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2007 Year Ahead for Condolezza Rice

What's ahead in 2007 for Condolezza Rice ?

by Terry Nazon Astrologer

According to her chart, with Saturn in her 7th house of relationships, even if she were in a crowded room she'd feel alone. Relationship problems can be a real issue here. Following Neptune's transit as it conjoined her Mars, and begins to square her Sun, and Venus in her solar10th, she really doesn't know how be be in a relationship. With the Sun and Venus in her 10th house of reputation she will have enough troubles in 2007 fighting off scandals and just keeping her reputation intact that relationships may not seem within her reach! Although she longs for one and it could come out that she has had her series of affairs, she will not compromise her ambitions for love.

I predicted in 2006 that she would resign and I just believe that still holds true. I do not think that she and President Bush see eye to eye. She'll make it more and more clear that she is just following what the president wants and that none of his decisions are her own. What's ahead for her in 2007? Plans for the future will still include aligning herself for the presidency, if not the next election, a future election!






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