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Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Aquarius your daily horoscope suggests that with the Moon in Taurus, your solar sector of emotions, beginnings and endings; the sign of its exaltation, meaning the Moon is strong in the sign of Taurus which normally indicates that there is a graciousness, financial gain, honor, compliment coming or someone flirting with you.  When the Moon is in Taurus, there tends to be a focus on comfort, luxury, finances, and often money and gifts come through when the Moon is in this sensuous and earthy Sun sign.  This is the Moon of tradition, concerned with matters of the family, settling down and holiday traditions. It is usually “food first” as in chocolate boxes filled with delight when the Moon’s in Taurus.   It’s time to bond with lovers.  There is a need to be more grounded and find some peace and quiet, like some secluded corner in a restaurant , a cozy place in front of the fireplace or just a walk in  he park holding hands.  It’s also a time for shopping, spending, and  shopping sprees for your Valentines since the symbolic animal the Bull pulls heavy loads.  So maybe a whole load of Valentines presents? The sign of Taurus also rules jewelry which might make a great Valentine’s present too…Ya think?  You too may be carting about your Valentine’s gifts this weekend. Maybe you want to know exactly what someone else feels for you.  So what does Aquarius do, he or she asks them.  Just please find the right time to do this.

Mercury is at the fated degree of Capricorn, uh huh for the 3rd time, as he is poised to re-enter the sign of "Love the one you’re with" Aquarius.  Could you too get caught up in the moment?  You bet cha!  You are another Sun sign who is not over the ghosts of valentines past, the appear in your dreams and you are unwilling to believe that a love so special is truly over.  Then again it doesn't take much for you to fall in love.  So go ahead take a chance on love!

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