Astrologically there will always be patterns between the planets of soulmates. While the term soulmates has come to mean this great fantasy of someone that you'll marry and be happy forever with. That's not necessarily the case. There's' soul connections between parent and children family members, and groups of people you may or may not even know. these are called soul groups. They share your general pattern in life and you may feel a comradship with them when you encounter them, some members of your soul group could become best friends but, not necessarily.

"Soulmates" don't guarentee anything except the opportunity and potential to find perfection, happiness, and they are made to work together in perfect harmony with common goals and values in life by "fate and destiny".

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Understanding How To Find Ones


In this section we shall explain the meaning of "soulmates" and how to find and identify ones true soulmate, taken from Sefer Shinuyim - the "Book of Changes".

We shall explain the spiritual law of "Two types of "SOULMATES" one type that gives one difficult and challenging experiences in order to teach one important lessons in life and the other perfect harmonious soulmate that is excatly identical to you as he/she is your "other half", the exact piece one has been searching for since one was born to complete ones soul.

After reading this section we know and hope you will be placed on the right pathway to find ones true soulmate and stop wasting your vital souls energy on the "wrong ones" !

This section on "Soulmates" is explained in 7 stages:-

1.Explaining the purpose and meaning of "soulmates" and "soul groups".

2.Explaining that one actually has 2 Soulmates עזר כנגדו, one is a help עזר, the other is a challenging opposition כנגדו.

3.Explaining how to find ones true "soulmate".

4.Explaining the reason for the amazing inexplicable magnetic attraction of soulmates, and why one feels, senses and knows ones soulmates thoughts and feelings.

Explaining that only the two people "know" they are each others soulmate, whilst in other peoples "sensible eyes" they appear to be unsuitable and even unequal.

5.Explaining why there are difficulties whilst "soulmates" are trying to come together, through blockages of קליפות "shells of negative energy covering ones soul", created from other peoples negative thoughts that envelope a person to be blocked.

How soulmates themselves generate their own קליפות "shells of negative energy covering ones soul", negative energies which challenge, test and doubt themselves until they are 100% absolutely certain to know that this person is ones soulmate. Then explaining how to negate any קליפות, negative, challenging and opposing energies in making 2 soulmates coming and being together.

6. Explaining that every soulmate couple is a עולם קטן "small world". The principle of soulmates needing to protect themselves and live in their "own world" refusing to "allow-in" any destructive or negative energies into their relationship and having their own unique purpose and mission in their lives.

7. Explaining the spiritual loving energy that is created by soulmates everytime they "make love", which creates a spiritual protecting energy to strengthen their bond, energize their lives and grow spiritually.

1. Explaining The Purpose And Meaning Of "Soulmates" And "Soul Groups".

The true purpose of the gift of life on earth is inorder for our souls to learn and experience life, through all kinds of events, opportunities and challenges throughout our lives.

Thankfully we are not alone during our journey of life, unless ofcourse a person believes themselves to be selfish egocentrical "individuals", then even amongst large groups of people they are lonely and disconnected.

"The Soulgroup"

During our journey of life, we travel on this earth in "soul groups", that is a group, culture and identity where all the members of the soul group understand each other and live on the same physical and spiritual wavelength. The members of ones soul group may not all be alive on earth, they may be spiritual souls who have passed onto to Spirit world but mantain contact with you as they are part of ones soul group in much the same way as "Guardian angels" .

One will always be able to rely upon ones soul group to help, guide, assist, the souls in ones soul group will make 100% certain that one succeeds to fulfill ALL of ones lifes goals, objectives, challenges and purpose ones soul came to earth to learn.

Once a person has learnt the lessons of ones life, it is possible to elevate ones soul into a higher soulgroup, and likewise if one makes a bad decision one can move out of ones soulgroup into a lower group. Nontheless one always has the intrinsic continual opportunity and chance to return to ones destined soulgroup and likewise on is always guarenteed to be able to find their perfect soulmate, through the help of ones "Guardian angels" and helpful souls from ones soulgroup.

"The Soulmate"

Talmud (Sotah 2a) teaches that "destiny" has designated each and every individual with a soulmate. The "soulmate" is actually the other half of a person. With ones soulmate one is wholesome, without it one is void and empty. With ones "soulmate" comes a "package" of a home to live and profession/job and purpose in life.

