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Week of Apr 20  - Apr 27, 2015   

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(May 21-Jun. 21): As your astrology horoscope week begins Gemini, we are in the New Moon phase of things! That means we are in a cycle of new beginnings where we want to see immediate results, something Gemini loves.   The New Moon bursts forth with energy in the sign of Aries this week your solar sector of like-minded people, friends, ex-lovers, and helpful types.  As the  New Moon occurs in the last degrees of Aries your solar sector of high hopes and dreams it suggests that you are doing something new or putting something new into motion from the past, maybe one of those New Year’s Resolutions, a project, a new job, or dream for many to see that’s taken some time to realize.  As the New Moon in Aries brings a burst of energy, it then settles into the practical, earthy sign of Taurus your solar sector of completions, endings, and letting go of things, faith if you will.  A time when taking the initiative, trying something new, and just doing something can lead to practical tangible results.  How many times have you started something, done something and it didn’t yield or produce much?  Not this time what you start this week, you can touch, feel and bank on.  This week many of you take a leap of faith. Gemini might have to invest, or spend without knowing if that money will be returned to them, twofold.

Not everyone will take advantage of this can do energy though as your ruling planet Mercury in Taurus sextiles the dreamy planet Neptune and Venus in Gemini squares the dreamy planet Neptune in Pisces.  On the one hand you’re ready to take critical risks to get ahead without knowing how it will turn out and without knowing if there will be a reward.  These aspects can lead to lots of fantasizing, day dreaming and talking about doing things. We can get easily distracted, make excuses and miss opportunities.  On the other hand as the personal planets aspect Neptune, they can also arouse many other feelings like falling in love.  As both Mercury and Venus take you out of your comfort zone open your heart and mind to the “What ifs” of life and the possibilities. Perhaps many of you will take your ideas and dreams back to the drawing board and reconfigure them or tweak them.

This Week the Sun enters earthy Taurus your solar sector of behind the scenes activities and completion much of your work is in preparation and no one really sees the energy you’re putting into things now just the results.  The Sun in Taurus is about money, expenses and all forms of pleasurable activities. Wherever the Sun is transiting in your chart this is where it solarizes things, and makes you stand out, lead and be the best of the best. It also helps you capitalize on things, situations and events.   The Sun in this solar position shows everyone that it’s not just what they see but all the effort that they don’t see that’s important.

As the planet of communications Mercury in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo your solar sector of communications, you’ll want to avoid the usual fax pas in conversation, as people get more opinionated and differences can lead to arguments.  This can also be a fine blend of mixing business with pleasure too. You can easily go overboard, do or say too much this week. 

It’s fitting that right around Earth Day both Mars and Mercury in earthy Taurus will aspect the God of the underworld  Pluto RX in Capricorn not only is this a potent financial aspect but it’s a regenerative aspect that suggests a new movement to clean up the planet.  Mercury and Mars collaborate in your solar 12th house and work hard behind the scenes, you learn lots from others this week and in many cases a whole new world is opened up to you.

Love and romance are definitely themes this week as flirty Venus in Gemini in your solar 1st house of attraction brings an opportunity rub up against someone handsome or beautiful as she sextiles Jupiter in Leo. Communications get steamy and surprising.  Venus could feel guilty about pursuing her heart’s desire or passions when she runs up against Pluto retrograde and she starts to think of all the reasons she shouldn’t fall in love or shouldn’t give love a try.  The good news is snap decisions are always the best and Venus runs into Uranus and spontaneous things happen fast. Things can happen fast for you this week, when you least expect it.

The week ends with the 2nd quarter Moon who is picking things up from last July’s New Moon when Jupiter had just entered the sign of Leo.  What will you pick up from last July?

This week is wonderful as the planet Jupiter begins to take over where Pluto left off.  Where Pluto said “No” Jupiter says “Yes”.  Gemini lets go of their inhibitions and is willing to negotiate a love affair or hear a potential lover out.  It’s time for everyone to break the rules a little bit.  This week many embark on romances, open themselves to love, creative ventures and start living their dreams. The week starts shyly for Gemini and ends boldly!  Now you can also view my Weekly Horoscopes on You Tube!

Apr. 20       The Sun enters Taurus 5:42 am EST You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets,
                   asteroids and house cusps in Taurus
Apr. 20       Mercury in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo 12°
Apr. 21       Mars in Taurus trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 15°
Apr. 22       Earth Day
Apr. 22       Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 15°
Apr. 22       Venus in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo 12°
Apr. 22       Mercury in Taurus conjunct Mars in Taurus 15°
Apr. 23       Sun in Taurus inconjunct Saturn RX Sagittarius at 3°
Apr. 24       Mercury in Taurus sextile Chiron
Apr. 24       Venus in Gemini inconjunct Pluto RX in Capricorn 15°
Apr. 25       2nd Qtr. Moon Leo 5°27’
Apr. 26       Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 17°
Apr. 28       Mars in Taurus sextile Chiron 16°
Apr. 28       Venus in Gemini square Chiron 16°

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