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Weekly Gemini Horoscope (or Gemini Rising)
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017) 


 by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer

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Week of Aug. 28 – Sept. 4, 2017

Gemini: (May 21-Jun. 21): As your astrology Horoscope week begins Gemini the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio your 6th house of work, health, well-being, worry and it’s a serious Sun sign full of determination, mystery, jealousy, obsessions, a sense of permanency, strong opinions, willpower and purpose.  You could be just as serious about your work, getting ahead and combating enemies.  It’s not a good time to fight with anyone.  As the Moon grows fuller and our 2nd Quarter Moon is in Sagittarius your relationship and marriage zone and it brings new energy or life to old dreams, old friendships, possibly relationships, ideas, or just your curiosity about others.  This should get everyone thinking about the future, what’s coming up and with the Sun in Virgo you’ll try once again to break out of your routine, staying home too often, or rut and try new things or go new places.   

It’s time for classes to begin and maybe everyone is open to learning something new.  You could feel that this week is all about getting back into a regular routine as the school year begins but also changing things up a bit.  If you haven’t had a routine, it’s time to get back into one and you have had too grueling a routine it’s time to break things up a bit and make life interesting.  Avoid boredom, and worry that’s key.  The flip side of the personal planets transiting in the sign of Virgo your 4th house of home, deep emotions, family matters and property matters, it’s all about beginnings, endings and letting go.  Virgo planet can lead to nitpicking, procrastination and of course boredom.   You might be going over something in your mind.   If you’ve relied on others in the past you could have strong feelings about relying on anyone now.  Here’s where the negative attributes of the sign of Virgo start showing themselves. For instance, with procrastination, starting fights and getting involved in another’s conflicts that are none of your business, a sure sign that you are bored or want to deflect from your own inability to do your work well or feelings of inadequacy.  That’s Virgo planets for you!  Perhaps you’ll try to get back to the gym on a regular basis.  Perhaps you’ll try to get back on your diet, or just be more inclined to keeping your health, well-being, hygiene, and appearance up to par.  Fixing things, maintaining, cleaning, keeping everything in good working order, preparing well in advance, getting things to function well, and changing light bulbs is always on the mind when the personal planets transit Virgo.  So, it’s a good thing then that the Lunar Nodes are keeping things on hold a little.  Use this time wisely because by weeks end there’s some excitement.  

The planet Saturn is now direct repeating the same degrees in your relationship and marriage zone from the beginning of the year when you were looking ahead at the New Year 2017.  That being said it’s good to know how Saturn influences your life because Saturn this week is aspecting the stationary Lunar Nodes.  This planetary alignment affects your children, romance, creativity, or lack of, your luck or lack of, children’s education, or your education, responsibilities, looking ahead, high hopes, disappointments, the need for freedom, your friendships, mentors, VIPs, helpful types and even those you follow spiritually and the good or bad advice you’ve gotten.  This can be a time of testing or review, a spiritual time or a time when circumstance around you change significantly.  Decisions you made then are under scrutiny.  The planet Saturn has already been aspected by the stationary Lunar Nodes, the difference is that now Saturn is direct and more insight, or information comes forth to help you.  In some cases, hard work is still required or there’s a penalty or consequence to pay for your actions if you’ve been naughty.  This aspect between Saturn and the Lunar Nodes changes circumstances around you for good or bad.  While you might be feeling a little detached and need space this week someone keeps intruding in your personal time or space.  Be careful how you handle this situation.  You are not so keen on telling everyone what you’re up to or doing this week.   

The planet of communications, ideas, news, information and plans Mercury RX re-enters the sign of Leo at 29° where it was last on July 25th, and will stay all week.  The sign of Leo makes everything all about you!  This is the degree of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo at 28° that just occurred last Monday in your communications zone, and started a new cycle of having to think for yourself.  Maybe joy, happiness, love, romance and sent you in a new creative direction.  It complicates your personal life or in the very least doesn’t make things easier.  Make no bones about it, Gemini is a survivor and thinks it’s time to rely on themselves not others.  So, there could be some relevant information, news or communications that comes your way from last Monday and stays with you all week.   The key word for Mercury RX is observing.  If you observe you’ll learn lots.  In fact, you can learn how to be and how not to be by just observing others now. 

Mars Is also in Leo and trines Uranus RX in Aries at 28° bringing sudden surprises and wins or luck, which is always a good thing.  You can hear from and visit with people from your past.  There are supportive people all around when you need them.  It’s a good week to get out if you’re single because you also attract important types.  Towards the end of the week with Mars, Mercury RX in Leo and Uranus RX   in Aries something great can come from each one of you.  As the planets transit in these last degrees there’s something magical that each one or some more than others were fated to do. Allow your talents to take you places.  It’s also a great time to make new friends, and call your old friends!  In this aspect, our Soul group brings great good fortune.  So, connect yourself with those people you are always fortunate with. 

The big news this week might just be Mercury RX in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo at 28° the eclipse degree which brings exciting changes for some critical changes for others.  Old friends, new friends, ex-lovers and like-minded people are beneficial to you. 

While the planet Neptune RX which is usually responsible for water, the oceans, hurricanes and flooding is in an aspect to the planet Uranus RX  chances for unpredictable weather, stormy wind and flooding is all too possible.  Gemini is always walking a very thin line in their careers, with their reputations and ambitions.

Sept. 02   Mars in Leo trine Uranus RX in Aries at 28°
Sept. 03   Mercury RX in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo at 28°
Sept. 04   Labor Day USA

Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved

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