The spiritual and physical energy of planet earth resonates to the number TWO, everything on our planet comes in pairs. The Earth itself is paired with the Moon, the identity of the Earth needs the Moon to exist both physically and spiritually, in the renewal of energies monthly and daily tidal flows, as the magnetic pull of the Moons energy causes high and low tides - the Earth needs CHANGE to exist.

The emphasis and importance of finding ones true soulmate is the key to success in life. The two halves that make the whole, once together one can lead a fulfilling and purposeful life of "destiny". Having the "wrong half" means one does not have ones soulmate hence one does not have "the key of life" to fulfill ones true destined purpose in life. Without the right "key", ones life will seem frustrating and unlucky - like stuck in a locked room full of closed doors . It maybe nice few hours, but would be frustratingly painful to remain there for the rest of ones life !

The purpose of the "soulmate" is to make a person feel wholesome with LOVE and enable one to accomplish the mission and purpose of life through physical, sexual and spiritual LOVE energy. Everything constructive and good in this life is only created through LOVE. Only through the loving energy created together with ones soulmate creates the perfect energy to live, bringing meaning to everything in ones life.

2. Explaining that everyone has 2 Soulmates, עזר כנגדו , one is a help עזר, the other is a challenging opposition כנגדו.

Everyone has freewill choice in life, even when we think we are making a choice, it is either categorised into a good decision or a bad decision. Both decisions are choices that are potentially destined for our soul, the bad decisions we make will challenge us and make life difficult for us in order to guide us to change, making the corrective decision and finding the correct good pathway, our soul instinctively only finds "inner peace of mind", when we are on the correct pathway.

Most people only learn from bad and challenging relationships. Such connections will have a similar instantaneous magnetic attraction as good relationships, as they too, are destined in order to teach a person important lessons, but they will continue to repeat past patterns if bad relationships as there is a lesson a person needs to learn, and until one learns the lesson one will keep on being magnetic to the bad and "challenging" type of relationships.

The 2 Types of Soulmates

"עזר - The Help"

"עזר - The Help" soulmates are always 100% on your side with continual support, help, love, passion and an eternal unconditional LOVE, and whom would NEVER EVER hurt you.

Whenever one plans, talks and thinks ideas with ones true helpful soulmate, they constructively help to energize ones life with loving energy, enabling one to overcome any negativity, moving all obstacles and finding the correct pathway to success. As ones true helpful soulmate always knows that they are ones "Other Half", when something good happens to the other half of them, they too benefit from this good energy.

"כנגדו - The Opposition"

"כנגדו - The Opposition" soulmates teach a person by constantly challenging, through emotionally bitter lessons with pain and difficulties. The "opposition" bad relationships always cause a sensible person to "go closed" on themself emotionally in order to protect their soul.

Prefering to live alone in ones mind and thoughts than communicate with such a destructive person in a dysfunctional relationship. A feeling of "living with the enemy" ensues, and everything one plans or tells such a person gets blocked and thwarted by their destructive and negative thought energies, critical words and horrible actions.

Until it comes a point in ones life, where one says "ENOUGH" ! At such a "breaking point" a person may loose faith in love, loose faith in relationships, loose faith life and worst of all - loose faith in GOD.

But when a person realises that such a relationship is a dysfuntional "כנגדו - Opposition" soulmate, then this makes a person find an inner strength, admitting to oneself the truth of the bad relationship and then learning how to find ones true 100% loving soulmate the soulmate of "עזר - Help".

"עזר - The Help" can sometimes be a

"כנגדו - The Opposition"

There are times that we all make mistakes in our lives, and even though we are living with and have found our 100% loving soulmate, he/she may challenge us and be absolutely right to challenge with the strength of "opposition".

They act in this way of challenging "opposition" as they are wishing to defend their own soul, through love of their "Other Half" of their soul, they are trying to protect the relationship by any destructive external opposing energies and any negative influence or bad decision the other person has made. They are "challenging and opposing" out of a deep sincere love, in order to protect the wholesomeness of their perfect soulmate union.

"כנגדו - The Opposition" can sometimes

turn into "עזר - The Help"

"כנגדו - The Opposition" soulmates always have the potential to become perfectly 100% loving soulmates, with no more need for bitter experiences, pain or difficulties ONLY when they have have refined and elevated their soul after learning the necessary lessons their souls need to learn.

