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Aries : Aries is lucky to have family and friends who are supportive around them in 2014.  You finally get your expenses under control and don’t have to worry or shouldn’t have to worry about bills in 2014.  July marks the time when Jupiter enters your solar 5th house of love, luck, and talents.  Lucky breaks are all around you after June.

Taurus : The planet of luck the planet Jupiter brings benefits through negotiating, short trips, communications, and when Taurus shows everyone how smart they are.  You really do have all the answers in 2014.  When Jupiter enters Leo, you’re ready to invest and buy a castle, well maybe just a super nice condo with a view!.

Gemini : Your luck comes from being out going, but that’s not going to be easy with mars in your 5th house of luck, through July 2014.  Partnerships show promise for making you lucky, maybe not just your significant other but, business partnerships too.  In the end your lucky break comes from sharing ideas and conversation with the right people. You could find yourself in the right place at the right time in 2014. 

Cancer : Saturn in your 5th house of love, lucky breaks, can make you feel unlucky, but then again make you feel seriously lucky.  Get used to Saturn raining on the parade occasionally, but when Saturn’s good he’s very good; Lucky you! And besides you’re too serious to rely only on luck this year.  Follow your intuition and it will never steer you wrong especially when you’re after a pot of gold.

Leo : Jupiter rules luck and along with a little sprinkling if the planet Uranus in Aries sudden unforeseen   good fortune comes your way all year long.  Early in 2014 it comes when you aren’t expecting it.  Little surprises that are fortunate and make you believe in something greater than yourself again.  Around your Birthday it’s a whole different story, Leo gets uber fortunate by stepping away from the crowd and taking chances!.

Virgo : Jupiter rules luck and with a little peppering of Uranus, uncanny good fortune is possible.  So, with Jupiter in your 11th house which is ruled by the planet Uranus, big money can come your way suddenly, and unexpectedly.  Money comes through important people, mentors and higher ups this year. 

Some Virgos are talented singers and actors who could get discovered this year.

Libra : The planet Uranus rules your 5th house of luck and sometimes Libra finds other people to be a source of good fortune in 2014.  Your luck comes this year when you put down your foot and take back control of your own destiny and fate.  Change is good so lucky Libra don’t hang on too long to the way we were, or the way things used to be. A successful career puts you in touch with VIP friends and the rich and famous in 2014.

Scorpio : Jupiter’s in a very lucky sector your solar 9th house and maybe you don’t know it, but you have the Midas touch.  You are creative and have your hidden talents revealed to you in 2014.  Perhaps its art, maybe poetry, music or something you create.  Some of you even have a child prodigy who brings you lots of attention just for being their Mom or Dad. Hobbies and doing what you love to do can bring you good fortune in 2014.  Show off a little someone could be watching.

Sagittarius : The uber lucky Sagittarius is a natural luck magnet because they are always looking forward hardly ever backwards.  Partnering with others and sharing your dreams with them gets you not just their psychological support but their financial support as well.  Sagittarius is lucky when it comes to having access to others money, generous friends, and family who only want you to be happy.  You gain from loans, banks, and property matters in 2014.

Capricorn : The lucky planet Jupiter enters your 8th house of big deals, joint finances and others finances in July, and this changes everything.  You always have great money luck or find treasures and gold where no one else does. This year your radar vision leads you to the pot of gold, lucrative ventures, and property investments that increase steadily.  Just you’ve been wishing for, and it’s all yours, no sharing. You are a natural money magnet in 2014.

Aquarius : Jupiter the planet of Luck transits your 6thhouse of work, employment and service to others; in other words good deeds.  Your luck comes from your ability to side step conflict, make everyone feel like family and feel at home with you.  The result is an everlasting popularity, both at home, with friends and at work.  No one can do enough for you!   You’ve got your own cheer squad for being the peacemaker in 2014.

Pisces : You have an uncanny good fortune this year with money and that’s quite the turnaround from the past.  All you have to do is wish for it and you can have it.  Pisces is willing to take the slow and steady road in 2014, with no shortcuts, or cheating.   Jupiter is bringing peace of mind to you this year.  What a difference a year makes!.

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