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As the planet Saturn ruler of delays, lessons, hardships but solid gains, continues its transit through the water sign Scorpio, ruler of death, conquests, challenges, legacies,  insurance, restitution, inheritances, your partner’s financial condition, sharing, surgery, taxes, wills, sins, loans, credit, control, disasters, elimination, evacuation, favors, fidelity, investigation, anything disgusting or abhorrent, mysteries, sex, sexuality, permissions and the occult, just to name a few things that the sign of Scorpio rules!

We continue the path that 2013 lead us on; perhaps a little older, a little  wiser, and with a little more experience Saturn will open chapter two of very much the same influences that we experienced personally and as a collective whole in 2013.  The difference and in terms of Saturn it’s a big difference is that we’re a little older, a little wiser, and have a little more experience. 

We’re still going to repeat the Uranus-Pluto squares but they two are half way over. There are a total of seven Uranus-Pluto squares and we’re going to experience number 4 in April, 2013.  This will be significant as Saturn too is half way through its transit; so in many ways 2014 looks like 2013 but we should have learned lots that we shouldn’t be tripped up on!

Cancer: (Jun. 22-Jul. 22): As your horoscope year begins the planet Jupiter is retrograde in your Sun sign and many of you could be fighting the battle of the bulge.  Jupiter typically rules excesses so it’s as good a time as any to start a diet and exercise plan.  Many of you are hiding out or so your friends and relatives would say.  With the planet of action Mars spending lots of time in your 4th house of home, family, property matters, beginnings and endings, your more private side emerges.  This too in part to Jupiter’s transit through your Sun sign, the sign of Cancer; Saturn’s continuing transit through your solar 5th house of love and romance and Pluto’s transit through your 7th house of marriage, significant others, partnerships and other people in general.  Decisions about who you let into your life now are taken very seriously. 

With the planet of sudden change, the planet Uranus in your 10th house of career success, fame and fortune, you can be in favor with throngs of people and out of favor just as quickly.  You have to keep yourself and your work ethic relevant and current.  For example, you have to keep up with the times, and learn all the latest about what’s going on in your field.  Every once in awhile like in April when the Uranus-Pluto square occur you could realize that you’re a little behind the times and you may need to get current rather quickly.  The pace is fast in career matters this year and Cancer would actually rather not be involved!

In love the planet Saturn demands so much.  If you’re in a relationship the routine could become dull and boring.  Many of you could find that you are tempted to get out of one relationship and into a sexier, passionate and otherwise compelling relationship that’s irresistible.  If it hasn’t happened yet, it still could! Pluto in your 7thhouse is obsessive over the object of its desire, and Neptune in your 9th house makes you dream of your special someone and feel a very spiritual connection in 2014.

In 2014 force yourself to get out more and stay current with what’s new and exciting, if you don’t the changes will happen like, and you’ll like Rip van Winkle who fell asleep and woke up a hundred years later.


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