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Cancer: (Jun. 21-Jul. 22): Cancer your daily horoscope suggests that under the 4th Qtr. Moon in Virgo ruler of your day to day routine, employment, health, hygiene, and over analyzing; everyone has a tendency to seek perfection, good health, and in fact it’s all about your diet, pets, being helpful, servitude, procrastination , and minor conflicts when you are bored. When things are not going so well, or people are bored there is a tendency to nit-pick, be overly cranky and highly critical and that can cause conflicts. Let’s get to work, keep yourself busy and avoid the drama, and the worrying as the Moon influences your solar 3rd House of communications, errands, gadgets, computers, siblings and co-workers; by now you know that others do tell fibs, lie, and that the truth is subjective, so don't trust others or listen to gossip anymore. It's the dark of the Moon and the Sun is at the very last degree of Virgo before entering the sign of Libra tonight, so hurry up get organized change is in the air.

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