Soulmates may choose to start their relationship through a "challenging" and opposing energy, however, by working together and challenging each others individualism they are able to transform themselves into a single UNITED soulmate, through negating any opposing energies that exist by learning to completely love each other, and thereby transform their relationship into a 100% loving helpful soulmate union.


3. Explaining How To Find Ones

True "Soulmate"

When meeting new people in life, connections and bonds are made either because the people share a "common interest" or because one person has something the other person wants.

"Physical Chemistry"

In the case of love and relationships, men and women are magnetically aroused and attracted to each other. Nontheless not all men are attracted to all women and vice versa, there needs to be a certain "chemistry" that makes a man and a woman "fall in love" with each other.

This "chemistry" is the energy of the thoughts in the mind, that is a man and a woman only really feel a connection to each other when they are in harmony with each other in their mind & thoughts. This "common factor" enables a wholesomeness and fullness in the relationship, otherwise the love is merely a superficial animal - instinct sexual love, which usually fades within a few weeks.

Human beings who are connected with each other, need to have an ability to think the same way as each other, they need to have a "common factor" in order to feel the relationship is wholesome. Hence the reason why single people join clubs and organisations, or have hobbies and interests as a sense of identity of their personality. Thereby enabling themselves to meet "like-minded" people and hopefully find a suitable man/woman with whom they can have a meaningful relationship with, as their inner minds and thoughts will be sharing similar identities, emotions and feelings.

If either become disinterested in the "common factor" that originally united them, then their relationship will have communication problems leading to an automatic "falling out of love", as their thoughts and energy of their minds no longer have anything "in common".

When a couple are not growing together, then they are growing apart in their diverging lifestyles and interests. Such a relationship will eventually fail completely, unless one of them changes to become like the other.

"Spiritual Chemistry"

The next level of relationships is that people feel a "magnetic" attraction, a "twinkle in the eye" or very lovely inner feeling, even without talking. Relationships that are prompted by "just a thought" of them, seeing them or seeing anything that reminds you of them, that is your mind and soul is connecting yourself with their mind and thoughts.

Such thought energies are ones mind and soul communicating with you and likewise with the other persons mind and soul is feeling the same inner feeling for you, your souls are communicating with each other, this gives you the "inner spiritual feeling" that you are made for each other, an inexplicable inner "spiritual chemistry".

Such a "spiritual chemistry" is definately a sign that this is someone important in your life and definately from ones "soulgroup" as explained above. The important question "how do you identify if they are your true soulmate?" This needs you to understand the "soulmate chemistry":-

"Soulmate Chemistry"

Soulmates, and all members of ones soulgroup have a unique telepathic communication of thought energies in the minds and souls of the whole soulgroup. All the souls of ones soulgroup know and sense exactly what the other members are feeling. They all have the same thoughts, feelings and emotions at the same time. They feel pain, when people in their soulgroup are in pain, and likewise they feel the happiness, love and strength from the other souls in their soulgroup.

The "soulmate chemistry" means that all the souls of the soulgroup are constantly connected even if they are physically far away from each other, they are very close spiritually, as their soul, mind and thoughts are constantly connected.

This "soulmate chemistry" is the reason why ones "guardian angels" and loved ones in spirit world, are in constant contact with ones soul, as they are members of ones spiritual soul group. The only reason a person feels alone and not in contact with people of their same soulgroup is because one may block or deny the existence of "spirit" world, believing that one needs to "get on with normal physical life" instead of including a "spiritual enlightened pathway" within ones physical existence in this life on earth.

Only when a person is connected spiritually and "open" to be guided spiritually, then through "soulmate chemistry" of you and your soulgroup, through ones "guardian angels" and loved ones in spirit world whom are waiting to help you find a spiritual pathway, one is assured to be guided to connect with and find ones true soulmate.

How To Find Your True Soulmate

The first step in finding your true soulmate is to believe in GOD, Spirit world, Guardian Angels and that through your connection to good souls in Spirit world from your soulgroup, you will be guided to find your soulmate or that your soulmate will find you.

