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Weekly Taurus Horoscope (or Taurus Rising)




by Terry NazonWorld Famous Astrologer

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Week of Apr. 24 – May. 1, 2017

Taurus: (Apr. 20-May 21): As your free astrology horoscope week begins Taurus, Juno the asteroid of marriage partners, soulmates and contractual partnerships conjoins the planet Pluto RX who in now retrograde in earth sign Capricorn.  This gives you time to re-think and perfect your ideas about what it is or who it is that you want in your life.  Maybe it’s someone who is totally different than you but still smart and funny.  First before you can know what you want you have to know what you don’t want.  That seems to be what you’re thinking about too.  It’s all about the rules now.  What is traditional to you.   Along with Saturn RX in Sagittarius square Venus in Pisces (Apr. 21st) we come back to the fact that everyone is looking for someone to help them out of rut or to better their position in life, or to adhere to all the unspoken reasons to stay in a relationship.   Taurus can be scared to take the plunge or looking for perfection.  Your shyness definitely is getting in the way.  Some of you inadvertently attract someone who is unavailable to you.  This can also bring attention to the lack of romantic opportunities too.

Normally, when the Sun is in Taurus we want to smell the Spring flowers, wear comfy well-worn shoes, eat well, buy the best of the best and hold hands with someone and it still may be what we want but with more thought.  You might still be wearing your well-worn shoes but for quite a different reason and holding hands with someone and thinking about their sweaty hands.  The planet Mercury RX  is retrograde in Aries with the planet Uranus in the 12th house position to the Sun in Taurus and Mars is in Gemini the sign by the way that is ruled by retrograde Mercury.  This makes everyone aware of debt, and that those bills have to get paid.  The ruler of the sign of Taurus the planet Venus has been in an 8-yr. retrograde cycle and squaring Saturn RX, Mr. Miser.  This leaves you thinking twice about buying anything that’s overpriced and scrutinizing who you hold hands with.  There’s a discontent that is making you try to do things with a twist, on a budget or in a different way.   

The planet of communications who always flavors how you are communicating with others and the world around you or interacting, Mercury RX  in Aries trines Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 27° the Galactic Center as it did March 29th and will do again on May 11th providing you with an extended period of good ideas, luck and positive thinking.  For earthy Taurus, these fire sign planets go way to fast and you need more time to process things.  The fear is will you be given the time to get things right or rushed.  In your 8th and 12th houses you want to solve problems and overcome the impossible.  For some that means falling for someone who is unattainable.  Your competitive urge is rewarded and you probably find that you’re more willing to confront others, make calls and get the scoop. This is a great time to be proactive.  

The New Moon in Taurus at 6°27’ your Sun sign is a Super Moon and that means that the Moon is in Perigee; another term for close to the Earth.  There are 4 Super Moons in 2017, times when emotions get the better of us more so than normal.  You’ll want to check your free natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 6°-8°.  The New Moon in Taurus starts a new slower moving methodical cycle that has an emphasis on money, wealth or a major purchase.  There’s also this urge to be the best or have the best now.  You can be more stubborn or determined to get what you want.   Things have to feel good as well as look good.  In general people might be better listeners.  The New Moon in Taurus starts a new cycle where you are not afraid to be a self-starter, take the initiative and show off.  Guess what, people like it! 

The ruler of the Sun in Taurus and the New Moon in Taurus, the planet Venus re-enters the sign of Aries, where it was on April 2nd and Feb. 3rd, but is clearing up some unfinished things in your 12th house of completions where being held back by a fear of sudden change or all the things that could go wrong romantically or financially really bothers you.   Being over looked or ignored, feeling invisible or being treated poorly might make you work alone or stay too much by yourself.  Yes, you’re very sensitive this week.  This can cause romantic troubles to come to head over the next few weeks and standoff or a financial crunch.  You’ll notice things are louder, people are talking louder more aggressively and the day to day manners and decorum are noticeably diminished.  The New Moon sends you in a new self-confident direction despite the background noise or what’s going on behind the scenes. 

As Mercury RX  the planet of communications and thinking conjoins Uranus in Aries at 25°as it did on March 26th and will do again on May 9th there’s an extended period of unrest or nervousness, anxiety or sudden occurrences and the threat of war worldwide, because from April 28th through May 9th the planet Mercury is always within 1° degree or less from conjoining the planet of sudden surprises Uranus during this time.  There are unseen possibilities and by being the person who can fix things for others you gain a lot.  

Just as we always turn a corner during an Equinox or Solstice we do during Beltane, which is the ½ point between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. 

Apr. 24   Mercury RX  in Aries trine Saturn RX in Sagittarius 27°
Apr. 26   The New Moon in Taurus at 6°27’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 6°-8°
Apr. 28   Venus re-enters Aries
Apr. 28   Mercury RX  in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries at 25°
Apr. 30   Saturn RX in Sagittarius 27°sqaure Chiron
May 01   Beltane halfway between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice

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