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 Love-Scopes 2016


2016 Horoscopes by Terry Nazon
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2016) 

By now, the fast acting and impulsive planet Uranus has influenced your life and has brought the necessary changes to your personal life and to your love life and now it’s time to incorporate him or her into your life more.  If you were headed in the wrong direction Uranus has turned you around!  Some of you could have tied the knot, untied the knot, and forged new lucrative and long lasting partnerships, while leaving other relationships that meant a lot to you in the past far behind.  You could be asking yourself Is it them or me?  With a new focus in your life, you look to perfect your relationship and make it last Forever.  Aries is perfectly willing to be a partner, help mate, the perfect husband or wife, to their significant other in 2016.  Once found and assured that love is here to stay Aries can get back to work.  The best times for love may be the Fall when Jupiter enters your solar sector of relationships. Having sowed your oats, it’s time to settle down with someone if you haven’t already.

Taurus :  In 2016 powerful aspects make your relationships “complicated”.  Taurus could fall hard for someone who he or she is unexplainably attracted to and that person could be in transition in his or her own life.  Taurus comes to the rescue of someone who needs help.  You have a great capacity to see what’s wrong or right in another’s life and give good help or advice to get them back on track.  Do so in 2016 but work on lowering your expectations when they start to stand up on their own.  In love, you seek someone who you can help or who helps you but stability, that’s another thing altogether.  Mars spends a god portion of 2016 in your solar sector of relationships.  It’s a resounding “I can do this on my own Thank you”, wither form you or from someone else.  It hurts as the planet Uranus is half way through his transit in your weakest sector, so be careful with relationships in the first half of 2016.  The Good news is the ruler of your relationship sector Pluto, is in a protective aspect to your Sun sign you learn more about relating and this increases your patience with others.  Give him or her space.  This year Taurus shows their affections strongly for a love interest by being generous and helpful but will it pay off?  Single Taurus should pursue their hobbies and interests because that’s where they will find their soulmate.

Gemini : Gemini has wanted to fall in love for a long time yet it has proved to be a struggle from time to time.  Neptune has taken you to great heights and made you “somebody” with something to lose.  With Saturn the natural ruler of your career sector and your big money sector there is cause to keep one eye open on everyone.  In 2016, you are thinking about forever, the past and the future.  You are more focused and realistic on what you really expect from a partner, mate and significant other.  Powerful planets are guiding Gemini now with the outer planets above the horizon things are not always in your control.  There are times when duty calls and love or your personal life is paused.  Saturn makes you seek freedom and stability in relationships while Mars works to make you meet new people.  Keep things open in 2016 you don’t want to disappoint someone who’s counting on a relationship with you.  You also need to make sure lover’s spats don’t get aired in the public arena.   It’s typical nowadays for ex-lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends to take to social media.  You can’t have everything and you can’t have it your way in relationships this year; so a little more give and take is in order to achieve conjugal bliss and matrimonial happiness.   This year someone changes your life and he or she is called “soulmate”, but that’s in the fall when Jupiter graces your love life.

Cancer : Cancer is a cardinal sign who has endured the 7 years when many planets were all aligned in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  They say luck and bad fortune goes in 7 year cycles. So the good news is that this 7-year cycle is ending by March.  The pinch has been felt as Pluto began transiting your relationship sector and marriage sector.  There have been people you’ve been close to who just left, or you deliberately let go of.    There have been those you felt you couldn’t live without.  This year you find a way to reconnect or communicate with those who left your life temporarily.  Love blossoms with someone who saves you from slipping on an icy sidewalk or offers to carry your groceries up 5 flights of stairs.  You seek security and safety in your love life this year.  Cancer finds his or her helpmate and lover in 2016. Strong, powerful partnerships are favored.

 Leo : Lions and lioness love a love story.  You are playful and seek the ultimate love story again this year but maybe not at your house or your own backyard or in the confines of your current committed relationship.  Your popularity soars with Uranus and Saturn gracing two fortunate planetary houses this year.  You are unstoppable and like having fun.  What happens when the wedding is over, the kids are driving you crazy and you and your partner are both working hard pursuing ambitions and dreams?  Nothing good and not in 2016!  The stage is set for straying, wandering affections and Leo looking for some fun.  With Leo left home alone one too many times a romance with a fated feel develops and history is about to be written.

Virgo : Virgo your love life and relationships are guided by mysterious forces this year.  Neptune glosses over the details and seeks someone to worship or assist in some way.  Uranus says we’ll work out the financial details later on.  It’s a recipe for relationship disaster or some delightful and unique experiences.  Jupiter has you starting a new 12-year cycle and the Lunar North Node corrects and adjusts you when you’re going in the wrong direction.  The Lunar South Node and Neptune has a relationship becoming your Achilles tendon, your weak spot and your self-undoing.  What you won’t do for love or to make it work!  You have an uncanny ability to rebuild, and restore another’s life and you do so this year.  In an unassuming way, you become an undisputable part of your lover’s day to day activities being their support and his or her rock.  The lines are blurred though and that’s where the problems begin.  Still you throw caution to the wind and fall in love oblivious to what could or might go wrong tomorrow.  Pluto has you holding a flower, pulling the petals and asking “He (She) loves me, loves me not.