"Asking for Guidance For Ones Soul"

Tikun Neshoma - תיקון נשמה

Sefer Tikunim in Tikun Neshoma - תיקון נשמה explains when a person has lived a life void of any belief in GOD, belief in spiritual afterlife or in a "Spirit World of Souls", then a person should light 3 candles to connect "spiritually":-

One candle for GOD, one candle for ones guardian angel and one candle for ones soul, and then pray that one should be guided spiritually to correct any mistakes one has made whilst living a life VOID of any belief in GOD, and ask to be guided along the right pathway destined for ones soul.

Whilst praying one will feel spiritually enlightened, with feelings of awareness and belief in GOD and belief in the existence of a spiritual soul. Such feelings and understandings will bring a person to see a "bigger picture", that life on earth is part of a spiritual journey for ones soul, with a unique and destined pathway for each and every soul to experience emotions, events and changes.

Connecting to Spirit World With Prayer Will Help to Strengthen Your Soul and Enable Your Soulmate to be Found and Bring You Together

Every prayer helps to connect ones soul to Spirit world and brings a person closer to the DIVINE GOD that creates and sustains this Universe.

All connections to "Spirit World" will increase and strengthen your spiritual strength, this includes praying at the gravesites of spiritually strong and good souls, especially praying at the gravesites of good people one knew and loved, and/or praying at Famous Rabbis & Rebbes holy gravsites, sending prayer requests into the Famous Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel and ofcourse continually giving thanks for the gift of life whilst asking for help and guidance to find ones true soulmate.

One can use the Prayers for Soulmate from Sefer Tikunim, but even stronger one should use ones own language to pray from ones heart for ones soulmate with a few heartfelt emotions and tears.

It does not matter what time of the day or night, whenever one intuitively and spiritually feels the right moment to pray and ask for spiritual help, then light a candle and pray in whatever language you understand. The stronger ones inner spiritual connection the sooner ones true soulmate will be found by spirit world and you will come together.

Lighting Candles For Your Soulmate

Light 2 Candles : One For You and One For Your Soulmate

In preparing for your soulmate to come into your life, you will develope a selfless and spiritual character, by lighting a candle for the soul of your soulmate even though you have not met him/her yet, you are showing a love, compassion and desire to pray and help someone else, who is actually YOUR other half.

Learning to show love, desiring to give selflessly and unconditionally to another person is all part of "growing-up" from being a demanding selfish child to loving unconditionally, and thereby become a perfect potential parent.

Ask yourself, "would you give EVERYTHING of what you have to your soulmate?" if the answer is "YES", then you have understood that giving to your soulmate is infact just giving to yourself, a cycle of life energy. The concept of sharing and giving love in a soulmate loving relationship is the spiritual basis of life, as in the cycle of life in the whole Universe, the DIVINE GOD constantly gives everything to everyone.

When praying for ones soulmate, never focus your thoughts on any particular person, as they may not be yours, and an even better person will be your destined perfect soulmate, and then be "open" to listen to your inner voice of guidance and ACT, there is no point in praying and then DOING NOTHING when one has a feeling to go somewhere or speak to someone !

"Within 12 Months"

The Spiritual guarentee from Sefer Shinuyim - Book of Changes and from Famous Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel, is that within 12 months of prayers of asking GOD and Spirit world to find ones true soulmate then one will find him/her, DIVINE coincedences, experiences and feelings will occur to guide you to your soulmate and guide your soulmate to you.

In section 5 below we explain why there are difficulties whilst "soulmates" are trying to come together, through blockages of קליפות of other peoples negative thoughts that envelope a person to be blocked, and explain how to negate & eliminate these blockages.

"Compare to Modern Day Internet"

If one is searching for someone on the internet than one first needs to get a computer and be online, then a person needs to search by using a search engine like google or yahoo.

Similarly spiritually, in searching for ones true soulmate, one first needs to believe in GOD and Spirit world, connecting by way of prayers and lighting candles for GOD and Spirit world for DIVINE help to find ones soulmate, and then "be open", listen and allow one to be guided to meet ones soulmate.

Everyone has a perfect soulmate and when you find him/her your soul will instinctively know, your life will "magically" open up with an amazing life vitality of love and life-giving energy.

With your true soulmate you will feel an eternal LOVE energy, as soulmates existed in spirit world before we were born when our souls arrived on earth and will existe unified together once we die and leave this earth. The intermediary years of life on earth is the challenge that we must ensure we waste no time in finding our true soulmate to live a wholesome purposeful loving life together.

