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Week of Oct 20  - Oct 27, 2014  

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Cancer: (Jun. 22-Jul. 22):
As your astrology Horoscope week begins Cancer, let’s remember that the planet Mars that influences your career sector, your professional ambitions, your prestige and relationships with older more established people, spent most of 2014 in the air sign of Libra its detriment.  This is your solar sector of domestic bliss, property matters, family life and your ability to manage and take care of yourself.  Career vs domestic life can be difficult to balance.  Mars then entered Scorpio and now is transiting through the sign of Sagittarius your solar sector of health, diet, hygiene, daily routine, responsibilities, helpfulness, and pets.  This can be a boon or bust, as Mars can get angry, when things get in the way of plans or a fixed routine.

The planet Mercury resumes Direct in Libra 16° 46’ at 3:17 pm EDT. Your solar sector of emotions, domestic bliss, property matters, family life and your ability to manage and take care of yourself where it was last September 14th and where the planet Mars started out the year 2014.  Communications or your thinking has probably changed since then and perhaps what you liked in September you don’t now; someone you liked back then, you may have mixed feelings for now.  Indecision is par for the course with the sign of Libra, and sometimes so is spinning your wheels.  Maybe you want help sometimes and other times you don’t.  Moving around can be an issue too, maybe you have choices about where to stay.  In short, your emotions, your home life and family situation isn’t always stable.  We get obsessed with being socially or politically correct and trying to be “nice’ to everyone and that’s impossible.  Appearances and being liked by everyone is a Libra thing too, but what ends up happening is lots of superficial interactions, with no depth, the fear of stepping on someone’s toes or offending them.  You get a good chance to see how your thinking affects your actions and how not making a decision affects your life.  Thinking too much can cause panic and fear, and can cost you money.  There are times when there’s not enough action and we’re just talking about thinking about things; inertia perhaps. Perhaps in your effort to be “nice” something gets lost along the way and being alone just seems easier. That’s about to start to change. Just when you get used to living alone, someone,  your mate, children or family members comes back home. 

The week begins and ends with Venus ruler of the sign of Libra making an aspect to Lucky Jupiter and then in a lucky aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  Venus brings financial benefits to your ability to take care of yourself, your comfort and happiness. Love is favored later in the week when your heart is touched.

Mars is ending it’s transit through fun loving and freedom loving Sagittarius your solar sector of health, diet, hygiene, daily routine, responsibilities, helpfulness, and pets this week, and will enter the sign of its exaltation Capricorn your solar sector of marriage, partnerships, significant others and personal relationships and it’s going to get serious.  A lot has been going on with the planet Mars as the Comet Siding Spring from the Oort Clouds whizzed by it. Comets announce or proclaim events or edicts of things to come.  It is written in ancient astrology that Comets coming from the Oort Clouds bring messages from the Fixed Stars.  The message isn’t translated to us here on Earth until it connects with our Sun.  That happens on Oct. 25.  The same day the Moon occults the planet Saturn.  The Sun will be at 1° Scorpio and  conjunct the planet Venus also at Scorpio 1°.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 1° to see what kind of message is ahead for you.

As the planet of action, Mars enters the serious earth sign Capricorn, your solar sector of marriage, partnerships, significant others and personal relationships, the sign of its exaltation; strength, self-reliance and industriousness are virtues we’ll see now.  Perhaps even a hero or two will arise during 5 weeks that Mars is in Capricorn.  The emphasis is on business and your personal life gets serious.  Is it time to end a relationships and begin a new one?     

As Saturn begins to transit the last 7 degrees of the sign of Scorpio your solar sector, of children, creativity, love, romance and dominance, a new chapter is about to start.  What happens when you achieve a goal? Let’s say you’ve worked hard to get into a university, school, or to get a job or a promotion, then what?  Well, you start all over again with a new goal, working just as hard and working towards a new goal.   As the planet, Saturn comes out of its shadow, (the degrees it’s retraced all year long) and enters new degrees of Scorpio next week, the New Moon Solar Eclipse starts at 0° Scorpio.  Eclipses can affect your life over a long period of time.  Many of you can and will reach a goal, a stepping stone and start all over again to prove yourself and to climb the next mountain in front of you.  Saturn in Scorpio requires steadfastness, determination, and the inability to give up and yet the fortitude to stay the course. Here we go again.  Just as we get used to or have overcome a fear or obstacle it has still scarred us in some way.  The scar is still there.  Cancer could start a new relationship with someone they have watched, anted or admired for a long time.  A new chapter gets underway.  Single Cancer finds love, married Cancer decides to start a family or start a new romance too.

As the Sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 23rd commitment and loyalty become issues, everyone wants to be more sure of where they stand in your life and you in theirs.  Wherever the Sun is transiting that’s where you dominate and have the edge.  It’s your turn to call the shots, and not rely on anyone else.  Matters of the hear are front and center, relationships with children and lovers  dominate.  Cancer knows what they want and how to get it.

The planet of love and commitment Venus enters Scorpio and it gets serious.  A boon for your romantic life.

The stage is set for a Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 0°15’ a New Moon Eclipse.   You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 0° to see what new energy or the new cycle of experiences that’s ahead for you.  It’s time to make a move romantically or creatively.

A Lunar occultation of Saturn at 23° Scorpio at 12:11 pm est. on Oct 25th will be visible from the United Kingdom.  The Moon in Scorpio will hide the planet Saturn; this is like an Eclipse of Saturn by the Moon. Both rule karma and deep lessons.  Your Saturn troubles can just go away or a solution becomes apparent.  An indication that where Saturn has been transiting in your chart, or the aspects transiting Saturn has been making throughout 2014 to your chart, there could be a twist to things. The Moon in Scorpio isn’t the best place for the Moon in fact, it’s one of the worst placements.  The Moon wants to express emotions and Scorpio can’t express emotions unless there’s some benefit to be had.  Cancer is an emotional sign but has held their emotions in check and been more private of late.  A meeting of the mind, heart and soul comes your way.

If you’re following along with us you’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 23°.  Since Saturn is coming out of its shadow this is significant.   And, just in time the Comet Siding Spring has a close encounter with our Sun.  This week there’s lots going on in your solar sector of love and romance a 2nd chance at love or with someone comes your way!

Oct.20   Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Leo 18°

Oct.23   Sun enters Scorpio

Oct.23  Venus enters Scorpio

Oct.23   Partial Solar Eclipse 0°15’ New Moon Eclipse


Oct.25   Helio Venus enters Scorpio

Oct.25   Sun in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio 1°

Oct.25   Mercury resumes Direct in Libra 16° 46’

Oct.25  Lunar occultation of Saturn in Scorpio 23° 12:11 pm est. Mar. 2nd Saturn RX 23° (visible from the UK)

Oct.26   Mars enters Capricorn

Oct.27   Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune RX in Pisces 4°

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