2010 Happy New Year!     

 The Sisterhood Consciousness,  The Year of Giving, The Year of the Hero

 The Astrology Revolution ™ 

Each year we look forward with anticipation and hope wondering what does the New Year hold?  Some very Interesting planetary alignments herald in 2010.  Many of which will underscore the discontent we all feel, but that is more poignantly felt by certain members of society, our weakest links, and those truly victimized.   The Lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer that ushers in the New Year on New Years Eve foretells of this.   Families, mothers, women, single mothers, and children feel the effects of economic struggles first.  This doesn't suggest passive acceptance, to the contrary the Lunar Eclipse that heralds in 2010 along with both Mercury and Mars retrograde suggest a growing resistance that seemingly comes out of no where.  Making 2010 the Year of the Woman!  The fight for children and the family sits securely on the shoulders of women in 2010.   This doesn't suggest passive acceptance, to the contrary the Lunar Eclipse that heralded in 2010 along with both Mercury and Mars retrograde suggest a growing resistance that seemingly comes out of no where.  Making 2010  the Year of the Woman!  A year when women unite in a sisterhood of sorts. 

The fight against injustice and the rights of the down trodden and weak take hold with the Saturn-Pluto squares throughout the year that make 2010 another year of political, financial and sexual scandals.  The battle against good and bad is in our face, our backyard, it's everywhere.  These same squares make everyone fight for the rights of others, take sides, pitch in and help out. There will be a call to arms if you will, with Jupiter in Pisces our hearts are open to give, to help out, to sacrifice our selfish desires, and pitch in.  Injustice is met with a helping hand in 2010.  Jupiter in Pisces makes 2010 also the year of giving. A year od self sacrifice, unconditional love, giving when we have no more to give, faith in what is good and looking inward at ourselves is what makes 2010 a turning point year.  The fight against injustices and the willingness to help others and give of ourselves is what's ahead in 2010. Will we see injustices? Yes we will.  Will we idly stand by and let them continue? Not in 2010; the year or the Woman, and The year of the Hero.

The Lunar eclipse in Cancer of Dec 31st was unusual because it is closer to the Earth, and the Moon is in its own sign, making its effects powerful.  Full Moons have a tendency of being very emotional and bringing to a head anything that we have been keeping inside.   Be careful for accidents as many could be more accident prone, but more importantly be careful of pushing people who are already stressed out over the edge.  Emotions are charged and that little bit of champagne on New Years eve could be the trigger.  There's no doubt that this eclipse could predict the death of a prominent female in the months afterward.

Through 2012 we are of course in a cycle where spiritual changes are dominating and we are forced to let go of materialism as we knew it.   We are in a new spiritual cycle of growth and change.  We may not be cognizant of it but that's what's happening.  When you are in the middle of change you don't always know what's going on.  2010 could see many new and exciting scientific breakthroughs, cures  and many "firsts that will help us evolve and take us into the future.  Additionally we could  see economical or ecological disasters that affect masses of people the likes of which history are made of.  Whenever economics and personal finances take a turn downwards an opportunity for great spiritual growth rises, and that comes with its own new blessings.  Like the yin and yang symbol when economics are on top spiritual growth suffers when economics take a turn the opportunity for spiritual growth and change predominates, the new -New Age Phenomena is here!

Whenever we have the outer planets aspecting each other we have situations on planet Earth that affect masses of people, natural disasters and evtns that seem to happen suddenly and unexplainably. This began with the Saturn-Uranus oppositions which trigger the social, revolution of the 60's.  Was it a time of turmoil, of course it was.  The 60's changed the world as we know and caused a "revolution".  The woman's liberation movement was sparked by this aspect too.  The 60's changed the mass consciousness, and gave birth to a new spiritual awakening.   The aspects now are just as volatile for mass uprisings to occur.  How volatile, peaceful or bloody could be dependent on the Sun Spot cycle and it's effects on our collective consciousness.   We know that the Sun spot cycle has been at an all time low, but that could change and change abruptly.  If it changes in the 2nd half of the year 2010 and becomes more active, like it's supposed to the collective thought and masses arise.  The Earth becomes volatile.

January 18th , Jupiter the planet of luck enters Pisces and our idealism and interest in giving and philanthropy increases.   Jupiter in Pisces might bring the death of a hugely popular figure and worldwide mourning.  Keep a check on yourself for idleness though.  In February Jupiter in Pisces  aspects both Saturn in Libra and Mars in Leo.  This aspect is known as the finger of God, or the Yod.  Since both signs Leo and Libra can be a bit lazy at times, this Yod channels the unproductive energy into daydreaming, or better charitable causes. Many people don't easily fit into a 9-5 job and need a more artistic or spiritual outlet anyways and this Yod could show them the way.   As Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces the philanthropist, we will all realize that no matter how tough times are we should still make sure no child goes hungry, abandoned or abused.  Caring will become vogue once again.  No matter what country you are in this is a problem throughout the world.  The South Node is transiting Cancer, hunger; world hunger will be in the news again.

Uranus the planet of volatility enters where it transitied  March -April 1929, and then again in Dec 1929  Dec 1931, the depth of the American Great Depression.  That doesn't mean we are facing another Great Depression, Uranus has been in Aries before and there was no Great Depression. To the contrary we could rise up through the energy created by Saturn in Libra another cardinal sign and Pluto in Capricorn and use this great energy potential to overcome the odds individually, collectively or both. It's up to us.

Later in the year Jupiter enters Aries and joins Uranus creating a time of rapid change.  We all want faster cars, computers, cell phones and gadgets with more speed and power in samller and smaller packages and we are sure to get them this year. Advances will come so fast it will be like the Techie age all over again.  High tech and nano tech take off in 2010!


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way...Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities 1859

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