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Libra (Sept.22-Oct 23): Libra your daily astrology horoscope suggests that the things you want and desire in a relationship are of course changing, why?  Uranus is going retrograde today after Mercury and Mars aspect each other and Libra starts to think about what's most important to him or her. No you'll never find that person who agrees with everything you say nor that person who puts you on a pedestal.  But you might find that person you can walk through life with anyway and have an eternal discussion with.

At Sunset or during rush hour traffic, during a Gemini Moon, Happy Hour, or your dinner time the planet Mercury squares Mars and some stormy weather or actions emerge.17 minutes later Uranus the planet of separations, sudden surprises, innovations, all things shocking, and revolutionary change you cannot control goes retrograde. So as Saturn holds still in the heavens and prepares to go direct It's now time to repeat the point Uranus has been trying to make to you since April 11th -and through July 28th. And you will review these things with Uranus through April 2017. We know that Mars has been inconjunct Uranus during this period and we have seen and experienced some dark moments. So we get a 2nd and 3rd chance to do things differently, to react differently and maybe change the outcome.

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