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June 2016

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Cancer: (Jun. 22-Jul. 22): As your astrology horoscope month begins Cancer, plenty of factors influence this month with the Sun in the air sign of Gemini suggests you may be needier than normal and the planet Venus in Gemini too, together they start to make aspects to Jupiter, Saturn Rx and Neptune just before Neptune goes retrograde and before the 2nd Saturn-Neptune square.  But Venus is sweet and is like a spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.  Remember the sign of Gemini is the most sensitive area of your chart, it rules your weaknesses, your fears, phobias and craziness that should be and stay hidden.  As the planet Uranus in Aries continues to fire things up along with the asteroid Ceres in your career sector you struggle with giving or doing too much.   It’s like taking a high speed elevator up.  This could be lots of hype, fun, chaotic, strange and enticing.  An again off again attitude towards goals.  Bring on the spin doctors and go ahead and make some excuses.  This also brings lots of interesting conversations, chatter, negotiations and chances for romance.  There’s always the chance that reality clashes with fantasy and disappointment results.  Cancer because you are vulnerable this month, be extra careful not to give others ammunition to use against you.  Every once in while cancer needs to rest from all this activity. 

As the New Moon in Gemini gets underway at 14°58’ a new cycle of activities, circumstances and events that are new, quench your curiosity, get you communicating, thinking fresh ideas, out and about more.  Still this New Moon in Gemini starts a cycle in a very sensitive area of the chart.  The sign of Gemini is kinetic, moving and nervous.  Get more rest.  Insomnia can result.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14° -15°.  This month everything has to have a fresh spin to it. This New Moon in Gemini starts a new cycle of behind the scenes activities, things maybe only you can tackle or private time.  Maybe you secretly want some time off and time to slip away and do your own thing.  Cancer has lots of work and errands to do after all.  Because you have so many things to do that only you can do, perhaps you’ll spend more time alone than normal.

As the planet Mercury ruler of the sign of Gemini, enters Gemini after his almost 10-week transit through the slow moving but comfy sign of Taurus, expect the party to get started even if you’re tired.  There’s nothing slow about the month of June however, going too fast has its repercussions too.  For most of the month of June you are in this cycle of waiting.  What are you waiting for?  Maybe you’re waiting to hear something, a decision, or maybe you’re waiting to hear from someone.  This transit favors tooling about town, doing research, and taking time off.  Sensitive Cancer might feel left out and neglected.  Let the moment pass, don’t make matters worse by gossiping or back stabbing anyone. 

As the planet of love, money, wealth and beauty Venus  in Gemini inconjuncts Mars RX in Scorpio in your romance sector and children sector things take a turn for the quirky, the sensual and the carnal.  No problem as long as there’s no third party exes around.  Venus is feminine and Mars is masculine, so no explanation is needed here.   Secret crushes and romance can pull you this way and that way.  A child’s whereabouts could also be an issue.  Your hobbies and talents are developing and take up valuable time.

As the planet Neptune Rx goes retrograde in Pisces at 12° in your expansion sector and influences your desire to learn, your desire for adventure, travel and to get lost in all things metaphysical (Neptune resumes direct motion on Nov. 19th in Pisces at 9°), dreams, day dreams and fantasies go underground too.  Neptune always retrogrades this time of year and as an outer planet it’s effects are felt more like writer’s block, or playing hooky at school or on the job, summer love, doing things you normally wouldn’t.  The intense desire for new and inspiring things thaws a little.  Your attention goes elsewhere.  If you were having lots of dreams and intuition this could affect that. 

Things begin to change for you as the planets enter your Sun sign.  As the planet of love, money, wealth and beauty Venus  enters the cardinal sign of Cancer this month it’s your time to look and feel beautiful and to nurture yourself.  Here with Venus in Cancer it’s normal to spend money on the family, the home environment, feeding and nurturing yourself and those close to you.  Things get cliquey too.  So make sure you have your girl squad or guy squad intact before let’s say June 17th.  You might want time alone but you’ve had lots of that already.   Venus brings warm and loving attention to you.  Expect to get noticed.

As the planet of lessons and delays Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 12° squares foggy Neptune Rx in Pisces at 12° your serenity, peace or fantasies can be disrupted or hit a wall.  Both planets are retrograde so this brings up some irrational craziness or disappointment from the past.  This isn’t the first time Saturn has aspected Neptune within a year.  If you remember back to November 26th Saturn squared Neptune around Thanksgiving; and Saturn will square Neptune Rx again on September 10th at 12°.  This can bring on unreasonable fears, avoidance tendencies and evasive behavior.  You might have to interact with someone who is being irrational, on drugs, drinking too much or who has crazy tendencies.  There can be depression, mistrust and secrets can be revealed.  The house of cards collapses.  More importantly you can allow these things to easily interfere with your professional, career and job obligations and responsibilities.  This potent square won’t be as potent for the sign of Cancer or Cancer rising since the planet Neptune is transiting the lucky 9th house of expansion in Cancer’s chart.  Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius which is the natural 9th house of expansion (Sagittarius ruled).  What this means is that finally things catch up with you especially if you’ve taken on too much or promised too much.  Deadlines and commitments.  You should also watch your health as you can over do. 

