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2015 Year Ahead Lucky -Scopes 

Lucky Dice

By Terry Nazon
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2015) 

Aries : This year, like last year you have been your own lucky charm and sometimes your own worst enemy.  With your actions governed by the erratic sometimes, impulsive, and revolutionary planet Uranus sometimes your best ideas are before their time.  There are moments when everything you touch turns golden, and moments you will regret touching anything.  Your luck comes from your ability to seize the moment and not wait for better timing, which may never come along anyways.

Taurus : The lucky Bull benefits from other’s good fortune, and generosity in 2015.  You get lucky in situations where your job or the corporation you work for pays for extras not just the essentials.  Someone starts picking up lots of your tabs and your employer increases your benefits.  If you own property, your property values increase, and if you don’t own property perhaps you’ll get a lucky opportunity to own your little piece of Earth this year. Things happen this year to make you think you just might have a fairy god mother.

Gemini : You might be considered the super salesperson of the year, with your ability to talk others into anything.  The Lucky planet Jupiter in your 3rd house makes things happen fast.  Armed with all the right words and facts at your fingertips, you out shine the competition.  You find the right words, the right sales pitch and the right time to talk to others.  Your self-confidence makes you think big.  In fact, you’ll think bigger than everyone else.  You also back your talk up with action.  Gemini has a can do attitude in 2015 that no one can ignore. 

Your luck this year is  in your ability to be quick, agile and think bigger than everyone else.  Those around you see pennies, nickels and quarters, while Gemini sees dollars, millions of dollars.  You could scare others with your grandiose schemes this year, but by spring, everyone sees your vision.  So go ahead think big and take chances this year since you see things others don’t and can’t.

Cancer : After several years wondering where all your good fortune was hiding, you finally feel it coming back. Saturn made you pay dearly for every little thing in 2014.  Cancer is the recipient of gifts, favors, and lots of attention this year.  With your self –esteem all pumped up Cancer simply walks around obstacles that stopped them before.  Make a wish upon a star, and with Jupiter in your solar sector of money and wealth, you’ll  have plenty to be thankful about this year.

Leo : There’s no waiting around for others to do things for you now, those day are long gone.  You are ready to take matters into your own hands and make your dreams come true. With the lucky planet Jupiter in your Sun sign you can do now wrong.  It’s such a good year that you’ll wonder why you hesitated and didn’t get on with things sooner.  All you have to do is try in 2015.

Virgo : There are times when you feel your good fortune is nowhere to be found, especially if you dare try to play fast and loose.  Under Pluto’s watchful gaze in your solar sector of good fortune, passion, and creativity, you play things close to the chest like a professional poker player. As the planets would have it when you least expect it or when you desperately need it, good fortune finds a way to shine down upon you. 

Libra : There’s the unexpected good fortune that comes when you find something you thought was long gone or long lost.  Libra re-connects with friends and groups in 2015 that he or she can mirror, be inspired by or share a common goal with.  Team spirit takes you far.  Yet, the one thing that could really make you feel more alive and luckier is to share a purpose not just with a group of friends but also with a significant other. In 2015, Libra finds that muse or inspiring person and feels there is nothing they can’t accomplish.

Scorpio : You can be utterly surprised when time after time things work out your way.  This year the lucky planet Jupiter brings opportunities to expand career wise and professionally.  You attract movers, shakers, and those in high positions who just want to dote on you all year long. Don’t hesitate when opportunity calls or it may not call again.  There’s lots of money to be gained this year.  More importantly, you’ll regain your self-confidence. Scorpio finds a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in 2015.

Sagittarius : The naturally fortunate archer is lucky, by anyone’s standards. Having put their dreams, desires, or interest to the side in much of 2014, you realize it’s you after all who has much to give, earn, and achieve in 2015.  Hanging on the coattails of another just will not do anymore. It’s time to think about yourself, what you want and who you really are.  Luck comes when you realize you have the power, you are your own most valuable player.  It’s not anyone else around you. In 2015 your mojo returns and brings your lost good fortune with it.

Capricorn : You make your own luck this year as you steam roll though obstacles, the competition and set your sights on what you want. You are too smart to kiss a blarney stone and expect things to change without your personal efforts and hard work. The planet of luck Jupiter brings good fortune through partnerships, alliances and windfalls.  You attract the uber wealthy through your tough, never give up attitude and find that everyone wants to back you and be a part of whatever you’re doing.  Capricorn is lucky in both money and love this year.

Aquarius : Your luck comes through your ability to attract the right partners to you. In 2015, you make close alliances, new friendships and maybe even a lucrative partnership.  If someone offers you something, say “Yes”.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You also have good fortune in finding things, rare artworks and buried treasure. Get out your metal detector, and watch where you are stepping. Someone’s trash really is your treasure.

Pisces : Being the most helpful person on the planet will have its benefits in the coming year.  Pisces avoids conflicts, plays the diplomat, sidelines arguments and that brings plenty of good fortune.  Your finances improve almost overnight during the coming year and you go one to be the most valuable player at work or on the job. Many of your plans, hopes and wishes for the coming year come true. So go ahead make those resolutions and think big.

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