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Gemini's Year Ahead 2017



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Gemini: (May 21-Jun. 21):
  As 2017 begins the loose cardinal T-square with the planet Jupiter in Libra, squaring Pluto on March 30th and August 4th and Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus Sept. 28th.  Jupiter in Libra is about relationships and partnerships.  Gemini already started feeling the stress with others with Saturn in Sagittarius their 7th house of relationships and significant others.  Since Jupiter is the ruler of your 7th house of relationships, partnerships, significant others, and marriage the T-square is very significant.  While  Jupiter rules learning, and maturity since it’s 12-year cycle around the zodiac and it coincides with the 12-year-old child now being able to reason.  So, there’s the question “How much have you learned over the last 12 yrs., about relationships and partnerships?” Jupiter rules religion, foreigners, travel, learning on a higher level, expansion and new experiences.  Perhaps you have a lesson to learn so it pays to look back over at what happened with relationships 12 yrs. Ago.  Its nature is to expand and do things in a big way or an over the top way.  So, it’s possible to have numerous opportunities for partnerships and a numerous relationship opportunities too. Some great and some not so great.  Some invited, some uninvited.  Therein lies the trouble since Jupiter squares Pluto and Jupiter opposes Uranus this year.   Relationships and partnerships get complicated this year.  Friendships too, give Gemini trouble.  Getting your hopes too high when you meet someone new and too low when you’re disappointed is an issue.  If things move to slow and don’t seem to be going anywhere cut your losses.  You’ll have plenty of relationship options anyways in 2017.   

The planet of sudden change, the strange and weird Uranus semi-squares Neptune all year on and off all year.  This is like a nagging flea bite.  It affects your reputation, desire to be respected and in ability to take criticism.  It also affects the money you earn from your career, business and profession. 

The planet of love, money, wealth and beauty the planet Venus retrogrades in Aries at 13° on March 4th, 2017 until April 15th when Venus goes direct in Pisces at 26°.  This is a prolonged period of romantic and financial difficulties.  Venus retrogrades and causes issues with friendships, group activities, your hopes and fears.  You can win big but don’t waste your winnings.  Mars will transit through 8 Sun signs through to the sign of Scorpio taking you to your edge. Mars began the year in the sign of Pisces and was conjunct the planet of all things secretive, cloudy and dubious the planet Neptune.

The good news is that the planet of hardship and delays Saturn trines Uranus  on and off all year, bringing good fortune and lucky breaks through relationships, and friendships, blind dates, and love at first sight scenarios.  So, while you might be ending some relationships, others keep coming back around and new appear magically.  Your popularity should soar.

There are 4 Mercury Retrogrades in 2017. Indicating times when you should be aware of mistakes and when to start things and when not to.

The Lunar Nodes change signs on May 10th.  Your focus shifts from home, family and property matters to communicating, sharing your dreams, and being able to talk anyone into anything.  There can even be some trips.  The Lunar North Node enters 29° Leo and the Lunar South Node enters 29° Aquarius. The Lunar North Node pulls you into an uncomfortable or unfamiliar area while the Lunar South Node is familiar but might require a little work before access to the wealth of experience is opened to you.

Lunar Eclipses always foretell or forewarn of impending things to come.  There are the usual number of eclipses this year.  Eclipses are in effect 10 days before they culminate and up to 6 months afterwards.  They are typically the wild cards in astrology.  This year we have two eclipses in Leo the royal sign or the royal sign of royalty.  The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Feb 10th at 22° Leo can suggest the ending of a royal reign or the death of someone famous or royal, while the Solar New Moon Eclipse on August 21st, occurs at 28° Leo suggests someone new comes to power.

The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Feb 10th at 22° Leo highlights your ability to communicate, sway others and express yourself.

The Solar New Moon Eclipse Feb. 26th at 8° Pisces your 10th house of fame fortune and success indicates you could be taking your career or profession in a new direction.

The Solar New Moon Eclipse on August 21st, occurs at 28° Leo and conjoins the fixed Royal Star Regulus. Hopefully you have refined your ability to communicate and share what you’re thinking with others.  This can mean the birth or the rising of a great king or new world leader.  The fixed Royal Star Regulus conveys wealth, status, military might. Force, fame and fortune on those he favors.

The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on August 7th occurs at 15° Aquarius your 9th house of travel, new experiences, legalities and learning.  2017 definitely is about your ability to win hearts and sway others.  It’s a great year to find yourself and to find someone else. 

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