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Week of Apr 25  - May 2, 2016

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Aries (Mar 20-April 20):
 As your astrology horoscope week begins Aries, the Moon, the ambience is in Sagittarius and will transit through to the sign of Pisces winding things down for you where travel, education, learning, career, business, parenting and lots of things that you started a while back, now what?  Perhaps you find that there’s too much competition or too much chaos and you need to take a break.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a vacation at weeks end to unwind.  Maybe you have to study hard, take a test, travel for work, and these things are taxing this week.  The week begins with a 3rd Qtr. Moon which means were putting the finishing touches on things winding them down. During the 4th Qtr. Moon in Aquarius things can change suddenly or stop suddenly, it’s a time to wait things out. 

The big news this week of course is the planet of communications, thinking, timing and commerce Mercury RX goes retrograde in the slow moving methodical fixed sign of Taurus at 23° until direct May 22nd at 14° Taurus.  As Mercury retrogrades in Taurus and slows your thinking down about money, wealth, possessions, and external comforts, you start to think about what really makes you happiest.  A large purchase you were going to make or have made already well, it doesn’t lose its luster, it’s still the same, but maybe it’s meaning loses it’s luster with you.  Over and over again Mercury will teach you this.  You are not defined by a thing or a possession.  On the other hand, you may have a lesson to learn about what is yours, what you think is yours and what really is yours.  Intimacy can be another area where Mercury gets you to thinking and sorting through your jealousy too.

What’s interesting about this is that Mercury RX goes retrograde at 23° Taurus and that is the same degree that the planet Mars resumes direct motion in the opposing sign of Scorpio on June 29th.  This is called a polarity; opposing signs that is, and opposition, and the two planets will be opposite each other on June 9th.   Mars your ruler will take a 2nd and 3rd trip through the later degrees of Scorpio and early degrees of Sagittarius over the coming months.  So you should look at how the signs Taurus and Scorpio fit into your personal Natal Birth Chart to see what opposing views regarding money, finances, morals, intimacy, possession and rebuilding you will be confronting in your life.  Frequently when Mercury and Mars when not in harmony would bring some turmoil or stormy weather.  As Mercury and Mars dance it’s hard to make decisions because you may want and need time to really look into things and study things.  You may not always have enough time and feel rushed.  Money matters can also be an issue. You may have to depend on a mate or partner then he or she depend on you, the lines could get blurred. So Aries has to be a good steward of other’s people’s money. 

So now we will have 5 planets retrograde  Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  With Venus, Uranus in Aries direct along with the outer planet Neptune.  The stage is set for some exciting new dynamic energy to come into your life.  It’s like when you were a child and you had a toy that was wonderful and made you happy, then as you grew a little older, you outgrew that toy, and needed more interesting toys.  Now you need more interesting options and you need to be stimulated in new and wonderful ways.  Now you might find where you fit in, with new friends and group experiences.  Venus and Uranus once again send you in a new direction this week and while cutting off ties that don’t fit anymore.

Apr.27   Sun in Taurus inconjunct MarsRX
MercuryRX Retrograde in Taurus at 23° until Direct May 22nd at 14° Taurus
Apr.29   4th Qtr. Moon in Aquarius at 10°13’
Apr.29   Venus enters Taurus
Apr.30   Passover Ends
Apr. 30  4th Qtr. Moon in Aquarius at 10°
May 1    Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces at 11°

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