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2016 Year Ahead Lucky -Scopes 

Lucky Dice

By Terry Nazon
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017) 

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Aries :
In 2016, Aries lucky breaks come from enjoying the craziness, and finding out that in the mistakes good things can happen.  It’s a good thing you bore easily and are the kind of Sun sign that is quicker to respond than the other Sun signs.  While the snooze, complain and lose, you clean up.  This year you do what others don’t want to or won’t do, because you have x-ray vision and can see how situations are of benefit to you.  Uranus once again comes through for you and you are fast to react and turn any situation into a boon.  You can use inside information towards your career, and profession too.  As you realize how much you don’t know, you’ll seek information and know-how and be quick to implement it.  With new partnerships, and friendships all around you someone adds some good fortune to your life so listen to him or her. Jupiter the planet of luck is masking or hiding his lucky ways but you’re up to a good game of hide and seek.  You are great at instigating this year so you better get good at making nice-nice too. is Aries a cardinal sign who has endured the 7 years when many planets were all aligned in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  They say luck and bad fortune goes in 7 year cycles. So the good news is that this 7-year cycle is ending by March.

Taurus : Lucky Taurus is particularly fortunate in money, and this year is no different.  Jupiter in earthy Virgo aligns in your lucky sector and Taurus is accumulating good karma chips to cash in.  By being your slow a steady self, and you see loopholes, and can calculate odds and chances for good outcomes in any situation you find yourself in.  Stick around positive types and not negative types as you are spiritually and psychically influenced by the company you keep.  The planets align and always put you in the right place at the right time using your great instincts that always know how to benefit through others and how to align yourself with just the right Influencer, or helpful person.  Uranus says don’t risk your money with loans and stay out of debt as opportunities to invest come unexpectedly.  Not only that, this year you excel at games of chance and learn how to count cards in Poker or Black Jack.  Casino fun anyone?

Gemini : In reality who likes change?  As fate would have it change is exactly what brings Good Fortune and lucky breaks to Gemini’s life.  Jupiter in Virgo is preparing your life for something big.  It will always seem to you that you are forced to scale down, clear out and simplify your life, but each time this happens it frees you a little more.  Moving to another place, locale or country could open up infinite work and professional opportunities for you.  Don’t be attached to anything this year.  You can cash in on properties and make lucrative real estate deals.   It’s not about what you’re adding to your life as much as it is about what’s being removed.  A statue doesn’t become anything more than a piece of clay or marble until pieces are chipped away.  Additionally, look down as you’re walking around in the parking lot, the sidewalks, the city you just might find some money or something valuable.

Cancer : There was a time could rely on your uncanny intuition to guess the lottery numbers, not in 2016.  You have to keep tabs on yourself that you don’t create any bad vibes, jealousy or worse that hinders lady Luck.  That’s not easy; but do it tongue in check.  Avoid conflict on all fronts as this brings worse luck than good luck.  Jupiter that planet of luck and abundance suggests there’s good fortune in your ability to crunch numbers, learn the math, and the statistics behind the science of winning.  It’s ok though, you’re up for the challenge and lucky Cancer has all the facts and figures at their fingertips.  Get a new computer and stay on top of repairs.  You are flexible this year, always ready and first in line.  Your x-ray vision has you anticipating everything before it happens and Cancer is one Sun sign that avoids whatever wastes the time of everyone else.  It has people asking “How did you do that?”

Leo : Your passions naturally incline you to be fortunate in life.  You shake off the negativity of prior years and aren’t caged up this year.  Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune graces your financial sector and there are more options than you can count to make money.  The trick is to pick the right direction and the right option.  Here’s a clue if it costs money, that’s not the right option. You go from getting all excited about a lucky break to worrying about it and getting bent out of shape when it doesn’t work out as expected.  Oh well, you recover quickly and move on. This year you can’t help but to be happy go lucky and seek out other happy go lucky types.  Don’t feel guilty about following your dreams and taking chances now and again.  Avoid those who are pessimistic, bring you down emotionally, and want you to stay home.  You will find that by following your heart, knowing what’s good for you, even if it ruffles other’s feathers, and breaking the rules a little Leo, good things will happen

Virgo : You are undeniably lucky this year.  Jupiter the planet of lucky has you starting a new cycle, and making mistakes along the way.  In true Jupiter fashion, what seems to shock or disarm you works out for the best.  Pluto raises the stakes for good fortune and Virgo hits the jackpot through commissions, taking chances and seeing the loopholes.  Still no one will hear you boasting or bragging and you should keep some of your “wins to yourself.   Even when you’re not thinking about being lucky, spontaneously lady Luck taps you on the shoulder.  The planets align for financial good fortune this year, especially if you’re handling other’s money; but you knew that.  Careful Virgo has both feet on the shifting ground this year and keeps going.  Financial gains come steadily through and a springtime. 