The True Soulmate

"One who looks for money, beauty, status or anything physical in a relationship

will NEVER find their true soulmate" quoted from Tana Devei Eliyahu

In seeking your true Soulmate ask yourself the following questions:-

When contemplating ones emotions with respect to ones true soulmate, one needs to ask "Do you want to be so different from that person?" OR "Do you wish to actually be identical to that person, and be a part of that person, in every single way ?"

In the desire to be that person, and become a complete part of that persons life because indeed a true soulmate is the "other half", one is motivated and prepared to change ones mind, thoughts and even physical existence to be with him/her, energized by a magnetic love from the soul.

This power from ones soul is an identity that indicates ones "true soulmate", the desire to reunite your souls together as ONE in this world as you have been before you came into this world and will be united eternally in spirit world after leaving this physical life for eternity, and refusing to allow anything physical or material distract or block your souls from being together. One will not find true inner "peace of mind" withing ones mind and soul until one is with ones true soulmate.


4. Explaining The Reason For The Amazing Inexplicable Magnetic Attraction Of Soulmates.

In this section we explain the spiritual reason for the amazing inexplicable magnetic attraction of soulmates, and why one feels, senses and knows everything ones soulmate is thinking and feeling.

Instantaneous Magnetic Attraction

Soulmates have an instantanous magnetic attraction to each other, as their relationship is blessed by DIVINE GOD, blessed by Spirit world and "destined" as a "key of life" for their lives together on earth.

Even people who try and fight this magnetic soulmate love desire for each other, will find their efforts to block themselves futile and will eventually be together. As soulmates will never find "peace of mind" and true purposeful fulfillment of their souls until they are together, both physically and spiritually together. True soulmates always need and lovingly enjoy being together all the time.

The reason for this inexplicable magnetic attraction between soulmates is that their Guardian Angels are guiding them and bringing energy to both people simultaneously, in order to "force", guide and bring this soulmate couple together. Ofcourse selfish ego, stubborness and freewill choice can block this, but eventually "soulmates" always come together. Each persons Guardian Angels will ensure this happens, however illogical !

Wrong Relationships Always Fail

Similarly, the reason why "wrong" relationships, lovers and marriages fail is that each of the individuals Guardian Angels are conflicting with the other persons Guardian Angels, both individuals are incompatable on a spiritual level and hence eventually they end up conflicting on a physical level.

A "sign" for this is that there are conflicts, disharmony and inbalances in the relationship and very often a person enjoys having "SPACE" away from the other, and in the "space" a person feels enlivened and happy for this freedom ! This requirement for "space" is an energy from ones Guardian Angels to pull one away from a bad and wrong relationship.

Once the wrong person is out of ones life, "good fortune" always happens in a persons life, as a spiritual sign from ones Guardian Angels that one is now on the correct pathway and free from that "negative" person .

Everyone believes in "SIGNS" as these give everyone an indication of good energy, a good omen to ones soul which is living in this real physical world that one is with the right person doing the right thing at the right time. If one feels "uncomfortable" or misfortune happens where it has not happend before, then take this as a sign and have "closure" and please run away from them !!!

Once one has "closure" from "draining" people, a positive energy of excitement and "aliveness" is given by ones Guardian Angels, this is because ones soul is "blocking success" when one is with bad people. The more spiritual and sensitive a person is, the stronger the "blocking energy" caused by other peoples transference energy, through ones Guardian Angels as sign to protect you.

Soulmates Communicate by "Eye Contact"

אסור לאדם לקדש את האשה עד שיראנה
שנאמר ואהבת לרעך כמוך

The Talmud Kidushin 41a explains that a person is forbidden to marry unless they see each other with their eyes. The Talmud does not say "talk to each other" or kiss etc., but the talmud says a person needs to "to see" with ones eyes.

This is because ones eyes are the windows to ones soul, and "eye contact" means that your souls are communicating with each other. Only by "eye contact" will you know that this person is your soulmate and only through your continual "eye contact" your souls are communicating with each other.


5. Why There Are Difficulties Whilst "Soulmates" Are Coming Together? Created By Blockages Of קליפות Other Peoples Negative Thoughts That Envelope A Person And Block.

