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Libra's Year Ahead 2015




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Libra: (Sep.23-Oct. 23): The Uranus-Pluto squares have certainly shaken Libra lives a little bit.  With the planet Pluto in your solar sector of beginnings, endings, the burial, home, family, the past and your very own ability to ground yourself has been at times turned upside down.  Add Uranus the planet of upheaval, and all things strange to the mix and some very dynamic types have entered your life that you thought held the Holy Grail or all the answers to your troubles.   One more significant dance with a Guru, a Svengali type or healer who promises more than is humanly possible and you’ll realize in 2015 like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, what you were looking for was right there inside you all the time. This will be a very important year for Libra who has struggled with making their own decisions and keeping their balance on the tight rope of life. As the planet, Jupiter resumes direct motion and the last of the Uranus-Pluto squares has transpired in March your perspective returns. You’ll take the good and leave the bad. 2015 promises a time of peace for Libra.  With both feet on the ground, you’ll be more leery of believing everything you’re told, and with the planets beginning their ascent in your chart you’ll be on your way to re-building your life on terra firma.  Saturn the planet of lesson and in the fire sign of Sagittarius makes you laugh to yourself and about yourself.  Your good ideas about the future will start to blossom as Saturn in your 3rd house is the wind beneath your 4th house of home, family, past conditioning, property matters and you now see very clearly how to get out of any situation you felt entrapped in.  Uranus still brings new relationships but they are fun and not weird at all.  Relationships, which your sun sign rules are the most promising of all in 2015 after the last and final Uranus-Pluto square. 


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