responsible and play fair, always. That is why their successes are all the more sweet.



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