Libra : It is interesting that in 2016 Libra seeks wisdom and spiritual answers and finds their good fortune getting ignited through taking chances.  Uranus in your partnership sector and as the ruler of your luck, suggest you be quick and available to take advantage of sudden lucky breaks.  Don’t hesitate, procrastinate or sort through the minute details this could just slow you down.  You are mesmerized by another’s good fortune and luck, but why watch others?  You seek like-minded people, magical Svengali types, and gurus, who teach you the tricks of the trade, like mantras, mudras, card counting, mind over matter and other intangible techniques that are useful and work from time to time.  A little prayer, a little intention setting and a little abracadabra just might bring you some good fortune in 2016.  It’s oh so esoteric of you.  Libra is a cardinal sign who has endured the 7 years when many planets were all aligned in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  They say luck and bad fortune goes in 7 year cycles. So the good news is that this 7-year cycle is ending by March.

Scorpio : The planet Neptune in a beautiful aspect to your Scorpio Sun sign brings uncanny good fortune.  Is luck drawn to you because of your new found openness to life or your wellness to take more chances? It doesn’t matter in any situation you can be very fortunate and lucky if you fight the urge to sink into those deep Scorpio blues.  your intuition guides, protects and brings good fortune in the coming year.  Your creativity makes you see possibilities and your compassion opens other’s hearts.  In 2016 lucky breaks are also fueled and driven by your fierce and strong self-confidence, which is unyielding.  You simply do not see yourself losing at anything.  If you think it, it can and will materialize!

Sagittarius : Your Sun sign has come to expect and rely upon everything working out “just because you’re a Sagittarius” or maybe because you have always seen the silver lining in every dark cloud that surrounded you.  Well, let’s face it even you have gotten a little down when the dark cloud called Saturn forced you to pick up and leave and depend on yourself.  Saturn continues to force you to rely even more on yourself and rewards you for a job well done, through your ruling planet Jupiter who graces Saturn’s abode, of success.  Even when you make a mistake in 2016 and you will, somehow it will all work out fortunately for you.  You gain a fresh perspective about exactly what “Luck” is in 2016.  Good, bad or indifferent it’s all good for Sagittarius.  Not catching a bus or missing the train to work can be temporarily frustrating but could lead to you avoiding an accident or meeting a new love interest!  Chance, fate and destiny guide you in 2016. Re-build other’s faith in you.

Capricorn : Powerful planets lead and guide you to bulldoze your way through life thanks to the Bulldozer called Pluto, and you get exactly what you want.  Jupiter the natural ruler of luck and good fortune is in a very nice aspect to your Sun sign and to boot he’s in the fortunate sector of Sagittarius abode.  Through faith and sometimes just knowing what you want you get lucky.  Relying on others mere humans, will not bring you good fortune this year because you are guides by powerful spiritual forces.  You can’t wait for lucky breaks!  You have to make your own lucky breaks through sheer drive, persistence and know how.   Still, your inability to take “No” for an answer is lucky.  You benefit through learning as much as you can about everything, getting everyone to agree with you, through legal agreements and by never giving up.  Capricorn is a cardinal sign who has endured the 7 years when many planets were all aligned in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  They say luck and bad fortune goes in 7 year cycles. So the good news is that this 7-year cycle is ending by March.  This year pray a little more, build your faith in the unseen and continue to forge new roads.

Aquarius : Your luck in 2016 is guided by unseen forces this year.  The sign of Aquarius is wedged between Capricorn and Pisces and both Sun sign have heavy hitting planets that have their own agenda.  Pluto bring power spiritual forces into your life and powerful secret benefactors while Neptune brings a mystical quality to money, and getting all the possessions that you want.  All these planets ask of you is compassion, that you care about others, that you give and love unconditionally and they will work for you to get the same for you in return and more.  That’s magical.  Luck comes from your ability to think and act quicker than anyone else.  Aquarius gains through joint finances, through banking, inheritances, lawsuits and injustices suffered.  Respect those in higher positions than you they will be there for you.  In 2016, look to rectify a situation or get something back that was taken from you unjustly or was unfairly done to you.

Pisces : Your Sun sign is known to be slightly superstitious, believing that this or that influences their luck or lack of luck.  However, in 2016 more and more you come to realize that there is a third component to your good fortune or lack of good fortune.  It’s you.   Putting your best foot forward, taking the initiative and in a year when all the other Sun signs haven’t got a clue, using your fabulous intuition and letting it guide you to a pot of gold; all you have to do is get up off the sofa. There are times in 2016 when Saturn and Uranus bring a pot of gold to you suddenly and easily.  There are opportunities for the greatest highest paying job ever, and then there’s the inability to focus.  So work on that! Don’t waste golden opportunities.

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