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Week of June 27  - July 4, 2016

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(May 21-Jun. 21): As your astrology horoscope week begins Gemini, the 4th Qtr. Moon transits through Aries to the sign of cardinal Cancer and this is an introspective time about your money and finances.  A time to ask yourself if you are happy with things so far. 

This week we are definitely entering uncharted territory because, the planet of angst, sudden change and surprising events Uranus  is at 24°, new degrees for the planet Uranus.  Your friendships, involvement in group activities, hopes, fears, and relationships with VIPs goes through changes.

During the Taurus Moon when it’s always about money or belongings, the planet of communications and thinking  Mercury your ruler enters the sensitive sign of Cancer.  This can bring opportunities to overcome any financial angst or debt that you might have.

This week the planet of action, Mars resumes direct motion in Scorpio at 23° in your solar sector of health, hygiene, pets, work and your daily routine, after being retrograde for more than 2 months.  Mars also rules sporting events, work, men and the husband in a female or feminine birth chart.  We can expect things to get even more intense or extreme than they have been for the last 6 months.  Things that are done during Mars in Scorpio are permanent.  Does that mean the man in your life or your job is a source of power struggles?

The planet of love, money, wealth and beauty also the ruler of the wife, sister or woman in a man’s chart or a masculine chart, Venus in Cancer is back in bounds.  As Venus transits your wealth zone it favors Gemini for gain and to be pampered.  More importantly it brings numerous opportunities to pay debts and overcome financial imbalances.   This changes the energy or light we receive from the planet Venus because now she is visible to us on Earth.  Venus in Cancer favors all things domestic, family oriented, home grown, and patriotic.  People can be a lot more sensitive, especially when family members, or authority figures are disapproving.  Gemini has to feel good about things now.

The planet of luck, expansion, abundance, learning, grandiose schemes, plans, and things done in a big way, Jupiter in Virgo (where Jupiter is not well placed by the way) continues to aspect the Lunar North Node.  This affects some Sun signs more than others, depending on a few things, where the sign of Sagittarius is placed, your ninth house and where natal Jupiter is.  Oh yeah, and all the aspects to where the sign of Sagittarius is placed, your ninth house and where natal Jupiter is.  It’s complicated.   Your ability to amass, and accumulate a fortune is weakened by others.  Avoid giving too much or wasting valuable time.

During the Gemini Moon, the planet Venus in Cancer sextiles Jupiter in Virgo at 17°, this is your cue to put your best foot forward and take charge.  This week it’s about family and money.  Balancing the two, not so easy.

As the Sun in Cancer inconjuncts Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 11°, (your relationship sector) food, family, property matters, and emotions.  It’s probably not a good time to pick on anyone as everyone will be very sensitive.  Keep your honest assessments to yourself for now.  Gemini you can be first to take care of the bills, and take care of other’s bills too.  If you’re single and alone, you can be feeling this more than ever.  Remember Saturn is a problem in Sagittarius for you Gemini.

As the Moon grows dimmer things feel weird, premonitions are possible as well confusion but things make sense and fall into place as the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 11°, there can be peace, acceptance, love, and gratefulness.  Money and good feelings are generated through your recent success and the recognition you get for a job well done.  We are open to everything otherworldly and divine intervention.

The New Moon in Cancer at 12°54’ starts a new cycle of traditions, the familiar, home, family, patriotism and pride.  The New Moon helps you release fears, and find happiness within yourself.  In short it brings financial success and the promise of wealth.  You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 13° -14°

As the planet of communications Mercury in Cancer inconjuncts Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 11°, don’t over react to someone who is bellicose, argumentative or just plain loud. You will get criticized by others and your challenge is to do what you feel is the right thing without the applause of those close to you.

As the Britain voted to exit the European Union during Mars RX in Scorpio while Mars RX was inconjunct the planet Uranus in Aries we can only wait to see what’s ahead.  This is a crucial time for Mars as the planet resumes direct motion and makes his 3rd pass through to his retrograde degrees 8° Sagittarius until August 22nd.   The 3rd pass is the most compelling and powerful.

The planet or action your ruling planet Mars RX in Scorpio (money) and Saturn in Sagittarius (truth seeking, freedom, foreign policy, travel, education, religion, and mass immigration) along with Pluto (walls and blocks) right in the middle of the sign of Capricorn through the next year, so the theme continues, over immigration policies, freedom, rights, foreign policy, and travel.  If the immigration policy changes in the USA it could take until 2020 to implement.  This week Gemini feels good about just about everything.  You make substantial gains this week.

Happy Independence Day 

June 27   Chiron RX in Pisces Retrograde
June 27  
Venus in Cancer trine Neptune RX in Pisces at 11°
June 27  
Mercury in Gemini square Chiron RX in Pisces
June 29  
Mercury enters Cancer
June 29  
Mars Direct in Scorpio at 23°
June 29   Venus in Cancer in bounds
June 30  
Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto RX in Capricorn at 16°
July 01    Venus in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo at 17°
July 02    Sun in Cancer inconjunct Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 11°
July 03    Sun in Cancer trine Neptune RX in Pisces at 11°
July 04    Independence Day
July 04    The New Moon in Cancer at 12°54’ You’ll want to check your natal birth chart  for planets, asteroids and house cusps at 13° -14°
July 04    Mercury in Cancer inconjunct Saturn RX in Sagittarius at 11°

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