Libra : Libra, the karmic Scales has seen difficulties in their love lives with the exciting yet unstable planet Uranus running the relationship and partnership show.  Sure, it’s been a lot of fun exploring all the interesting and exciting people that have come your way.  It has also been exhausting.  Dating, getting to know someone, involving yourself in his or her life, letting go, is not just draining but expensive and time consuming.  This makes Libra act more carefully in 2016, ever aware that not all that glitters is not gold, but maybe gold digger.  Jupiter in your weakest sector makes you sensitive and prone to making excuses for someone who doesn’t deserve you.  In 2016 protect your heart.

Scorpio : There will be times in 2016 when you back away from what seems to be a budding romance and then again when you stare hypnotically at the object of your desires and they fall wildly in love with you.  Until you get this push me-pull me approach together you leave potential love interests confused and scratching their heads.  Still haunted by the loss of love from long ago if you are to love and love deeply again you will have to heal yourself.  Once recuperated from a love affair or long term relationship gone badly; it will be time for love!  Who knew that you could actually fall deeply in love again and that one person could unlock your heart.  Your hope in soulmates is renewed this year and you will fall love once again.  For many Scorpio’s it’s been a long time.  Sure, there have been lovers, but not a love like this.  In 2016, it’s as if you’ll fall in love for the first time ever.

Sagittarius :  There have been many starts and stops for Sagittarius recently and there continues to be throughout 2016.  There have been times when your lover, mate, partner or significant others didn’t have confidence in you because you didn’t have confidence in yourself.  That has all changed.  Now you have proved to everyone around that you are still a winner and still deserve love and respect.  This is so attractive to your current love, new love interests and to an ex!  In 2016 Sagittarius has numerous choices for love relationships.  There is no doubt that in the coming year other people especially those near and dear will need you and you will need them.  Uranus in a fabulous aspect brings love with exciting types, those who may be older or younger and those who don’t want commitment just a little fun.  Why should that bother freedom loving Sagittarius who wrote the book on “Baby don’t get hooked on me?” who knows but it will.

Capricorn : The very driven and often successful Capricorn is living life on their own terms now.  Like it or not. By now everyone knows you will tear things down and re-build, over and over again if necessary.  That’s what Pluto does.  And by the way Pluto is very jealous so anyone who dares cross that line is in for some fierce Billy goat horns coming at him or her.  independence is key and the thought of someone asking you where you are going and what you are doing, becomes less appealing, less inspiring and less romantic in year when you’re hearing the Pied Pipers Flute in your ear.  No it’s not really the Pied Piper it’s Neptune.   Still there is the possibility or a long distance love affair, or a secret liaison that’s connected to business or your career.  These kinds of relationships insure your independence and give you time to decide what or who you want exactly.  This year you may fall in love with someone’s voice first!

Aquarius : The sign of Aquarius waits far too long for lovers to return and that’s been a huge problem.  The powerful and sometimes ruthless planet Pluto started a trek a few years back through your most sensitive area and its true no one really knows how you have suffered.  You continue to not have a good grasp on how to communicate effectively and in a sweet way.  Work on that.  If someone that you care about snaps at you, don’t snap back at them, it’s a lesson on how not to be.  Closure, trying to understand and learn from the past is still guiding your love life.  Some of you could have sudden steamy opportunities for romances but hesitate to take action or someone up on their advances.  Your Sun sign falls in love once or twice in a life time and forever compares everyone else to the ghost of past lovers.  Still many of you are ready for a new relationship, ready to move on with their lives and ready for fresh new romantic experiences.  In 2016 Aquarius finds themselves in a Honeymoon state of mind with a hot lover.  Mercury the ruler of your love sector brings new flirtations and infinite possibilities.

Pisces : The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions which is symbolic of your personality, you can swim upstream or downstream.    Your ruler Neptune brings others to you and they can be inexplicable drawn into your deep waters.  It’s very important that you are who you say you are and you be the best you possible.  As the planet Jupiter is gracing your relationships sector and defining what it is you want in a mate, partner or significant other, and what it is you don’t want in and mate, partner or significant other.  Others are looking at you also with that same critical eye.  But there’s the problem too.  As you change your mind or people get closer to you and Interestingly enough in your year ahead you too could be swimming in two different directions concerning your relationships.  That means it could be time to say “Adieu” to someone eventually.  Pisces needs to be exactly the person they say they are.

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