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Money Forecast - The Astrology of Prosperity

The 4th, 8th, and 12th house are the Karmic houses. These houses are also the water sign houses and the houses in one's horoscope that most affect your finances and prosperity.

The 4th house which is ruled by the Moon, is the house that deals with the income needed to provide for one's daily needs,and household expenses, such as food and rent. Just as the Moon changes signs this house and it's ruler, the Moon can fluctuate and change. The 4th house is a wealth building house. accumulation of property and assets is ruled by your 4th house. The 8th house deals with banking and credit and also other's money to which we have access to, such as a spouses income, or inheritance. It rules debt and all of our subconscious urges. Since money can be a very personal thing, the 8th house then, rules these very personal feelings towards possessions. It's where we are selfish! The 8th house is ruled by the planet Pluto. The 12th house is a serious house because it deals with debt, financial debt and karmic debt. It rules fears, and our ability through faith and belief to overcome our fears which debilitate us.

The 12th house is ruled by Neptune, and explains how we interact with reality, fantasy, and belief in what we cannot see, faith. Normally debt has to be cleared or dealt with before we can move on to the future. We usually are not allowed to proceed forward or we are somehow blocked and given ample chances for clearance, from moving on to the future before we have dealt with the debts of the 12th house and the past.

To develop a fuller understanding of the astrological chart with regards to our financial situation, you look to the houses, planets in the houses, then, where the ruler of the house is located and how those particular planets are aspected. are they stand alone planets, are they aspected by trines, indicating ease or laziness. Are they aspected by squares which indicate challenges and also determination.


Terry Nazon

Terry Nazon

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