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Week of June 29  - July 6, 2015 Updating

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Leo: (Jul. 22-Aug. 23):
As your astrology horoscope week begins Leo, it starts with a 1st Qtr. Moon in hard working Virgo,  your solar sector of money, wealth, possession, and self-esteem, ruled by the planet of thinking and communications, Mercury the ruler of your solar sector of friends, groups activities, ex-lovers, hopes, fears and mentors, who’s still retracing steps and degrees going back to May 7th through May 18th for the third and final time.  So, even though we are moving ahead with new ideas and plans, because of the New Moon cycle and the 1st Qtr. Moon, Mercury suggests we are still repeating some things, retracing, re-doing and finalizing things that got started in May.  Mercury does not get into any new degrees or start transiting new degrees until June 27th -28th.  Simultaneously the planet Jupiter also does not get into any new degrees until the Full Moon on July 1st.  We have lots of new things to look forward to, and some things to finish up.  Perhaps Leo is seeking the approval of, or going along with a group idea or cause right now or trying to get others on board with an idea or group cause.  

This week the fortunate and expansive planet Jupiter  in of Leo your Sun sign forms a trine to the planet of sudden surprises Uranus in Aries at 20° your solar sector of travel and new experiences, ruler of friends, groups activities, ex-lovers, hopes, fears and mentors brings unexpected gains to you.  You will want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 19°-20°to see where and how you will feel all this good fortune.  This aspect between Jupiter and Uranus does not happen often as Jupiter has a 12 year cycle and Uranus has an 83-84 year cycle.  It’s a rare aspect that leads to personal freedom, enthusiasm, exuberance and good fortune.  If you’re feeling low it gives you reason to go on, as it brings helpfulness, and happiness both.  Later in the week the planet of love, money and marriage Venus in Leo also trines Uranus in Aries at 20° and will conjoin Jupiter in Leo next week.  It’s the personal planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and also the transits of the Moon and Sun that brings the experience of the rare Jupiter Uranus trine to us personally.  Leo seeks new experiences and unique ventures that are in line with goals and the need for freedom.

For the third time and final time the planet Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune RX in Pisces at 9° your solar sector of joint finances, jealousy and obstacles, and perhaps finally a secret could be revealed or things just start to make sense.   Whether you pay attention or not is up to you because later in the year you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself as Saturn is poised to square Neptune in late November.  You will want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 8°-9°to see if Mercury and Neptune are hiding something from you.  There could be a friendship in your life that is ending for unknown reasons.

The 2nd Qtr. Moon in Libra heats things up in your solar sector of communications, short trips and siblings.  Libra is a cardinal sign intent on partnerships and doing things in tandem with someone.  This starts our hearts thumping along with Venus in Leo.  Sure, everyone feels the pinch of loneliness as the 2nd Qtr. Moon aspects the planets of the waxing Uranus-Pluto square.  This time though we’re more willing to do something about our loneliness or relationship unhappiness. Leo loves to talk with and share ideas with a close companion or significant other.

On June 24th the planet of action Mars enters Cancer it’s Fall, your solar sector of secrets, sorrows, losses and endings where it will transit through August 8th.  Mars in Cancer can be easily hurt, intensely emotional, and moody.  This can cause disruptions in your relationships, when all of Mars angst here is expressed poorly.  Stomach problems from holding your feelings in can be a problem too.  A good outlet for this energy is to focus in your home with lots of DIY projects and handyman work.  Issues about property home and family can come up. This is a pivotal time for Leo as Jupiter is poised to transit new degrees, it’s time to prepare for that time.

June 30        Jupiter  in Leo inconjunct Chiron RX in Pisces 21°
June 30        Venus in Leo inconjunct Chiron RX in Pisces 21°
June 30        Helio Mars  enters Capricorn
July 01         Venus in Leo inconjunct Chiron RX in Pisces
July 01         Venus in Leo conjunct Jupiter  in Leo 21°
July 01         Sun in Cancer trine Neptune RX in Pisces
July 01         The Full Moon in Capricorn 9°55’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets,
                    asteroids and house cusps at 9°-10°
July 02         Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus  in Aries 20°
July 02         Minor Lunar Standstill
July 03         Mercury in Gemini square Chiron RX in Pisces
July 03         Mercury in Gemini sextile Jupiter  in Leo 21°
July 04         Independence Day
July 05         Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Leo
July 06         Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto RX in Capricorn 14°

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