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Aries's Year Ahead 2017



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Aries: (Mar. 20-Apr.20): As 2017 begins the planet of action and your ruling planet Mars will transit through 8 Sun signs through to the sign of Scorpio taking you to your edge. Mars began the year in the sign of Pisces and was conjunct the planet of all things secretive, cloudy and dubious the planet Neptune.  That means that you’re not quite happy with a dull repetitious routine, or work that is boring you might feel justified in needing a break from the rat race.  Your spiritual side shows promise and the time out or breaks you take throughout 2017, fulfill you spiritually.  The down side is that occasionally you will feel out of the loop, forgotten and could run into a spiritual guru of dubious character.  The planet Mars ends the year in Scorpio, With the planet Jupiter who will be in the sign of Scorpio also dolling out justice, punishments and making you face cold hard facts about relationships and money.

We’re now into the last 10° degrees of the planet Uranus transit through your Sun sign and actually the year starts off with the planet Uranus in the 3rd decanate of Aries, which is sub-ruled by the planets Mars-Jupiter with things getting slightly more intense after the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters your Sun sign and Uranus and takes a 3rd and final pass through its retrograde degrees and then enters new degrees, bringing new influences into your life.  This is when you Aries, experience the most change.  The 1st quarter of 2017 still finds many of you being reckless, but winding the recklessness a bit.  Your desire of adventure may have been satisfied already and you can be pickier about what new experiences, thrilling trips and dare devil risks you’ll take.

The month of May, also coincides with the Lunar Nodes the rules of fate and destiny changing signs as the planet Uranus enters new degrees.  Your focus changes.  You’ll find that after an incredible time of being the person who does everything, you might begin to rely on your mate, partner, significant other, or close friends to get everyone together, plan events, or to host the parties.  You on the other hand might think about love, romance, having babies, and just enjoying the fruits of whatever the planet Uranus has stirred up in your life over the past 7 years.  So, between your birthday and the 1st of May, the planet Uranus is rebellious, revolutionary, capable of the weirdest things that can happen in life. When we are influenced by Uranus it’s sometimes exhilarating, unpredictable, exciting but most the times disruptive and scary.  We experience a rush of excitement and we crave that excitement all the time.  In your Sun sign, you have been on the cutting edge of excitement and being unpredictable.  Maybe you have amazed everyone.  But, Uranus is a slow-moving planet and this year you find yourself 7 years older from the time Uranus first stepped into your Sun sign.  On a spiritual level, Uranus pushes us through our karma, teaches us lessons, by pulling the rug out from beneath our feet, tempting us with a more exciting life than we could have ever imagined.

It’s not with the slow, patient deliberate of lessons of Saturn.  No, Uranus brings swift and immediate lessons, and you have to scramble to recover from his lessons.  Even a strong and action oriented sign like Aries learns to be more moderate in 2017.

In May 2017, the Lunar North Node enters Leo and the Lunar South Node, which is always directly opposite the Lunar North Node enters Aquarius ruled by Uranus. The Lunar North Node teaches lessons about that big ego, your self-confidence or over confidence, luck, creativity and children.  While the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, occurs at 28° Leo where the Lunar North Node is in May. This is a powerful point since the Fixed Star Regulus is also between 28° Leo and 2° Virgo. The Lunar Eclipse is at 15° Aquarius on August 7th .  Things change with your love life, friendships, and your relationship with your children.   Your hidden talents surface.  You could meet someone who you can’t be without.  You could become an artist muse.  If you’re lucky you’ll experience good fortune.  if not, it’s going to be quite unpredictable.  Some of you single Aries could meet someone you just can’t live without.

That brings me to another subject, relationships. The loose cardinal T-square with the planet Jupiter in Libra, squaring Pluto on March 30th and August 4th and Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus Sept. 28th.  This is a 3 alarm problem in your relationships.  Your mate partner or significant other needs more space or you just give him or her more space.  He or she could be going through their own struggles or restructuring of their life.  It’s not time to micro manage or you could take the blame for his or her troubles.  It’s time to let your partner or significant other manage their life, career, business, family and profession and figure things out.  Some of you could be staring down a serious break up, or divorce if you’re married.  Others might meet someone new if those loving feelings have left their current relationship.  This is a serious year for Aries relationships.  If you’re single, you just might give up everything and elope with someone you can’t be without.

The planet of love, beauty, wealth and marriage, Venus in Aries is retrograde on March 4, 2017- 4/15/2017 when it resumes direct motion in the last degrees of Pisces where it brings difficult decisions.  It’s not the time to travel or find yourself in unknown places.  Uranus could be involved too, making you take risks that cause you physical harm or severe legal issues.

The good news is the planet of lessons and wisdom Saturn, is always close at hand with Uranus bringing favorable good fortune and walking you through your need for freedom and love this year. Remember there are 4 Mercury Retrogrades in 2017.   You can get a more detailed Year Ahead Report at my webstore.

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