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July 2014

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Aries (Mar 20-April 20): 
As the month of July gets underway Aries, the planet Mercury ruler of commerce, communications, transportation and thinking, Mercury has resumed direct motion.  As Mercury goes direct at 24° Gemini, where it’s been transiting since May 23rd, you could still find yourself talking about, communicating about or working through issues from late May.  Aries and Aries rising may find themselves fixing mistakes, getting back on track when communications de-railed and thinking more to themselves and less out loud.  Mercury starts it’s transit in July under the guidance of a 1st quarter Moon and for many a sense of excitement or anticipation is at hand with the 1st quarter Moon in Leo and Mercury in Gemini.  That snaps, crackles and pops and sometimes not in a good way.  Egos can clash and it’s not in your persona to back down, not with mighty Uranus in your Sun sign.  Still in no way is Mercury is bringing any new experiences or issues to us.  It’s all about conversations, hopes and plans you were making or thinking about way back at the end of May. It’s time to get it right.  For Aries Mercury is strong in your solar 3rd house and it’s all about communicating, making yourself understood, and transportation.  If you signed on the dotted line, well, this will come back to haunt you.  Doing things too fast is Aries downfall these days.  That’s right,  this is Mercury’s 3rd pass through the last degrees of the sign of Gemini and the early degrees of the sign of Cancer.  So it’s Deja-Vue right until about July 15th, as the universe asks you 3 times, “is this what you really want and is this how you want it done? Are you sure this is what you really want and how you want it done?”   By July 15th Mercury says “Ok, got it” and you don’t get to say “hhmmm I don’t know let me think about it some more.” As Saturn resumes direct motion and Jupiter enters Leo and Uranus goes retrograde the tone turns serious, and it’s time to get down to work. 

You could be working towards a goal as the Moon culminates to full in the sign of results and success oriented Capricorn. On July 12th, it’s the 1st of 3 Super Moons in 2014.  The Full Moon, a Super Moon at 20° 03’ Capricorn, makes you think seriously about everything.  You will want to check your free Natal Birth Chart  for planets, asteroids, and house cusps between 19°-21° degrees to see how this potent Full Moon interacts with you. Aries and Aries rising can touch the stars and reach every goal they set for themselves.  Think big and aim high.

2014 Super Moons are as follows:

·         Full moon of July 12th 

·         Full moon of August 10th which will be  the closest the Moon comes to the Earth in 2014

·         Full moon of September 9th  

The planet Mercury re-enters the sign of the crab, Cancer where it was last on May 29th, your solar 4th house and there are those occasions of  emotion even tears, which is so out of character for you.  Emotional language, drama and longing to be nurtured and held close, might be in the stars. 

On July 16th the lucky and protective planet Jupiter enters Leo for its yearlong transit through the sign of Leo ruler of entertainment, hobbies, arrogance and pride, dominance, children and past life brownie points.  Wherever Jupiter is transiting in your chart is where you will expand your efforts, mature, take things too far,  and experience goodwill, largesse and blessings, most the time.  Jupiter takes 12 years to completely go around the zodiac so think back 12 years, to where you were and what you were doing, perhaps these same things will occur once again. Aries is poised to entertain others, show and put on the show.  Aries could be thrust into the limelight.  Hobbies, babies, creative ventures and letting your hidden talents shine are favored over the next year.  As well as children’s education and making sure the babes are having a good time.  Single Aries finds romance.

As the planet of love and wealth, Venus enters Cancer on July 18th, home is the place to be, your focus is on what makes you feel safe and secure.  So rest up now, things will take off soon. 

As the planet Saturn resumes direct motion at 16° on July 20th, in the sign of Scorpio where it was last November 26th, 2013. Professional matters get the green light and it’s time to start thinking seriously about tough issues, getting ahead and of course money.  In Aries solar 8th house of joint finances, big money deals, banking, credit and of course intimacy and suffering on account of lovers, an issues with a love interest crops up.  Aries is carrying the burden of financial stress for others, and it’s time to make some people stand on their own two feet. Sharing everything is optional you know.           

As the planet of independence and sudden change Uranus RX goes retrograde in Aries 16° on July 21st of course this will impact you.  Aries is on the forefront of evolutionary change.  Since Saturn resumed direct motion at 16° too, this could be significant to your life.  You will want to check your free Natal Birth Chart  for planets, asteroids, and house cusps between 15°-17° degrees to see how this potent Full Moon interacts with you. It’s a time of independence and moving on to the next karmic chapter in your life.  Don’t be afraid to let go.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22 and where the Sun shines so do you. It’s time for fun and lucky breaks, in short enjoy this time to unwind, fall in love or back in love and laugh a little bit more.      

As Mars the planet of direct action enters the water sign of Scorpio your solar 8th house of power, money and power struggles, on July 25, getting into it with others is par for the course and Aries won’t back down.   The long transit of Mars in its detriment, the sign of Libra is over.  Mars is more decisive in Scorpio than it is in the sign of Libra where it’s been transiting since Dec. 7th, 2013.  In fact, Mars is the traditional co-ruler of the sign of Scorpio a tenacious, practical sign.  Mars in Scorpio lends its proactive nature to the sign of Scorpio and the outcome is an increase in hard work, self-determination, and being results oriented.  Mars in Scorpio can also increase sexual activity, vengeance and jealousy and financial disputes.  This also increases the chances of gain through others, by marriage or through your personal partnerships and relationships. With Mars in Scorpio, we know what we want and we are willing to work hard to get what we want.  Mercury enters Leo and just in time as Jupiter is already in Leo.  Mercury is the messenger planet so pay attention to what happens as Mercury gives you hints as to how the transit of Jupiter in Leo will manifest in your life. Trips of pleasure, to theme parks and enjoyment of life and love are in your future so relax.   You’ll regain your creative side and if you lost it along the way our fun loving side.  Romance is favored; oh did I say romance is favored?  I’ll say it again, get out and about single Aries romance is favored.

The New Moon in Leo 3°52’adds to the excitement and fun loving nature of July. Aries lets go and stops fighting the tendency to be so serious, so aloof and so angry. Lighten up, it’s one of those rare chances this year to be your old self. Children’s activities are favored, and of course, this puts many of you in the spot light, so show off. 

Don’t forget that throughout the month of July as the personal planets aspect the ongoing Uranus- Pluto square there are still underlying issues going back to April of independence, revolution, and social and economic changes. Aries emerges stronger than ever in July. Increased finances a sense of freedom, and well rested. While Uranus is retrograde in your Sun sign you’ll think about independence and the times you pushed others away and the times you just needed space, and perhaps craved some excitement that you didn’t fine in doing the same old things the same way. 

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