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September 2015 Updating

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Cancer: (Jun. 22-Jul. 22):
As your astrology horoscope month begins Cancer, July’s Full Moon in Aquarius your solar sector of financial obstacles, joint finances, your partner’s financial condition, brings a cycle of closure, to the 1st two weeks of the month of August.  During these first two week the Moon’s light grows dimmer each day from the sign of Aquarius to the sign of Leo your solar sector of money, wealth, comfort, indulgences, personal values and gifts.  The planet Venus RX   retrograde in Leo your solar sector of possessions, money, wealth, personal values and gifts, conjoins Jupiter and they both square the planet Saturn in the determined sign of Scorpio your solar sector of love, romance, children’s issues, risks, entertainment and creative projects. This throws a monkey wrench into financial and romantic situations and brings difficult decisions.  This week we’re challenged to do the right and responsible thing during these first weeks of August, not always the fun thing.  For the sign of Cancer, it’s a challenge to be happy with Saturn in your 5th house of love, because you can feel that the right one got away or that you are denied true love and happiness, because of money or a marital commitment.

However, if you like drama Venus RX in Leo should make you quite happy and with 4 planets in Leo your determination can be strong.  Put your resolve and willpower to good use, and avoid just digging your feet in and being stubborn.  You can be selfish and determined to get what you want. Perhaps lavishing yourself with expensive things, to impress others.  It is hard to control spending but Saturn will help.

Your long term goals can get back on track if you can stop indulging yourself and get serious now that Saturn is direct. Goals, dreams, and aspirations that got stuck in March when Saturn went retrograde can start to get back on track.  Sure, it’s the third pass for Saturn in some sticky degrees and Saturn is bent on discipline, especially during his third pass through the same degrees.  With lessons learned in hand though, you can accomplish much.  With the Sun, Mercury, Venus RX and Jupiter in Leo a fixed sign and, Saturn now direct in Scorpio, some will be fierce in their determination to get ahead, others just very frustrated.  Others will just be fierce if the “me first” attitude of the sign of Leo gets out of hand, and clashes with tight fisted planet, slow and methodical, Saturn.  If things don’t get done right now some people, as we will see may be inclined to take matters into their own hands.  For Cancer a past love or feelings even obsessions over a past love resurface. 

Mars continues in the water sign of Cancer your Sun sign for the 1st week of August and vitality is lowered, but once Mars moves into fire sign Leo your will be endurance is enhanced. Get lots of rest.

As Mercury, the planet of communications enters Virgo, your solar sector ideas, communications and genius expect your thinking and mental processing gets a boost.  You can see the details where others will miss them.  In short, after the 1st week of August when Venus RX in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio and duty overshadows fun, things pick up and we recover from the heavy energy. Stick to a budget, wait for things to go on sale, and keep your receipts.

As the planet of communications and ideas, the planet Mercury enters earthy Virgo, your solar sector of vehicles, gadgets, computing, communications and agreements, for a quick transit, hurry up and get organized.  Shift gears when necessary and be prepared always.  Get ready for your schedule to change and for your life to be routine and remember, it’s all in the details, and getting things done on time and perfectly.  Get organized, stick to a workable routine, apply for a new job or position, adopt a pet, clean up, watch out for the germs, be helpful, and drive according to the rules of the road.

On Aug.08, the planet of action, Mars enters the fire sign of Leo your solar sector of money, wealth, comfort, indulgences, personal values and gifts and finally energy increases as well as your will to get things done.  You might notice your self-control goes out the window too.  Self-confidence increases and so do passions. Watch your hair though; the fire that Mars in Leo brings can cause hair loss, so condition it. Your vitality gets a boost, and everything gets done dramatically and with an element of flair. Our self-confidence increases, our passions get ignited, as well as our ferocious jealousies.  You’ll want to catch yourself being too overbearing and bossy through September.

As the planet of luck, expansion and doing things in a big way Jupiter enters earth sign Virgo your solar sector of thinking, eyesight, short trips, ideas, communications, siblings, and computing you are tuned into matters of health and improvements.  You can streamline your day and will learn to be more organized.

