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As the planet Saturn ruler of delays, lessons, hardships but solid gains, continues its transit through the water sign Scorpio, ruler of death, conquests, challenges, legacies,  insurance, restitution, inheritances, your partner’s financial condition, sharing, surgery, taxes, wills, sins, loans, credit, control, disasters, elimination, evacuation, favors, fidelity, investigation, anything disgusting or abhorrent, mysteries, sex, sexuality, permissions and the occult, just to name a few things that the sign of Scorpio rules!

We continue the path that 2013 lead us on; perhaps a little older, a little  wiser, and with a little more experience Saturn will open chapter two of very much the same influences that we experienced personally and as a collective whole in 2013.  The difference and in terms of Saturn it’s a big difference is that we’re a little older, a little wiser, and have a little more experience. 

We’re still going to repeat the Uranus-Pluto squares but they two are half way over. There are a total of seven Uranus-Pluto squares and we’re going to experience number 4 in April, 2013.  This will be significant as Saturn too is half way through its transit; so in many ways 2014 looks like 2013 but we should have learned lots that we shouldn’t be tripped up on!

Leo: (July. 22-Aug. 23):  As your horoscope year begins it starts with the New Moon in your solar 6thhouse of work, health, day to day routine and service to others.  Saturn and Pluto are working hard to raise your standard of living providing you with numerous opportunities for work, to be helpful and to make yourself irreplaceable. 

The planet Saturn in Scorpio continues its transit through your solar 4th house, which represent the bottom and there’s nowhere to go but up from here. So we can assume that things will only be getting better and better for Leo.  That being said Pluto in your 6th house is full of healing and transformational energy and everyone wants to know how you’re succeeding. Try as you might to help and counsel them you know there’s no easy route to success, it’s been lots of hard work. 

Many of you could be in the midst of a move, trying to buy a new home or property or fixing up your current home, with renovations.  What a great way to use that Saturn in Scorpio energy and Pluto in Capricorn know how.  It’s really necessary that in 2014 Leo continues to keep themselves very busy, focused and on a tight schedule. 

The planet Mars in your 3rd house for most of 2014 has you rethinking communications, especially with siblings.  If a new car is in your plans be careful; take care of your car, and do our best to avoid fender benders.  Nicks and scratches could be par for the course this year.

In love don’t let things get too dull, boring or routine.  While it’s not easy for Leo to open up with their feelings and emotions, you are challenged to do so this year! Leo is so focused on getting ahead they could wake up and realize they don’t know the person sleeping next to them, even though they’ve been married or together for a while.  Single Leo has to make a concerted effort to find love in 2014, it won’t happen easily without some effort. It’s a fast paced year for Leo, who needs to keep a Day Planner near them at all times in 2014


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