The transits of The Sun in Gemini, Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Gemini this month give us clues about what it is that we can no longer, put off, sweep underneath the carpet or ignore any longer.  They give us clues as to how we should be communicating, negotiating and interacting.  What new things we should be thinking about and doing.  You may finally see something that has always been there.  It’s like finding something that you lost but was right there all the time.  The veil is lifted.  Cancer has things they have to finish, there’s no more putting things off.  In the rare case there can be conflicts and they can escalate.

As the planet Mars RX in Scorpio inconjuncts Uranus  in Aries at 23°in your career and reputation sector your creativity can drive you onwards as you use your creativity to achieve more and set yourself apart.  Technology is your friend.  In the rare case someone perhaps a love interest or child embarrasses you.  Life’s little messes can just happen.  Be careful about accidents, road rage and your tires.  Maybe you’ll get mad when someone doesn’t give you all the facts, or tries to pull one over on you.  Maybe you’ll decide you will never, ever talk to that person again for as long as you live.  There is something urgent yet consequential, far-reaching and major with this aspect.   Children, and lovers alike can assume to much or go too far.  Cancer has a strong desire to succeed and can use the stick to it ness of Mars in Scorpio to succeed.  In love, you have to use your intuition and jump on opportunities to attract rare and powerful types to you.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius at 29°33’ culminates and this is a fated degree, meaning something carried over from a precious lifetime or previous experience.  All Full Moons are emotional and can be very romantic though, and this one is full of hot air, and grandiose promises, fun and hopefully laughter.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 29°.  Full Moons can be romantic, or they can bring emotional outbursts. The moon is your ruler and if you’ve worked hard you can reach your goals and get all your projects done on time.  A new job is possible too.  You reach a milestone with health or diet related issues and you decide what is your responsibility and what is not.

As the Sun enters Cancer your Sun sign it’s the Summer Solstice and we are half way through 2016.  The Sun in Cancer solarizes your entire life.  It empowers you.  It brings you happiness, power and life force energy.  It’s your time.

As the planet of luck, good fortune, expansion and abundance Jupiter RX in Virgo trines Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16° it spells financial good fortune and security.  This very fortunate earth trines bring security it opens the lines of communications for business, relationships, partnerships and makes your relationships a haven and a place where cancer feels safe, nurtured, protected and cared for.

Now as the planet of communications and ideas Mercury is moving swiftly as he enters Cancer your Sun sign, there’s sensitivity in the air, hyper sensitivity too, clinginess, and communications that are more demonstrative, and expressive.  Maybe they are about a move, your home environment, family and changes to come.  Mercury is about communications.  People want to hear your voice, what you have to say and your ideas.  In fact, you’ll have lots of bright ideas.  It’s time to move forward.

The month of June ends with the planet of action fiery Mars finally going direct in the fixed, and secretive sign of Scorpio at 23°, your romantic sector, your creativity sector and the sector that rules children, right where Mercury in Taurus retrograded in late March.  There could be choices and decisions to make and perhaps you’re ready to do so.  It has been a tug of war with lovers, children’s, friends, mentors and people who want to “help” you get ahead.  Things have a financial twist to them though.  Mars will for the third time repeat the degrees from 23° Scorpio through 8° Sagittarius in his 3rd and finally pass through those degrees in August.  The month of June is fun and maybe you stop just thinking about doing this or that and finally you do it.  No doubt you could be cut off from someone you love.  Hopefully that won’t last too long.

June 2016 

June 01   Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces at 11°
June 03   Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces at 11°
June 03   Sun in Gemini Opposite Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13°
June 03   Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13°
June 04   Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo at 13°
June 04   Venus in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo at 13°
June 04   The New Moon in Gemini at 14°58’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14° -15°
June 06   Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in Gemini
June 07   Venus in Gemini inconjunct Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°
June 07   Sun in Gemini inconjunct Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°
June 09   Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars RX in Scorpio
June 12   2nd Qtr. Moon in Virgo 21°47’
June 12   Mars RX in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces
June 12   Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus  in Aries 23°
June 12   Mercury enters Gemini
June 13   Venus in Gemini inconjunct Mars RX in Scorpio
June 13   Neptune RX Retrograde in Pisces at 12°until Nov. 19 when Direct in Pisces at 9°
June 13   Venus in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces
June 14   Flag day
June 14   Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus  in Aries 23°
June 14   Sun in Gemini inconjunct Mars RX in Scorpio
June 15   Sun in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces
June 17   Venus enters Cancer
June 17   Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 12° Square Neptune RX in Pisces at 12°
June 18   Mars RX in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus  in Aries 23°
June 19   Happy Father’s Day
June 20   The Full Moon in Sagittarius at 29°33’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 29°
June 20   Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 13°
June 20   Mercury in Gemini square Neptune RX in Pisces at 12°
June 20   The Sun enters Cancer
June 20   Happy Summer Solstice
June 22   Mercury in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo at 15°
June 22   Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°
June 26   Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°
June 26   Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Mars RX in Scorpio
June 26   Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus  in Aries 23°
June 26   Venus in Cancer inconjunct Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 11°
June 27   Chiron RX in Pisces Retrograde
June 27   Venus in Cancer trine Neptune RX in Pisces at 11°
June 27   Mercury in Gemini square Chiron RX in Pisces
June 29   Mercury enters Cancer
June 29   Mars Direct in Scorpio at 23°
June 30   Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°

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