Sometimes there are difficulties whilst "soulmates" are trying to come together, through blockages of קליפות of other peoples negative thoughts that envelope a person to be blocked, the reason is that the union of "soulmates" is VERY POWERFUL and many people are jealous, hateful and spiteful with envy that one has developed spiritually with a wonderful soulmate union of love, even destructive and controlling "well meaning" parents can be jealous and create negative blockages!

Negative Blockages - קליפות

קליפות -"kleepes" literally translated are "layers of hard shells". Spiritually the word קליפות - "kleepes" is used in reference to shells of negative energy that attach themselves to ones soul and prevent "life energy" from DIVINE GOD and from Spirit world coming into ones soul, these קליפות - "kleepes" are created by negative emotions and thoughts such has hate, jealousy, deceit and lies. These negative blockages are created by a person or by other people who wish to block ones life.

"Blockages" are created by negative thought energy hence they are easily cancelled-out through the power of prayer and speech, as explained in the chapter Loss by "Transference".

Resisting "Change" Creates Blockages

When a person finally meets their soulmate, they will both be in a transition period of inner change, until they come together as one in physical sexual love. This is because both have been living a "half life" without their soulmate and adapted to a dysfunctional life whilst living alone. Therefore, some changes will be necessary.

If either one resist these changes in their lives, through their independant, selfish childish ways of thinking, or their stubborn ego then this creates קליפות - "kleepes" negative blockages. Only when they realise that each other is the "other half" of the other and then decided to grow-up into mature selfless adults.

At that moment of inner decision they will both resist the need to create blockages of moving forward by "holding onto" their past, and then they will come together for a united wonderful future for their soul which is ONE, and then there is no longer such thing as 2 people in a soulmate, they are simply ONE unit.

Other People Who Wish to "Control" And "Own" Your Soul Creates Blockages

The other blockage of קליפות is created from other peoples negative thoughts that envelope a person to be blocked, the reason is that the union of "soulmates" is VERY POWERFUL and many people are jealous, hateful and spiteful with envy that one has developed spiritually and has a wonderful soulmate union of love, even destructive and controlling parents can be jealous and create negative blockages!

Single people who feel that they are "into their career" or "committed" to their job, profession or business and have no time for loving relationships, may think they are making a good decision themselves, however in reality they do not OWN their own souls. They have "sold their souls to the devil", to their career or to the love of "making money", as they are not in control of their own lives and have given their soulful power away, this will create the same blockage in their lives, and thwart their own spiritual success in finding their true soulmate.

These negative blockages are dissolved by cancelling out through prayer, power of speech and inner change, as explained in Loss by "Transference", then the couple must learn to be 100% closed and be spiritually protected to such negativity which is trying to challenge and block their soulmate union.

Dissolve All Negative Blockages - קליפות

Light A Single Candle

6. Every Soulmate Couple is a עולם קטן "Small World".

Every soulmate couple is a עולם קטן "small world". The principle of soulmates needing to protect themselves and live in their "own world" refusing to "allow-in" any destructive or negative energies into their relationship and having their own unique purpose and mission in their lives is vital to the existence and survival of their soulmate world.

Therefore, whenever a soulmate couple feels any form of negativity in their loving relationship - light a single candle, and embrace each other with love, as they are ONE, this unity symbolized in ONE candle and connecting with the DIVINE Spirit world will protect them and negate any negativity from whomever and wherever it has come from.

When a soulmate couple are together they are protecting each other from any external negative influences, in fact they are living in their own עולם קטן "small world" and almost oblivious to any negativity that exists or any negativity that they would have sensed when they were single. Being together and living in their own world, especially when unified as one unit in making sexual love, creates spiritual and physical love energy which protects from all negativity.

7. Everytime "Soulmates" Make Sexual Love They Create Spiritual Energy That Protects Their Souls

There is a spiritual loving energy created by soulmates everytime they "make love", which creates a spiritual protecting energy to strengthen their bond, energize their lives and grow spiritually.

The act of making sexual love with ones soulmate unites the two seperate physical bodies in the most natural way, the womans body is lacking and the mans physical body has the missing piece that unites the two bodies. Only through their loving arousal for each other, through passion and love they unite in the act of sexual love.