Jupiter is in his detriment in Virgo, because Virgo is opposite the sign of Pisces, which the planet Jupiter co-rules.  Jupiter in Virgo, is all about getting organized, being exact, specific, focusing on the small things and the details.  Jupiter in Virgo is caught up in details, accounting, being accountable, and it’s hard to see the larger picture.  With Jupiter in Virgo, issues with health matters, the internet, data, healing, medical care, hygiene, the workplace, worker rights, human servitude, animal’s rights, resolving conflicts, and your daily routine get disrupted or become necessary. Jupiter in Virgo is helpful to others, but has to balance that helpfulness with their own needs, because no one wants to feel used.  We can see or experience more stealing and thievery.  There could even a big heist or two in the year that Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps in the sign of Virgo to see where you will expand, grow and experience Jupiter’s energy.

The New Moon in Leo at 21°31’ your solar sector of money, wealth, possession, and indulgences, starts a new energetic cycle of experiences. There can be windfalls and a desire to live large.  Not to worry Jupiter in Virgo is well aware of the budget.   You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 21°-22°, where the New Moon occurs.   

As the Sun enters Virgo it solarizes your solar sector of ideas, and communications and makes you more aware of getting things done on time and perfectly, where you’ve neglected your life, what needs to be fixed and how to improve things. We put aside the fun loving days of summer and get back to work or school, being more productive.  It’s always a lucky time when the Sun and Jupiter align!   Sun in Virgo conjoins Jupiter in Virgo.  Cancer you’ll find people will listen to you, as you have all the facts.  You might feel that you want everything to be new around you.  You are not afraid of change. You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house   cusps in Virgo 1°.

As the planet of communications Mercury enters the sign of Libra at 0° (on Oct. 9 Mercury goes direct at 0° Libra) ruler of relationships and your solar sector of home, family matters, letting go, property matters and the past, you start to think about change, and start to distance yourself for what or who you don’t want in your life.  Since Mercury rules thinking and communications, we see human relationships differently and we want to be in agreement with other and talk with each other.   You’ll find that you probably want to do things like go to the mall, shop and drive around with a friend or lover now.

The month ends with a Full Moon.   The Full Moon in Pisces 6°06’ brightens your solar sector of travel, people at a distance, legal matters, learning, education, and you could be forced to face facts or things that you would rather someone else handle.   No more hiding, it’s time to come out of your shell.

September 2015

Sept.01  VenusRX in Leo ♌ conjunct Mars in Leo ♌
Sept.03  Mercury in Libra ♎ inconjunct NeptuneRX in Pisces ♓ 8°
Sept.05  Sun in Virgo ♍ trine PlutoRX in Capricorn ♑ 13°
Sept.06  Venus  in Leo ♌ direct at 14° You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 14°
Sept.07  Labor Day
Sept.07  Mars in Leo ♌ inconjunct ChironRX in Pisces ♓ 19°
Sept.08  Mars in Leo ♌ trine UranusRX in Aries ♈ 19°
Sept.09  Mercury in Libra ♎ square PlutoRX in Capricorn ♑ 13°
Sept.12  Sun in Virgo ♍ opposite ChironRX in Pisces ♓ 19°
Sept.12  Sun in Virgo ♍ inconjunct UranusRX in Aries ♈ 19°
Sept.13  New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo ♍ 20°12’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 20°
Sept.14  Rosh Hashanah
Sept.16  Jupiter in Virgo ♍ opposite NeptuneRX in Pisces ♓ 8° every 14 yrs. You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 8°
Sept.17  MercuryRX in Libra goes Retrograde at 15° until Oct. 9th
Sept.17  Saturn re-enters Sagittarius ♐ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 0°
Sept.21  International Day of Peace
Sept.21  Venus  in Leo ♌  inconjunct ChironRX in Pisces ♓ 19°
Sept.22  Venus  in Leo ♌  trine UranusRX in Aries ♈ 19°
Sept.23  The Sun enters Libra ♎
Sept.23  The Fall Equinox
Sept.23  The Sun in Libra ♎ sextile Saturn in Sagittarius ♐ 1°
Sept.24  MercuryRX in Libra ♎ square Pluto RX in Capricorn ♑ 12°
Sept.24  Mars enters Virgo ♍
Sept.24  Pluto Direct in Capricorn ♑ 12° Pacific time
Sept.24  Pluto Direct in Capricorn ♑ 12° Eastern time
Sept.25  Mars in Virgo ♍ square Saturn in Sagittarius ♐ 1°
Sept.27  Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Eclipse in Aries ♈ 4° 37’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 4°Sept.28  Sukkot begins
Sept.29  MercuryRX in Libra ♎ inconjunct NeptuneRX in Pisces ♓ 7°
Sept.30  Sun in Libra ♎ inconjunct NeptuneRX in Pisces ♓ 7°

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