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Year AHead 2018 Forecast


2018 Horoscopes by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer 
(Copyright ©Terry Nazon Inc. 2018)

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2018 History Repeats Itself 

 The thing that’s so important about astrology is that it’s all about cycles and history repeating itself.  
 Terry Nazon

2018 is a pivotal and important year. In late 2017 Saturn in Sagittarius conjoined the Galactic Center then entered the sign of Capricorn on the Winter Solstice.  The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year but also a time when a switch happens.  The daylight of each day becomes a little more each day.  This is also considered something of a spiritual significance too, because the balance of darkness to light is disrupted.  More light equals more goodness.


Looking back to 1870 the last time the Sun and Saturn entered the sign of Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, it was a time of restructuring.   In fact, it was called The Great Reconstruction.  A period of time when restructuring the United States after the Civil War and after slavery was abolished.  Each time Saturn enters Capricorn it’s time to go back and see how far we’ve come, what has changed and what can be corrected or done better.  This time it’s a little different because there is no slavery as it was back then, but civil rights may still be an issue.  The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was about 28 yrs. ago in November of 1988.  Where were you and what was going on in your life in 1988.  How far have you come and what mistakes do you need to avoid?

Capricorn being a cardinal sun sign has a special affinity to the rules, the lows and following them so in the news could definitely be some parental or dictator like behavior.  There can also be an uncanny upholding of the laws of any land.  Without structure and rules for everyone to abide by, we are not a civilized world.

Since history repeats itself, let’s take a look back in the way back machine to see what major events occurred or what was going on in 1870.

The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 1960.  John F. Kennedy was elected president.  A young charming wealthy man, with strong family ties, who spoke to the yearning for change.  He was assassinated in Nov. 1963 when Saturn was in Aquarius.  

As you can see many of same issues will haunt us as we enter 2018. Civil Rights, the rights of all people across the global make as take a look at how far we have really come.  Capricorn is a cardinal sign and rules structure and order.  It rules governments.  It’s austere and focused on achievements.  It’s important to be persistent, stall when necessary, find your vocation, be respectful of parents, the father in particular, and older people, point out incompetency, persevere, Business matters, mergers and conglomerates are rules by Saturn in Capricorn.  Governments are ruled by Saturn in Capricorn.  As well, your personal importance and ageing.

Saturn in Capricorn suggests we also keep an on innovations coming from the East, from places like China, Korea and Japan.


The planet Uranus goes direct almost as 2018 begins on Jan. 2nd, 2018, will also make a big sign change and enter its Fall the fixed earth sign of Taurus in May 2018 retrograde back into the sign of Aries and continue into the sign of Taurus through mid-2025.  Looking back the last time Uranus transited the sign of Taurus was in 1934-May 1942. 

Your endurance will be important now, completing projects, your satisfaction, your speech, the fear of poverty, pleasing others, and your intrinsic goodness will stand out while Uranus is in Taurus, suddenly and unexpectedly.   


The planet Jupiter starts out the year in the sign of Scorpio where its ‘expansive over the top qualities or over reactive qualities can be felt or expressed through secrets, scandals and mysteries.  Finding hidden treasures, clues to solving old whodunnits.  New ways to solve mysteries and crime solving can play an important role in the next year.  There’s also a relationship between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.  Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius where Saturn just finished a 2-year transit is now in Scorpio ruled by Pluto who’s in the sign of Capricorn. 


The planet of action Mars starts 2018 in the sign of Scorpio through the sign of Pisces and begins the year conjunct the planet Jupiter.  Mars will retrograde in 2018.  In May 2018 when Uranus enters the sign of Taurus the planet Mars is in the same position as when the 2016 Presidential elections took place.  Here Mars will retrograde on June 25th through August 27th when Mars goes direct at 28° Capricorn the degree of the November 2016 presidential elections, won’t be out of its shadow until early October 2018. 


Venus rules charm, love, romance, diplomacy, marriage and beauty.  It takes the planet Venus about one year to circle the zodiac. Venus also rules the wife or woman in a masculine chart.  About once every 18 months Venus goes retrograde and in 2018 Venus in fact does retrograde.  Venus starts 2018 along with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and retrogrades in early October 2018 in the sign of Scorpio and resumes direct motion in the sign of Libra. Venus will repeat the later degrees in the sign of Libra beginning in September through November. This can be important for relationships issues you faced September- October of 2017 when Jupiter transited these degrees.

Mercury Retrogrades

Mar. 22 8:19 P.M. ET through Apr. 15 5:21 A.M. ET

July 25 10:02 P.M. ET through Aug. 27 10:05 A.M. ET

Nov. 16 8:3 P.M. ET through Dec. 6 4:22 P.M. ET

The typical taboos apply when Mercury is retrograde such as:

Don't sign or commit yourself to long term agreements, payment plans, make promises, don't move, get married, end a relationship or start dating someone new during Mercury retrograde. Be aware that if you do any of these things you may think about, want or actually have to undo what you committed to during Mercury retrograde. However, if you want to buy more time, stall, avoid someone or something, extend time or wait Mercury retrograde is your friend. 

Eclipses in 2018

Eclipses can be like wild cards or they can be the great influences that get us back on our karma paths!

January 31st, 2018 Full Moon Total Lunar eclipse at in Leo at 11° 37’

a Blue Moon, a Super moon and partially visible in the USA

February 15th, 2018 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 27° 08’

July 12th, 2018 New Moon Super Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer at 20° 41’

July 27th, 2018 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at 4° 45’

Aug. 11th, 2018 New Moon Super Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo at 18° 42’

*Super Moon is a term that means the Moon is closer to the earth, more visible, larger and perhaps more potent. 

Gem Recommendations

Enhance your Year Ahead with the right gemstone.   Astrology has a long tradition of gem therapy which is seeing a big revival. This is a general recommendation for each Sun sign and Rising Sign.  Get the Gemstone Recommendation Report before choosing, purchasing or wearing your gemstone just to be sure. I have a collection of gems for sale for interested persons.

Aries: Ruby, Rose Quartz

Taurus: Diamond

Gemini: Emerald

Cancer: Pearl and Moonstone

Leo: Ruby

Virgo: Emerald

Libra: Diamond

Scorpio: Ruby

Sagittarius: Yellow Sapphire

Capricorn: Blue Sapphire

Aquarius: Blue Sapphire

Pisces: Yellow Sapphire

To be sure about which Gem Stone to wear get a consultation or gem recommendation. I have a limited number of beautiful gems for Astrological purposes.

For a more detailed Year Ahead horoscope consider your options

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