Everytime one makes sexual love this creates spiritual energy for ones united soul, the same way that "making sexual love" brings the potential for a child to be conceived, that is to say that "sexual love" has the potential to bring a spirit soul down from spirit world of souls into this physical world. Likewise everytime one makes sexual love with ones soulmate this unites the physical and spiritual union of their soul and creates a powerful spiritual energy.

"Make A Wish"

Sefer Shinuyim explains that at the specific moment a man orgasms, ejaculates sperm inside a woman, he has brought an angelic and spiritual energy into this world.

The spiritual tradition at this specific moment is for a man to then say "make a wish", although once they both become accustomed to each other they he no longer needs to say it as the woman knows, even so if a man feels a very special energy - he should say "make a wish".

The spiritual energy of the angel created by the sexual love in the soulmate union has the energy to help, guide, protect and bring good fortune into their lives, but it needs the woman to receive the blessing and for her to "make the wish".

It is a reward and thanks to the woman for her passion and love that the man has the energy and desire to love, this is her unique reward for her kindness, support and love for her soulmate man.

(This is spiritual reason that use of condom or "coming outside", masturbating, or any other act other than a mans penis inside a womans vagina making sexual love, creates a negative blockage of energy upon the soul קליפות , as explained above and on the page "Health & Diet".)


We understand that this section on "Soulmates" is long and the webpage Life of Love is very long, we wished to keep the original from Sefer Shinuyim - Book of Changes and not split the pure knowledge in different pages.

Nontheless we shall be inserting link to a separate webpage Sexual Love and have made this separate webpage on "Prayers and How to find ones soulmate" with knowledge from both Sefer Shinuyim and Sefer Tikunim.



The Hebrew word טוב means GOOD - Gematria Numerical Value 17

The only true goodness comes when one is wholesome with love of ones soulmate

Chapter 17 of Sefer Shinuyim is "Life of Love" is the most important chapter as it is the KEY to living life in this world, connecting this physical world to the eternal spiritual world with LOVE of GOD, LOVE of Life and true LOVE of ones Soulmate.

The Essence and source of ALL goodness in the world is LOVE. The Power and Energy of LOVE eliminates all negativity, blockages, death, sadness and evil. The Power and Energy of LOVE creates energy from Eternal Spiritual world which heals our souls and bodies in this physical world. Love is the key to everything in this World and journey we call "Life".


"The Pathway To Enlightenment"

This page is part of our new second section called "THE PATHWAY" taken from Sefer Shinuyim - Book of Change and Sefer Tikunim - The book of Corrections , this section explains with a small key of knowledge, one will have the ability to transform and change ones thoughts and heal ones soul.


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Terry Nazon, AFA, AAN, SFAA, a professional celebrity astrologer, and psychic to the stars, has been practicing astrology and consulting clients professionally for well over 16 years, since 1990. Voted one of the top 10 astrologer,by Time Warner's Books Top Best Astrologer's in America. Developer Owner of several Psychic Hotlines, she has also published Vision Quest a printed astrological newsletter and online horoscope column since 1997. Her Horoscopes and columns are seen all over the world and have been published in many magazines, and used for hundreds of web sites worldwide providing online content. Join the many thousands of people including celebrities and Hollywood stars who have used her services to gain a better understanding of their lives, direction and where they are going. Terry has an accuracy rate of 99% and a repeat clientele of 100%. Over the years she has read hundreds of thousands of people who feel uplifted, satisfied, and confident because of her unique insight. Like so many of her clients you too can walk hand in hand with Terry during your life's journey and never feel alone again, or be misguided again! Many of Terry's articles, Horoscope Columns, and Predictions have been published in the following National and International Magazines .Terry's top trademarked logos have become household words has become so popular that other's commonly use it. Sexstrology (TM) Prediction Addiction(TM), and "Get Names, Dates, Times, & Places!" (TM) "She is the standard today that everyone wishes to copy ". Says Tom Bushnell, Editor. Her Horoscope columns are seen regularly in many magazines throughout the USA and the World. For personal consultations she can be reached by using our secure "Contact Form".

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"No man from outside can make you free... No one holds the Key to the Kingdom of Happiness.. No one has the authority to hold that key. That key is your own self, and in the development and the purification and in the incorruptibility of that self alone is the Kingdom of Eternity ...” J. Krishnamurti

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